Barak: Most Hamas Fajr missiles destroyed
Shachar Hai, Gilad Morag
Published: 14.11.12, 22:35
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1. The terrorist is dead long live the terrorist
Farros   (11.14.12)
IDF leadership - what a waste of space they are.
2. Good Riddance!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (11.14.12)
And now for the rest of these vermin.
3. Keep hitting
real vision ,   usa   (11.14.12)
Keep hitting the weapon storage areas, the tunnels, the metal workshops and a few more of the top terror islamic human trash
4. Don`t enter Israeli soldiers to Gaza
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.14.12)
They might loose their superiority . Don`t accept the UN mantra about Israeli reactions being expected to be at the Hamas actions level. Fight the enemy as an enemy. We are not at an olympic encounter. Stay aerial.
5. Where is video evidence of rocket launches?
Miron ,   USA   (11.14.12)
Israel must produce video evidence of rocket launches and identify rocket launch sites. Satellites, UAV's, I don't care. In spite of any military plans the most important plan is to beat Hamas down with their own hands. One mortar / rocket launch from child playground captured on video is more important than all rockets send at Haneiah. And it must be presented before anyone asks. And in real time terms within next 6 hours.
6. Don't repeat the mistakes of Cast Lead and Lebanon
BH ,   Iowa   (11.14.12)
Finish the job.
7. The TERRORISTS are DEAD, long live the HEROES
Joske ,   Sweden   (11.15.12)
8. no5
t ,   ashqelon   (11.15.12)
EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOW THE WORLD WHAT THEY REALLY ARE.maybe they will stop feeling sorry for them and see the devil in sheeps clothing.
9. IDF retaliation in gaza
Marty ,   Woodmere, NY   (11.15.12)
Are you kidding? Do you support the hamas attacks??
10. A definition of a looser
JJJ   (11.15.12)
Here is an exemple of a real looser
11. No problem...instructions inside
JJJ   (11.15.12)
No problem, will put you on the roof in Sderot and you will see, Just don't be a chicken like you comrades stay and watch, then we achieve a couple of things, one we prove the lunches of rockets. seconds, we prove you are a fool
12. @8 I don't think they have it.
Miron ,   USA   (11.15.12)
I am begining to suspect that this was a re - stocking order issued to Muslim Brotherhood on behalf of Hamas for a longer range missiles, courtesy of Yahoo. Hamas cannot sit without those for reasons understood and Obama needs those rich Gaza guys, he supplies with 3 bn / year in cash to share with his newly acquired ... friends. For all his blaster Mr. Morsi understands perfectly well that his next 500 million dollars transaction depends on his behaving rather girlish. The different issue is any IDF soldier, officer, or cloth washing lady stepping over Gaza border will be prosecuted by court in Haague to the fullest extent when the dust settles. And in such a corrupt engagement it's really difficult to figure out how to harbor them from this threat. Again, in the absence of video evidence justifying measures such as entering Gaza I would advise every Israel to think twice before agreeing to take part in this particular military operation, if an order is given. 3 months for refusing order in military jail is nothing compare to charges of War Crimes in International Court of Justice, and Morsi might want his cool 1/2 a billion, but he will gladly part with those money ( and will get more on endorsement ) if he can stutch IDF soldier, even one.
13. Iranian Fajir missiles should have been destroyed already.
bob k ,   orlando usa   (11.15.12)
The fajir missiles are longer range and can reach Tel Aviv, I believe, therefore they should have been destroyed already. Israel doesn't need an 'excuse' or special reason except they are in Gaza, or Lebanon or Sudan en route to Israel.
14. Miron
Pifer ,   Brooklyn NY   (11.15.12)
Were does rain come from ? Were is the rain launcher? Did you ever find it ?If elections were held now i would vote for u as the worlds genius .Maybe stand up so you can use ur brain or what ever you have above your shoulder!!
15. Bunker bust the tunnels, take back that land, NO MORE
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.15.12)
16. First thing
Matt   (11.15.12)
There may be another strike in Sudan and logistics from Rafah to cut off resupply. The want to be able to continue to fire rockets from inside Gaza City once the IDF have encircled them and from the camps district. The MB in Egypt will let people leave via Rafah crossing into Sinai. So that needs to happen first before the southern sector is cut off from the rest of Gaza.
17. To: Miron at No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.15.12)
The terrorists in Gaza have done that for us. Didn't they disseminate videos of terrorist attacks against Israel? Of course they have! But -- beyond that -- what more proof is needed than missiles landing in Israel? Israel does not need to justify its actions before the world, and it is not a good idea to allow the international community to think that it has the right to demand justification. It doesn't. Although I am highly tempted to suggest that if a country rails against Israel and demands justification, Israel should park a missile launcher just across the border and start firing missile barrages at the irate country's civilian population. That would make the point.
18. @14 throwing stones in the river watch the rounds on water
Miron ,   USA   (11.15.12)
It's an old saying meaning Gaza operation will have consequences that cannot be undone, unlike this discussion. I am not a big supporter of force fed apples, but when my own daughter goes nuts about wrong guy don't ask me to act normally. There is only one Israel, Pifer. And the next one won't happen for millenias. So, drop that thing about the shoulders and votes. Whoever wants to thwart it will have to do a better job than yell at people "kill". Even if this seems like a natural thing to do.
19. Finish them off this time
Barry ,   Tokyo   (11.15.12)
Don't pull your punches. Next target Haniyeh.
20. I thought it started because Israel killed that guy!
General Topol   (11.16.12)
What was his face?
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