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Egypt's Brotherhood slams Israel over Gaza strikes
Associated Press
Published: 13.11.12, 22:01
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1. Racist State? Nothing more racist than Islamic Terrorists
Yitzi ,   Bet Shemesh   (11.13.12)
2. look whos talking
alsky ,   Toronto   (11.13.12)
coming from the country that has ethnically cleansed its Jews and now working on its coptics !
3. ignore them
ishmael   (11.13.12)
prepare properly in case, be ready, but ignore the brotherhood who actually authored the palestinaian' myth as a way of defeating israel.
4. Brotherhood
Enoch ,   Toronto   (11.13.12)
How about if Israel bombards Egypt with a hundred missiles, and we see how they like it.
5. Because you Morsi, you are not a racist...
Yossef   (11.13.12)
6. Netanyahu is useless.
Steven ,   Rotherham, UK   (11.13.12)
All mouth and no action. Netayahu just issues empty threats as rockets rain down on Israeli towns. I think he's been taking lessons in meaningless rhetoric from Ahmedinejad. No wonder Hamas and the other groups are the ones dictating things. If Israel keeps down this road....its going to be destroyed I'm afraid.
7. Mr. morsi, why do you allow the killing of Christians
Laura the Jewess ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.13.12)
in Egypt? Egypt is the racist state, allowing the murder and pillage of Christian Arabs...lets talk about that
8. Stating The Obvious!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (11.13.12)
It goes without being said that Israel can add yet another untrustworthy Islamic country to its list of enemies.
9. Shut their Power already. We are acting like idiots.
Chaim   (11.13.12)
10. Monkey face
Gallula ,   Paris   (11.13.12)
Look at you Mister Cornelius ! One day you'll hide like coward rats like nasrallah and haniyeh avoiding major blast in your ugly face.!!!!
11. If Egypt doesn't like it...
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (11.13.12)
then they should annex Gaza as part of Egypt. They share much more with the Gazans than Israel does. But...then, any rocket or mortar fire from Gaza would be an act of war on Israel by Egypt. Needless to say, the Egyptian gov't/muslim brotherhood is too craven to want this to happen. Therefore, they'll just continue to make threatening speeches ranting about the "Zionist apartheid occupation regime" and nothing will change. BTW, a "racist state" is one whose soldiers shoot African refugees dead on sight, not the nation that takes in those refugees.
12. Mr haji morsi, You Are So Full Of HUDDA
I can smell your Stentch, from across the pond! Your arab brothers in gaza Started The Violence and Israel Has The RIGHT TO RETALIATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Any Terrorist in gaza who died do so by their own hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. How can you brand Israel racist for targeting those terroris
William ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
who fires weapons at Israel and its civilian population? If that's racist - then the rule of war and Intl conventions allow racism. But we all know, intl law really allows for self-defense and protection of one's sovereign rights, including targeting those trying to kill you. Here is what divides racist Arab countries and Israel. With the enormous firepower Israel has, they target only the rocket launching team, or the terrorist leader on a motor bike. Conversely, Arab leaders just fire into a neighborhood and take out 3 square blocks of homes and people to get at one person they suspect being there, and do so without remorse. Morsi - your own failures to stem the violence against Coptic Christians, and to ignore the war crimes of jihadi groups in Gaza, underscore your own racism and the future Egypt is to expect under the MB.
14. Right on both account; racist liars.
15. Egypt's Brotherhood
JERRY PERLIN ,   Steamboat Springs US   (11.13.12)
Providing U.S. support and $$ to the Brotherhood would be about as wise as electing Ahamadinajad to the position of Lord of Planet Earth!
16. The Muslims have a talent......
mindRider ,   The Free World   (11.14.12) always manage to replace a dictatorial leader with a worse one, it is a talent to choose worse over bad time on time again and they never ever lack sufficient supply of crazier incompetent fanatics to fill the position.
17. Prof. Morsi
alex   (11.14.12)
I loath American liberalism that allowed people like Morsi to teach in American University and get paid. Absurdissimo!
18. E=MC2
alex ,   usa   (11.14.12)
To #4 One missile is enough, but the right one.
19. @6 : Steven UK : Bibi is useless
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (11.14.12)
What is it that you feel qualifies you to pass judgement on Israel's Prime Minister?
20. How dare they respond....
Abie Dee ,   New York, US   (11.14.12)
I can understand why Morsi is upset. Arabs, in general, want to have the right to send missiles into Israel whenever they feel like it. They believe this is their right AND they do not want Israel to retaliate. It's as simple as that. So when they do respond, it gets these people very pissed off. Arab logic at work....
21. Muslim brotherhod
Natan ,   USA   (11.14.12)
Setting new standard for stupidity>>>I am trying to figure out are all Muslims that dumb???
22. Obama's Party
Dr. Langhorne ,   USA   (11.14.12)
The Islamists Obama endorsed & championed will continue to get American aide. Obama's silence is proof he is one of them.
23. obama
joe   (11.14.12)
don't worry, obama and clinton confirm that all will be well as long as no new houses are built in jerusalem...they claim it's just propadanda...morsi realy likes the jews...some of his best friends...
24. Some cactuses were found to bloom 4 years
Miron ,   USA   (11.14.12)
Egyptians who failed to find compromise with Egyptian Airforce Pilot Hosni Mubarak for 40 years are to compromise with Israel... yeah right. The price for playing white trash politics is going to be steep. Heck, what do I know. The company producing stretchers had its stock go up 3 times over past 24 hours.
25. STAY ALERT BUT COOL. Critical statement in the article is..
Rafi ,   US   (11.14.12)
... "The security coordination signals there is no significant shift in Cairo's policies toward Israel, despite the heated Brotherhood rhetoric."
26. another arab country down the tubes
Barney ,   USA   (11.14.12)
of islamic radical terrorists. they will wallow in poverty and ignorance while the leaders get rich and fat and then they will blame the Jews for their problems. just a repeat of what has happened many times before. egypt is now a lost cause like syria, libya, sudan, lebanon, iran, iraq, etc
27. it is difficult to take Egypt as a peace broker
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.14.12)
I think, as many other do, that Egypt has crossed the line from being a democratic state to an Islamic state. Their concerns are not for peace but for the eradication of Israel and getting the America dollar from congress - not necessarily in that order.
28. A prtner for peace, me THINKS NOT!!!!
Brett Levitas ,   JHB South Africa   (11.14.12)
29. The First flower of Arabic Spring blossoms but dosen't smell
good. ,   NY,USA   (11.14.12)
30. the old retoric is back
tiki ,   belgium   (11.14.12)
The coffers are still empty, the poor are still living in the streets, the illiterate still can't read the news (only hear the retoric) & the jobless still can't find jobs. The young & ambitious have been ordered home and unveiled) women only can walk the streets if they are prepared to take male abuse or worth. With this kind of revolutionary results the only thing left is blame the 'usual suspect....Israel!
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