Grad rockets hit Beersheba; Iron Dome intercepts rockets
Ilana Curiel
Published: 14.11.12, 22:45
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1. No rush Israel. Bleed Hamas down to size, then....
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (11.14.12)
wait until Syria implodes, then take on Iran. Iran is going to look like a paper tiger if they don't come to the aid of Hamas in Gaza. The Israeli trap is set for Iran, and they will step their foot into it sooner or later.
2. Why piece of Gold is not in Gaza? Now is the time!!!
Miron ,   USA   (11.14.12)
3. Iron Dome intercepted 15/20 rockets
observer ,   Egypt   (11.14.12)
that means that Gaza rockets has 15/20 (75%) accuracy. Iron dome intercepts only those would be target-selective rockets. Or, the Israelis lie about that accuracy.
4. Do they teach math in Egypt ?
AJ ,   Atlanta Ga   (11.14.12)
To the "Egypt observer" : You need to polish your math . 5 out of 20 makes 25% accuracy rate .....
5. 15 hits out of 20 is 75%.
Math Wizard ,   Neighbor   (11.14.12)
Sorry you do not comprehend.
6. To the Egyptian observer
shield of David ,   USA   (11.14.12)
As AJ pointed out.... Your Math need serious help... Other than that, keep observing and let us handle Hamas... They could be a problem for you too, in Egypt. You have not seen yet the end of the Movie with Morsi.
7. No more red lines would mean we can
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.14.12)
hit gaza civilians and infrastructure. Let them huddle in their houses in fear of death and destruction.
8. If egypt interferes
BH ,   Iowa   (11.14.12)
It will be the end of Camp David meaning no more US money and weapons, no US parts or tech support for weapon systems already in place.... and Israel will likely liberate the Sinai.
9. In defence of #3
PK ,   Northern Israel   (11.14.12)
To be fair to #3 he does have a point, since the Iron Dome system only intercepts those rockets which have the potential to land a direct hit; those which are calculated to definitely land in open areas are ignored. That's to say that if the Iron Dome was not in operation then 15 out of the 20 rockets may have hit targets and not just open ground. Hence a possible 75% hit success rate. The word that the poster in #3 neglected to include was 'potential.' We don't know exactly how the Iron Dome system calculates the level of risk, however it is probably safe to say that it likely works on a 'better safe than sorry' principle, meaning that in any case the 75% potential hit success is highly ambitious. Either way in recent days it has proven its worth and value to the long-suffering communities of the South.
10. Mistaken Identification of Photo
Rafael ,   New Jersey   (11.14.12)
The photo you label as Jabari's car is incorrect. The vehicle was black, had its roof blown completely off and was destroyed in the middle of an intersection in Gaza City
11. 75% accuracy... to be fair
elimelech ,   shomron   (11.14.12)
gentleman... To be fair to our egyptian observor, what he was trying to communicate I believe, was that 75% of the rockets fired from Gaza would have struck sensitive areas - hence these rockets were targetted by the Iron Dome. 25% on the other hand were way off target and no response from the Dome was necessary. Of greater interest is..what is the concern of the egyptian?He should be more worried about the Salafis detroying the Sphinx and pyramids which would be interesting economically
12. No way is that Jabari's car!
Olah ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.14.12)
That car has been burned out, not blasted to smithereens. There was almost nothing left of Jabari's car. The one in the photo must be the damaged vehicle in Beer Sheva.
13. Where is Goldstone?
Miron ,   USA   (11.14.12)
IDF must use its satellites and UAV's to capture and produce video evidence of sites used to launch rockets on Israel. What are you waiting for, rich kick in the ass? Now is the time!
14. Don't worry Ilana
Ehud Barak   (11.14.12)
I am going to respond harshly to this attack, as I always do. Of course by harshly, I mean harsh words only. And that is because I wouldn't want to hurt anyone, any Arabs I mean. But I will certainly make a definitive, resolute verbal response - you have my word on that (and you know what that means!)
15. 15/20 intercepted
Olah ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.14.12)
The Gazan idea of accuracy seems to be "landing anywhere in a huge city is a hit." The IDF on the other hand are accurate to a specific vehicle. I don't think the Gazans have anything to boast about.
16. Accuracy
Jez ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
No observer it means the accuracy of the system is 75% in this instance which is roughly what is claimed. But wouldnt it be better if we could live in peace helping each other to achieve the most for our peoples, Israeli, Eygptian and Palestinian. This war has now been going on for over 100 years and it is surely time for the Arab side to accept we have very deep roots here as noone benefits for this conflict.
17. #3
DavidR ,   USA   (11.14.12)
You are so stupid you don't even know the definition of the word "accuracy." How can they be accurate when they don't have a target. Maybe 75% got through but that doesn't make them accurate. That only means iron dome wasn't used against them. Wait until Egypt starts something with Israel. Then you will get a taste of accuracy. I hope you live to learn the lesson, Or maybe........nevermind.
18. You know how much $$$ each Iron Dome Interceptor costs?
JP ,   US   (11.14.12)
And the costs to man the system? US claims to give Israel cash in exchange for the absence of an IDF response to PLO attacks, but in reality sells these interceptors to Israel at maximum cost. War is cheaper monetarily, instills deterrence, and prevents far more deaths, than using Iron Dome. The occupying Arabs laugh at Iron Dome. They know that for each $1000 rocket salvo they send, it costs us millions in Interceptor rockets. They figure they'll bleed the IDF Artillery funds dry. Besides, enemy rockets are large in quantity. They know that if they fire 100, that 20 will get through. They factor it all in. Bottom line up front: Iron Dome, or anything like it is NO solution. ...Like making an umbrella out of paper, to use in an all night storm. Good for a few drops, not for thousands.
19. fire missiles right into gaza markets
mofi   (11.14.12)
gaza fires missiles at israeli civilians. Goldstone says to respond proportionately. So fire missiles right into gazan markets soviet style.
20. to be fair #9,11
observer ,   Egypt   (11.14.12)
there are two possibilities; either the Gaza rockets are 75% accurate or the Iron dome rockets are only 25% accurate. in either case it is hundreds of thousand $ rocket versus a couple hundred $ rocket. SHEER FIASCO.
21. #13 you are on your own
observer ,   Egypt   (11.14.12)
Goldstone is busy saving lives of peoples other than Jews.
22. good night,
observer ,   Egypt   (11.15.12)
tomorrow I'll count the fired iron dome rockets.
23. Paying for Iron Dome
spondres ,   france   (11.14.12)
Deduct the costs incurred directly from the PA's tax revenues before transferring them. Simples.
24. 3
idiot! the iron dome is supposed to target only and only those missiles from gaza that ARE SURE TO FALL INSIDE CIVILIAN TERRITORIES ONLY......NOT THE ONES THAT ISRAEL KNOWS WILL FALL IN EMPTY SPACES. why waste an iron dome missile on a grad that is for sure going to fall in an empty field. give the jews more credit. they do hot waste their military hardware on scum in gaza.
25. #22
Erich   (11.15.12)
Hopefully some will land on your head.
26. #25
hazem ,   Egypt   (11.15.12)
Hopefully we will attack you Cowards wait for it.
27. Is it a coincidence that the IDF hit Fajr-5 missiles
William ,   Israel   (11.15.12)
those that could have hit Tel Aviv, but they didn't hit launchers and warehouses of qassams and Grads, which target the South? I guess action can only be expected when the ruling elite, and socialites, are in harm's way.
28. # 25
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.15.12)
29. Targeted Killing
Paltalk Doctor ,   Nanuet USA   (11.15.12)
Keeps on killing one each day for the next few years, perhaps Hamas will get the message and even it they don't there will be less of them.
30. 26 Hazem
alsky ,   toronto   (11.15.12)
do something go to school viva Israel !
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