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MK Gafni: Lapid fit to be Netanyahu's work mule
Akiva Novick
Published: 13.11.12, 20:32
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1. Shame for Gur
Zivron   (11.13.12)
Litzman by his actionss driving a BMW instead of a Chinese owned Volvo or a Geman made Canaris or Willy Brandt condemns himself to ignomy .
2. will the real Yair Lapid please stand up
zionist forever   (11.13.12)
He has been telling the centre right if we stand firm palestinians will agree to give up right of return & Jerusalem. He has been telling the left he will not join any government in which Liberman is DM, he is determined to restart the peace process and he wants social justice. He made a rabbi his number two and has been telling the religious he is not anti religion. He has been telling the seculars he is going to make sure the haredi go into the army. He has basically been telling everybody what they want to hear. He has also said he is not taking sides and will work with any party provided they agree to his terms. So what is the mans ideology and why should we vote for him other than the fact he is famous because you can't be everything which he is trying to sell himself as.
3. Gafni your a joke, Lapid for PM
Haim ,   TA   (11.14.12)
Time to draft all the hareedi parasites
4. I look at them all with disdain and contempt
Al   (11.14.12)
I include the inciters the so called secular the so called religious. A schnorrer people can never be a nation. The southern part of the country is burning and no one gives a damn. Were everyone doing their part to protect the country I can bet you, everyone would be outraged as to what is going on. But no, you have schnorrer 'A' and schnorrer "B" with their hands out for a handout, always bitching and moaning they dont get enough. Everyone wants to suck on that government teat. You dont have too many givers, you have tons of takers. A schnorrer people can never be a true nation. I promise you that the day will come that there wont be much in the till to placate all of you. You will have to go to work to eat and on that day you will throw off your schnorreshe shtick.
5. Lapid
david ,   haifa   (11.14.12)
another north tel aviv torah hating draft dodger. hid in an office during wars. coward.
6. Haredim are panicking, it's a good sign.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.14.12)
Please make sure the Haredi parties are not allowed to fly in "special" voting supporters from the U.S. and Canada. Capture the Haredi holders of Israeli passports at the airport. I guess they could shave off their beards, use deodorant and sneak in through a bathroom door. To stop them, use women who sing loudly to guard the airport. After capture, draft them to serve in the military. Panicking will make them think of many foilischticks, so be prepared there in Israel.
7. Mr Gafni
Israeli ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.14.12)
No Sir you are mistaken, Lapid is not a mule, but he is a DONKEY.
8. the facts about mules for you city kids
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (11.14.12)
They are incredibly intelligent. They can work like all get-out. In minutes, they can kick any Oketz-unit dog to death
9. Mr Ganfe - speak nicely of others
rebecca ,   modiin   (11.14.12)
As a religious Jew standing for a religious party you should look at how you speak. You can say that you do not believe Yair Lapid is qualified or capable of taking over from Netanyahu, and many of us will agree with you, BUT he is not a mule. To say things like that is a chilul Hashem.
10. everybody knows
J.G ,   (11.14.12)
israelis will vote for a PM with experience like Netanyahu, Olmert, or for someone like Liberman
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