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Jordanian textbooks put Israel on the map
Roi Kais
Published: 13.11.12, 19:10
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1. Facing the fact that Palestine is fictional.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
It's becoming harder and harder for Israel's enemies to hide from the obvious fact that Palestine is fictional. Just like Oz, Neverland and Narnia.
2. Ooh, heads will roll for this!!
Carl ,   USA   (11.13.12)
3. Indisputable facts
Avi   (11.13.12)
It relates to an indisputable fact that before the six days war, the west bank was part of Jordan since its foundations some few years before Israel, and not to some unbordered unnamed palestinian entity, much like Gaza being part of Egypt. It is the Palestinians themselves who saw Jordan as part of them during Black September when Arafat proclaimed that "the liberation of palestine starts with jordan", following an uprising where 20,000 palestinians were massacred in one month and the rest exiled to destabilize Lebanon.
4. palestine is exist either you like it or not
adam adam ,   earth planet   (11.13.12)
this omission is not intentional it was someone fault
5. LOL!!!
Devorah   (11.13.12)
Jordan probably read Sarah B's posts and is terrified of the "palestinians" being repatriated there from the annexed terrorities. It's like trying to do a disappearing act when your weird relatives are coming for a visit lol.
6. Hashemites need reign eternally
Zivron   (11.13.12)
The Hashemite kingdom of Jordon ought reign eternally as these are our cousins relatives of Abraham recorded in the Life of Sarah Parsha that were allotted east of Beersheba and Kiryat Arba.Reuven was cursed by Yaakov for Violence and Provocation of Gentiles .
7. #4
Alex   (11.13.12)
Yes, palestine exists, it's Israel. "Palestine" and "palestinians" is the name the country and the Jews were named by the Romans. I accept the establishment of an Arab state, but I'll never accept their name. They might just aswell call themselves Klingons, even that would be more realistic.
8. No 4 Your English is awful. Go study before posting
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv   (11.13.12)
10. TRUTH reveals itself after decades of suppression
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (11.13.12)
11. #4 The Earth is flat, whether you like it or not.
Jake   (11.13.12)
12. #6, Genesis doesn't record events that happened in 1921
Jake   (11.13.12)
That was when the Hashemites were expelled from the Hijaz in the Arabian peninsula, and were given what is now Jordan by the British as a place of refuge.
13. Finally A arab Map Telling The Truth!
Marbrook, the Map Of Ancient Israel also includes Eastern bank of jordan river and north to Golan and south past Jerusalem as Alotments to Jacobs Sons The Twelve Tribes! As for the Pseudo-king is Myth, but is Second part of two lands for two people! 1) Israel 2) arab/bedouins (trans-jordan)
14. Neutra Karta's work here
ma nishma ,   modiin   (11.13.12)
They are obviously responsible for this reprehensible action.
15. NON existent palestine
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.13.12)
we all new that, didn't we?
16. This 'offensive entity' is Jordan's economic lifeline.
Tahl   (11.13.12)
They do not recognize Israel? No problem then. No more Israeli water supplies for Jordan. No more Israeli market for Jordanian fruits & vegetables. No more Israeli tourists in Jordan. No more Israeli factories giving employment to hundreds of Jordanians. No more Israeli passengers in Royal Jordanian. In summary, no more Jordanian economy.
17. Perhaps they are more Christian
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (11.13.12)
then we give them credit for?
18. About time some accuracy in the Arab World
David ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
19. Of course
sam ,   colorado-USA   (11.13.12)
They must do that because of the current king and former friends of Israel
20. #4 on Palestine Palestine
Paltalk Doctor ,   Nanuet USA   (11.13.12)
Palestine is NOT exist, Never did.
21.  Years at the age of peoples nothing
sam ,   colorado-USA   (11.13.12)
Jordanian textbooks put Israel on the map so Years at the age of peoples nothing
22. Neutra?
Paltalk Doctor ,   Nanuet USA   (11.13.12)
You must me Neturei Karta. Neutra is an animal that looks like a Giant Rat. On Second thought that describes Neturei Karta as well.
23. Allah be praised a miracle has happened
zionist forever   (11.13.12)
This will though of course only be temporary because with Abdullah fighting for his throne he can't afford to upset to many people. If he is the next victim of the arab winter and the palestinians who make up 80% of the population take over then first thing they do is change the books and tear up the peace treaty. Jordan might be the only arab state to have got past the childish stage of its existence but if the Heshimites were toppled by the palestinian majority could we then make a legitimate case for Palestine being in Jordan?
24. Interesting. It's an educational textbook....
William ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
but the contents are geared solely to the "sensibilities of students" and against "perpetuating new terms that Jordanians oppose". In other words, creating a fictitious history based on the existing ignorance of the population in order to further a false narrative, contradictory to basic human history documented throughout the world. For the omission of Jordan, I can understand the upset, but to omit a fellow UN member State, even when the map of that State includes the Green Lines, simply shows how racist and ignorant of reality the average Jordanian is. But hey - isn't that why we say Jordan = Palestine? The cultures are exactly the same.
25. #4 - "Palestine" exists only in future dreams and yesterday
William ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
fables. It was never a country, a sovereign entity, nor even a source of a unique people or culture. You can play as much as you like believing "Palestine" exists, but ignoring history doesn't make it real, even with your ruby red shoes, Adam. The probably why a party in the PLO - seated in Tunis - is pushing for the West Bank to be part of Jordan formally.
26. #12 - they were expelled BY the British
William ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
the British giving the Hashemites some barren sand dunes in the Moab isn't really the noble act of a kid person, but rather a booby prize after awarding their homeland to the Saud family who never ruled the Hijaz.
27. Don't girls go to school in Jordan?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.14.12)
Why no pictures of them?
28. Dreamer
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (11.14.12)
Hey Adam Adam please go and find ONE world map in any book or globe that is approved by any educational system around the world (outside your dreaming Muslim countries) and I can guarantee you that you will search for the rest of your life for nothing.Stop dreaming.
29. There are more omissions
Yohay de Valetta ,   Valetta Malta   (11.14.12)
None of the pictures show female students.
30. 14 & 22
zionist forever   (11.14.12)
NK like to call themselves Jewish but they don't act it. They go to protests on a Saturday and carry banners and throw their shoes like the Muslims do. If they were the good Jews they claim to be then they would be praying on a Saturday morning and not breaking the rules of Shabbat by carrying. On Yom Hashoah which is Holocaust memorial not an Israeli occasion like Yom Hazikaron when the sirens sound they start singing and burning flags. They are welcome not to recognise Israel's right to exist but something like that is a step to far and they should be arrested for it. Their hatred toward Jews is disgusting. After the 2008 terror attack on a Chabad Hous in Mumbai in which a rabbi and his wife were murdered whilst everybody else sent condolences NK sent a letter to Chabad criticising them and saying: For ( Chabad ) its relations with the filthy, deplorable traitors - the cursed zionists that are your friends. The Chabad movement has been imbued with false national sentiment allowing all Jews to stay in their centres, without differentiating between good and evil, right and wrong, pure and impure, a Jew and a person who joins another religion is a heretic. I think it would be preferable to live next door to a Hamas terrorist than a member of NK. NK though are just a single small haredi sect they do not represent all haredi even if they dress the same.
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