Hamas video claims Tel Aviv hit by missile
Elior Levy
Published: 15.11.12, 15:55
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1. Sderot no longer 1000000 miles away for TA coffee shop goers
zionist forever   (11.15.12)
Finally the peace process obsessed liberal coffee shop goers of Tel Aviv who live in their own little world are discovering Sderot is not a million miles away and they are now experienced what the residents of Southern Israel have been doing for years. Maybe the rest of the country will finally start to come to realise these problems affect us all and start supporting harsh responses instead of siding with the arabs.
2. All the video shows is a rocket launch...
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.15.12)
With no orientation to show what direction it's been launched in and no indication of where it came down other than the subtitling. Anybody who believes this can buy a bridge I have to sell... call me!
3. Remember who else lied about hitting Tel Aviv.....
William ,   Israel   (11.15.12)
Naser! And we all know how that turned out.
4. Karma
tevye ,   colorado springs, us   (11.15.12)
A stolen Land will never have peace.
5. Islam like to lie about acomplishments
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.15.12)
This is no different from all of their perverted news reports.
6. Really
jared ,   Toronto, Ontario   (11.15.12)
Isn't the US stolen from the Native Americans? interesting how one's memory fades. Assuming you actually live in the US and are not a troll living in the middle east apologizing for the Syrian genocide of Muslims, my comment stands.
7. Stolen land? like the land you stole from México ?
marcos ,   mexico   (11.15.12)
or from the Cherokee, navajo,apache,mohawk, moikan, etc?
8. Support for my country
O ,   Vancouver,Israel   (11.15.12)
We love you Israel ,stay strong!!!
9. re Karma
andy ,   uk   (11.15.12)
Too true. So give it back to the American Indians. Thankfully Israel doesnt have that problem as its been their land for 4000 yrs.
10. number 4 colorado springs
DanLondon   (11.15.12)
riiight - that old argument. the fact that jews have been connected to that land for 2000 years sort of trashes that argument btw - colarado speings, doesn't that have a rich histroy of red indian tradition
WildCard ,   Tel Aviv   (11.15.12)
12. great shot
samaH ,   azaG   (11.15.12)
13. Chief Of Staff Lt.Gen.B.Gantz
I think the cestpool gaza Needs To Be Taught A Valuable Lesson ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comence With UNRELENTING BOMBING UNTIL YOU SEE WHITE FLAGS EVERYWHERE in gaza!!!!!!!!!! Turn Off The Water And The Power and send them back to the Stone Age Like They WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baruch Ha Shem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14. 4 Karma
Jorge Stern ,   Mexico   (11.15.12)
I guess you will never have peace. Now give us (mexicans) back California, Arizona, Texas ! We are waiting or maybe we should start sending rockets into American cities.....what do you thihk ?
15. #6,#7 dreamers
American ,   USA   (11.15.12)
Now your done insulting Jews in Israel now your gonna start attacking my country the USA well keep on posting your delusional trivial comments the USA and Israel are here to stay by the grace of god and you and your towel head friends can all eat your sand and drink your oil !!!!
16. Seems from many news reports Hamas has
Ben ,   Fantastic Israel   (11.15.12)
gone over the line this with their shelling of Israeli civilians. Dont think their crying a lies will help much right now, also the fact that people are wise to the way the fight, right next to civilians, children, babies, no matter to them, they just want to blame Israel, they are dirty cowards.
17. Brave IDF? and war crimes
Imtehan ,   Gwynedd UK   (11.15.12)
what Israel has done is a series of serious war crimes since all international legal norms explictly prohabit killings of civilians, child and woman.... but if you say well i dont care about international law or put it otherwise, i dont have to care as the USA and other westerns stand alongside with me" , i have to say that there will be a day in the world when no one will be in your side, you have to pay for every drops of blood that you are causing to shade from Gazan child.... Israeli army can never be a defence force...such a brutal attack will never make you secured at all, as long as you go with killing of civilian people in Gaza, as many as people will raise their question as to the legitimacy and neccesity of the state of Israel in middle east.....No oppresor or tyrant has existed for forever in the history.....keep that in your mind.
18. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.15.12)
Did not Canada have native peoples, too? You live in a glass house -- don't throw stones.
19. Hamas are dirty killers
Man form Israel   (11.15.12)
Just know that they shoot that rockets form schools and hospitals and more and after that they trying to say so Israel made them poor... Yes... Israel must show them the laws and how it was really,go Israel!
20. to # 15, I was responding to 'karma'
marcos ,   México   (11.16.12)
he's from colorado, he's argument is the stolen land, my point is that history is not always nice but you have to trascend that, go on living. I'm whit Israel, I'm a jew from México. Relax!
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