IDF kills top Hamas commander; prepares for ground offensive
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun
Published: 14.11.12, 18:43
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1. Hamas
Natan ,   USA   (11.14.12)
Enough is enough. Israel had enough with daily missile attacks on its citizens. No other civilized nation would sit back for so long without retaliating. Enough is enough!!!!!
2. Last time, "Gates of Hell" sent Sh. Yassin & Rantisi there
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
3.  we are tired of the rockets emanating from gaza..
anne ,   israel   (11.14.12)
it is time to eliminate all these terrorists..if there should be a be it.. we are fed up with them..finish them all off..i just hope innocent palestnians in gaza will be spared..may God have mercy on us
4. I am advicing
Wang Zuli ,   Shanghai   (11.14.12)
Please stop kill. It is not good. I am hoping Arabs and Jews are loving each other. Why killing each other/ Why Why? Why/ Why? Why?!!!!! Arabs and Jews look similarity. Buddha said to kill is not good.
5. Cheers!!!
USA   (11.14.12)
6. WOW Paradise attained...CELEBRATIONS!
USA   (11.14.12)
CONGRATULATIONS Ahmed Jabari for your goal of paradise. You have attained it. Congratulations again. Enjoy the celestial virgins, sex, gluttony and all the carnal pleasures your religion promises you for all eternity. May all your fellow leaders soon join you in "Paradise."
Scott ,   Florida   (11.14.12)
Commander and his devil spawn eliminated.
8. ciao
sam ,   canada   (11.14.12)
burn in hell
9. good job
ellie ben aron ,   israel-usa   (11.14.12)
keep going, at least one a day
10. Give Them Hell!!!!!
Southern Man ,   N.C., USA   (11.14.12)
11. kol akavod Tsahal !!
gallula ,   paris   (11.14.12)
A snake in less
12. have fun in hell, Mr Jabari
Jeff ,   USA   (11.14.12)
Kol hakavod, Israel
13. Eliminating Jabari
karmel usa   (11.14.12)
This is a good policy. The killing of the leaders will surely impact the operations of Hamas and this must be continued. Also, with surgical strikes like this, innocent civilian casualties are minimized greatly.
14. It's just called "taking out the trash". No more, no less.
When trash is gone, ,   the air smells clean   (11.14.12)
15. I Don't Celebrate Death, For We Are Created
in Ha Shem's Image, however EVIL forces try to thwart The Goodness of Israel and it's people! I Hope This Is The Begining Of What Should Have Been Istituted Decades Ago!!!!!!!!!!! Commit Terror Against Israeli Citizens and You WILL BE ELIMINATED EVERYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Masalami Gochba's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16. of course CNN fans the flames of fear
ishamel   (11.14.12)
get ready haniyeh, zohar, musri and all heads of hamas and their advisors in government, all fuel stations and cement factories. Ignore mUsri and if he makes any overt move, counter in force.
17. Operation Cloud Pillar
kapriza ,   tsafon   (11.14.12)
ISRAEL declared war?? Really??? And what came before that, peace and tranquility?
18. A small missed point...
rob ,   Orangevale, U.S.A.   (11.14.12)
First of all I wish the Shin Bet a hardy Kol hakavod. To the editors of Ynet you missed a very important point, that being that the vile scum killed in this strike were directly responsible for the Shalit kidnapping as well as all the other terrorist crap. The world needs to know these things. I am very proud to be able to tell my children that killers and terrorists will be both killed, and terrorized. Thank you Shin Bet. Shalom Israel, Rob
19. Israel has the right to defence irself
Brenda   (11.14.12)
this is for the 850+ rockets he sent to Israel this year
20. Gaza
Ray Stuart ,   Z├╝rich / Israel   (11.14.12)
1.. Well done IDF / IAF in taking out the head of Hamas miilitary wing. 2 .To all the Israeli citizens who live close to the Gaza border . My prayers are with you .I hope you will be safe and unharmed in the near future ..
21. Gotta love those "Cloud Pillars"
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.14.12)
The "gates of hell" will never prevail against Israel.
22. So, who is writing the first non related hate comment?
Rocko ,   Roma   (11.14.12)
So, who ist writing the first non related hate comment?
23. About time
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
This isn't the time to ask what took so long. It's time to be thankful that something is actually being done. Maybe Barak has one eye on the elections.
24. Well Done
Trevor ,   Modiin   (11.14.12)
We cannot celebrate the death of an enemy, but we can certainly celebrate the accuracy of our rockets
25. Metallic - my lovely color!
Shmulik ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
Wow... Feel sorry for brand new car...
26. Its about time!
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (11.14.12)
27. Hollow victory: Misplace celebration.
idf faux-bravery demonstrated. Attack the unarmed, from a safe height of 12,000 ft. Murder of civilians. idf seems to act only when they are certain they have a enmourmeous advantage.
28. Ahmed Jabari
Alain ,   Sao Paulo Brazil   (11.14.12)
There is a price to pay when you bombard someone with hundreds of missiles.
29. It is high time the heads of the snakes are smashed. Let
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.14.12)
us hope this case is the first in a series of such acts. We send our full support, hugs and kisses of love to the men and women of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who stand guard to protect the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people and the lives of its citizens.
30. I am very happy. He got what's coming for him.
Tom ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
Furthermore, I'm happy the IDF destroyed those savages' missiles while on the ground.
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