'Israel's special relations with Germany won't last forever'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.11.12, 12:38
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1. With Liberman as FM what should we expect?
David ,   Haifa, IL   (11.14.12)
2. germany
dave ,   jerusalem, Israel   (11.14.12)
of course the relationship will change .....Germany like the rest of Europe will be over run by Muslims. The fact that the MP can already say that means the Muslims have already gotten to him
3. Berlin regards abbas as partner for peace
franz haupt ,   Berlin   (11.14.12)
Good, so Berlin should make peace with Abbas and bring the arabs to germany where they can give the germans a treat of their "peace". Let's see what Berlin says then, when they would get a barrel of rockets every now and then.
4. Isn't it time?
For the absurd reparations to stop?
5. The stain left by Germany on history ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.14.12)
.... will last forever. The Jewish people will make certain that no one ever forgets what the Germans did. Germany really has no say in the matter.
6. Thank you Lieberman For a great Job.
Ezer   (11.14.12)
You have my vote.
7. will Germany be around in 20 years?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.14.12)
It might just be just another Islamic state with an Islamic name with a lot of blond, blue eyed dihimis.
8. Uh! Oh! Another Petraeus in the making...
Dave   (11.14.12)
9. In 1973 Germany BETRAYED Israel, when
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.14.12)
it prohibited the use of it's territory to deliver weapons to Israel...>>>The "new" Germany always was the old Germany...
10. Berlinstan- 2032
Arnold ,   Canada   (11.14.12)
The future of Berlin in 20 yrs is a complete takeover by Islam. The handwriting is already on the wall in so many other European countries.
11. "Special" will last forever, but not for the reason this Ger
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.14.12)
man apparatchik refers to. Otherwise I don't think we shall bother those arch-Aryans anymore with requests for "warm relations". To hell with them and their new Masters: Arab hordes!
12. 1973
Jerry ,   NL   (11.14.12)
it was Willy Weinbrandt who prohibited transport of US arms to Israel, Sozzis are a pest everywhere
13. German Threats
Lorne Newman ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.14.12)
Why do they make threats? Don't they realize how foolish they sound?
14. Abbas, a 'partner for peace', according Germany
tiki ,   belgium   (11.14.12)
If a non-elected leader, disliked by his own people & Arab countries alike, than this is a poor evaluation of the situation by the Germans, who have made this mistake before.
15. Israel's handling of Palestinian
joe ,   uk   (11.14.12)
israel should handle the P R like the palistinians where are the hasbarah persons what are they doing bout it
16. ***Sarah*** at 5, That stain also sticks to the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.14.12)
German people...70 % of them can currently be qualified as the enemies of Israel and of the Jewish people !
17. The "special relationship" won't be there 5 years from now
Brian ,   USA   (11.14.12)
18. should have been nuked in '45
mo ,   blumestan   (11.14.12)
19. #4
Ram ,   London   (11.14.12)
Are you implying for justice to forgive and forget the butchering/murdering thieves, and for the thieves to retain the spoil they robbed their victims of before and after murdering them?
20. The Nazi era is ancient history for 95% of the people
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (11.14.12)
on the earth. The humans that might feel guilty about it are dying of old age every day. This is the new reality that Israel needs to face. it can no longer control the situation and will be increasingly subject to global condemnation. Any attempt to invoke the Holocaust will be greeted with laughter and derision. 95% of the humans on earth just do not care.
21. Germany's special relationship wont last forever
Lioness ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
Nor will Germany, probably will be the Islamic republic of Germanstan
22. Israel's special relations with Germany...
Staffan ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (11.14.12)
"The Palestinians have proven that they are able to maintain calm in the West Bank," he said. Is Berlin unaware that Abbas power ultimately rests on Israeli bayonets?
23. #20
Ram ,   London   (11.14.12)
We now know where you stand!
24. Criticism of Israel growing in Germany
hmpierson ,   Asheville NC, USA   (11.14.12)
And that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact there are 4.3 million Muslims in Germany would it? (vs 100,000 Jews). My father was a guest of the Germans at Auschwitz and Dachau, and my mother was a guest at Gros Rosen. Those were "special" relations that will last beyond time.
25. The Germans will always hate us.
Reuven   (11.14.12)
All Jews should leave that sewer of a nation and come to Israel, where they are welcome.
26. Proven calm in the the Samaria & Judea (WB)?
Grace ,   USA   (11.14.12)
They've proven nothing. With over 160 rockets this past week in Gaza this official either has no pulse or is anti-Semitic. And the Arabs in Samaria and Judea starting fires, rock throwing and shooting only shows there is no intent to make friends with their neighbors. IDF must maintain a presence to secure Israeli homes. There would be no calm without Israel keeping watch. It would become Gaza magnified, which appears to be what he wants. Sadly, they maintain their proven contempt and disdain for owners of the land they live on.
27. Third generation of survivors
Ann ,   USA   (11.14.12)
The third generation of survivors are also affected,since continuous stress in camp had caused genetic change,no wonder that there more stress and mental diseases than usual in this group.We are children of survivors never wll forget about special relationships with Germany,since the genetic marker wii always remind us about it for generations.
28. Special relationship last forever!
Tomi Budapest ,   Hungary   (11.14.12)
This forecast by a German politician is wrong. Special relations between Germans and Jews have a long history. Due to this very speciality -after more decades of antisemitic preparation-six million Jews have perished. The corollary is cristal clear: for centuries to come Jews will suffer the shortage of their kins. So best thing what Germens may do now: to be very careful and reserved even when uttering the word Israel. Hopefully the next generations of them will comply with this moral imperative.
29. In 20 years all of europe will be moooslum !
Moshe ,   Usa   (11.14.12)
So why is this news now !
30. #24: Well said!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
Indeed, not every German was a Nazi but the vast majority of Germans supported the Nazis! Whine and say "we didn't know". The truth is "we didn't want to know, after all, they were only Jews" and that is the situation to this very day in German and in Europe. When the Muslims do finally take over most of Europe, then we will be able to say "Yes we knew and WE TOLD YOU SO"!
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