Man who murdered ex-wife in Thailand pardoned
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 13.11.12, 11:52
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1. He got away with murder.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.13.12)
Where is the justice?
2. If justice isn't satisfied in Thailand, then Israel must
Avi   (11.13.12)
satisfy it, since the victim was an Israeli. Re-trial if necessary. This is a farce on Thailand's part. At the very minimum they should have made an attempt to send him to Israel for the rest of his time. But to clear room and ease pressure by releasing a convicted murderer? I'm sure Thailand has much lesser criminals, or is it because the associated were foreigners? Banana republic.
3. Don't allow this monster to rerturn to Israel.
miri ,   israel   (11.13.12)
4. Whoa, that is just plain wrong
Cameron ,   USA   (11.13.12)
Hope his ex's family eventually do a no. on him.
5. Let him rot in a Thai prison
Alex   (11.13.12)
Bad attempt by the mother to slander Yishai though. Lost some respect for the parents there.
6. If a sentence can be apealed so can be a pardon
The mother's victim should gather some signatures with the petition and send it to the KIng of Thailand stressing her pain. And explaining how can a mrderer get less term in prison than a drugdealer. The sentence should have been the death penalty. Some times a trial can be reopen with new evidences.
7. Execution
David ,   Minneapolis, USA   (11.13.12)
He should have been executed, the world is too soft on these monsters. I hope Israel plans to put him under 24 hour surveillance and throw him in jail every time he puts one foot wrong. With any luck he'll die there.
8. He must still face Israeli justice.
If he should step foot on Israeli soil, to jail he must go for his crime, at the least. No furlows or time in jail for these sexual encounters. How weird to hear of these things allowed.
9. sounds like a good place to murder someone
ma nishma ,   modiin   (11.13.12)
If you want to murder some one, do it in Tailand, it is easier sentence than raping or robbing in other countries.
10. Ok and what evidence supports her smear claims about Yishai?
Shalom ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
Kind of weird that she is accusing Yishai of being involved, although it seems there is no connection between Yishai and the release of the murderer. One would also expect some evidence or back up when making such extreme allegations. Or.. Is it once again the lefties trying to put the religious in black light? Elections are nearing.. So they try to smear the religious in every way possible.
11. Murderer
Sam ,   Berchem Belgium   (11.13.12)
Hiw can u say some religious Peopel are crooks when this murder isn't religious at all and how many non religious crooks u have in prison in Isreal ?? ?
12. Murder & Australia
Greg ,   Tel Aviv   (11.13.12)
Isn't Australia a predilection land for ex-convicts ? Should not Eli Yishay apply the Halakhic law on this matter ? Perhaps this is why he helped releasing him. I guess it would be a great opportunity to apply medinat Halakha and in this case all will agree -
13. JAIL the monster 4 EVER and EVER ! tanx.
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (11.13.12)
14. "Fools rush in"
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.13.12)
That's how I understood this - woman married 'no-goodnik' - wants out - he lures her to Thailand to murder her. Okay, now the idiot gets freed? Can I put out a contract on him? Maybe the Israeli mafia can do some good?
15. If there's no Torah one is apt to anything - even murder.
Dov ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
If there's no fear from Heaven, there's no fear from earth.
16. B.A.J.#1
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.13.12)
Ask O.J. Simpson. The world is going crazy!
17. Why not deport him to Gaza?
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.13.12)
They might even name a street after him.
18. #15 Dov oh really check this out
David ,   Haifa, IL   (11.13.12)
Now repeat after me: Yaskov Teitel Eden Natan- Zada Baruch Goldstein Yigal Amir .......... i can continue the list, now try to think what do they all have in common?
19. #15
Madeleine ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
Plenty of disgusting crimes in the religiuos/haredi world. Stop being so self-righteous.
20. #2, #3
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.13.12)
#2 There is a legal principle: you can't try and punish a person twice for the same crime. #3 He is an Israeli citizen. There is no way to prevent his entry. What is missing is an real information why this guy was pardoned. Thailand isn't known for being so nice to criminals.
21. #18 David oh really? Next time check better
Shalom ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
The names you listed, are that HAREDI ( traditionalist Torah Jews ) or the dati leumi zionist extremists? Which is the product of the early secular hilonim so that ''Religious'' Jews would back the secular ideology. ''Dati Leumi'' is no more then a trap. Now repeat after me: Yaskov Teitel? Dati Leumi /Kach Eden Natan-Zada? Dati Leumi /Kach Baruch Goldstein? Dati Leumi /Kach Yigal Amir? Whas he actually really religious anyway? So you see, when it comes to the Haredim, when there are a few non-Haredi ''religious'' Jewish murderers, they are directly labeled ''Haredim'' while in fact, they are not. Another example: When there are Haredim who join the army ( and there are alot of them, but of them they don't speak ) they are directly labeled as ''Modern Haredim'' or ''Dati Leumi''. Which is all bull, and made up sub-groups by unrecognized individuals.
22. #18 You mentioned several names
Dov ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
of kipa wearing guys but doesn't mean they were G-d fearing religious Jews. And regarding the 4th name, he shot but it was proven he wasn't the actual killer.
23. #3 He's an Israeli citizen according to the law...
Just Sayin'   (11.13.12)
if he has no other citizenship Israel must take him in.
24. #6 and 8 no because of International agreements...
preventing double jeopardy (you can not be tried twice for the same crime). The absolute most the family can do is sue him in torts for pain and suffering.
25. @5 and 10 well the documents sent by Mr. Yishai's office....
that would be the basis of the mother's claim. She has obtained copies of the correspondence back and forth between our Minister of Interior (that would be Mr. Yishai) and the Thai Minister of I think you need to stand down.
26. @21 correct except 4 the assassin...he is religious
avi ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
The Assassin of Prime Minister Mr. Rabin is a Sephardi Religious Jew. But please don't take my word for it...ask his parents and his rabbi!
27. Separated Good Terms? NOT
ASTRONAUT ,   ME, USA   (11.13.12)
My ex- & I also separated on "good terms," Years later I find he's nuked by I.C.E. for child porn. Thank HaShem I lost this loser a decade ago. Ladies, when it's over, it's over. If Ex- is still creeping after you, it's for ulterior motives. Move on and DON"T look back.
28. #26 the assassin? religious?
You mean the guinea pig. Amir, as we all know, shot from the front and he was killed from the back by an assasin who was never apprehended. More and more people have proven this "conspiracy" to be correct.
29. Free to walk the streets of Israel
nibor ,   israel   (11.13.12)
and perhaps chop up someone else. Now that's what I call anti-semitism.
30. The solution is simple
Vlad   (11.13.12)
His re-entry to Israel cannot be prevented. He can, however, be arrested as soon as he lands, tried for murder, and locked away for life.
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