Rocket lands in Rishon Lezion area
Ynet reporters
Published: 15.11.12, 18:08
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1. Where is the IDF?
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (11.15.12)
Why Gaza is not in flames? Why aren't the reserves being called up in massive numbers. This is a joke. Unless you open up a can of kick a.s.s on the terrorist ( Hamas) this will go on forever.
Roy ,   Canada   (11.15.12)
If Israel is smart, they will end the Hamas rule of Gaza this time. Stop the cycle.
3. IDF, do your job, this is war!
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (11.15.12)
What is the IDF waiting for? For the rockets to hit Tel Aviv? Or Ben Gurion Airport? Go into Gaza and do your job!!! Bombing terrorists and rocket launching sites is not enough.
4. a taste of your own medicine
holy warrior ,   uk   (11.15.12)
How does it feel? Thats exactly how the palestinians civilians feel when you fire at them.
5. Strategic Depth ... ?
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (11.15.12)
Where is your strategic depth ( if you have any ) ?
6. Im from Rishon. Really scary
David ,   Rishon   (11.15.12)
7. Animals vs. IDF
USA   (11.15.12)
Barbaric Animals: killing civilians randomly. IDF: Surgically targeting only military targets. I think the IDF should give the world ample opportunity to see and understand this difference. Then they should simply carpet bomb the entire Gaza strip after ONLY letting children, women and old men out.
8. Gasa
Ozi   (11.15.12)
Gaza should be bombed into the stone age were it belongs to. Cut off electricity and water. Stop looking to the so-called free world. They are already islamized.
9. #4 - idiot
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (11.15.12)
When the people like you accuse Israel of targeting civilians, you should know perfectly well that Israel does have the ability to kill thousands of Arabs. Or to be more precise: Gaza can erased in minutes. And it would be a much easier job for the army. But Israel is doing as much as she can to avoid civilian deaths. And this costs the life of Israeli soldiers and civilians. And the idiots like you can go on screaming about Israeli agression.
10. to Holy warrior UK
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (11.15.12)
You got it all backwards, Until last week, there was no bombing Gaza, yet the missiles never stopped falling onto Israel. knew that of course.
11. #4 - since they began the firing from Gaza...
William ,   Israel   (11.15.12)
then they can know what Israelis have been dealing with for months now. Good they are getting their own medicine and hope so much more. But Gazans can stop this by demanding terrorists stop their war against Israeli civilians, and stop putting weapons in the middle of residential areas in Gaza. It's the only way they can save themselves as Intl law allows for the targeting of weapons, even when in civilian areas.
12. Who cares if the Hamas leadership are hiding
William ,   Israel   (11.15.12)
As long as Gaza has power and cellphone service, they will continue to be "in action" while hiding. Cut off both services for 2 days, hit them extremely hard, then turn it back on.
13. # 4
me   (11.15.12)
If the IDF was letting GAZA feel their own medicine. This all thing would have ended in few hours and a new big Parking lot.
14. I agree with William but it should be for month not 2 days
SA ,   United States   (11.15.12)
15. #4 Unholy Warrior - Comfy there in the UK?
Seth Greenberg ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.15.12)
Here's some advice, moron. Have some tea and a scone. Say a prayer and take a bath with a toaster. We'll make sure that a kindergarten in Gaza is named after you oh holy shaheed. Now go get that toaster. Your virgins are waiting for you.
16. So we killed a BIG Waste of Life which caused us 3 of us! is
zion warrior ,   everywhere   (11.15.12)
this all about the same routine foe the past 20 years !!?? they hit us we hit a few big heads of them they retaliate and kill more of us,then quite calm for a while & we forget what was going on again & they start after a few months & game goes on & on with no real achievement!! IDF has lost it deterrence power! it is n ot the same IDF of 1969s 70s 80s where is our heads, why cant we enter Gaza our own Land & wipe out these murderers!
17. As missiles rain to Israel
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.15.12)
full loaded trucks with food, diesel oil, building materials etc. cross undisturbed the border into Gaza. Suicidal and foolish Israel !
18. re 4
andy ,   uk   (11.15.12)
er......excuse me you dunce the reason this is all happening is because your murdering jihadi buddies insist on firing missiles at civilian communities. Be a good boy and go and play holy warrior somewhere else.....preferably outside my country.
19. To number 4
Allan ,   London, England   (11.15.12)
Are you Abu Qatada by any chance? Go back to your country or go to a country with Sharia law and see how well you do
20. Go back to Rasha Poland , Palestine is not yours!
Tony ,   London   (11.15.12)
Go back to Europe rabish , this is Palestine sky and land .
21. to the zionist repliers
holy warrior ,   uk   (11.15.12)
Lets not forget that your army started this by killing a 10 year old boy on the gaza border. Your media conveniently forget this point. So dont cry about missiles falling on your civilians as you have army bases in civilian areas too. Infact the whole of israel is an american forward operating base..
22. 11 - Good they are getting their own medicine ,...
split ,   US   (11.15.12)
I regard who did whom and who's medicine you have to prove which comes first the chicken or the egg ,...
23. #20 No you go back to where you nomads came from
meir elazar   (11.15.12)
At no time in history did the Palestinians ever have a government or rule in Israel. Even the Quran in Sura 5 states that Israel belongs to us. Fortunately Olmert and Tzipi are no longer in government to surrender to the terrorists after defeating them. Now is the time to finish the job once and for all until every terrorist in Gaza flees to Egypt or Sudan or Iran or where ever. Israel is our forever.
24. 20 - Poland is doing fine without them ,...
split ,   US   (11.15.12)
and like other nations that they invided didn't miss them either ;) ,...
25. 24 ha! the nutty yank awakes from slumber!
andy ,   uk   (11.15.12)
in fact they are doing so well virrtually the whole country has chosen yo up sticks and come to the UK to get a better life!
26. 21
andy ,   uk   (11.15.12)
and I thought the jews started this by inconveniently dying in ww2. Youve obviously never read the charter of hamas have u? Hamas will not accept peace until they succeed in pushing Isral into the sea. Got a shock for all the nutty aint happenin! lol
27. 20
andy ,   uk   (11.15.12)
Tony, ur telling little fibs! I dont think thats ur name......ur either illiterate or not really of English origin methinks!
28. #14 - the reason I said 2 days only (at first)
William ,   Israel   (11.15.12)
Is to allow humanitarian groups, the Red Cross, and internal intelligence to relay information back from Gaza - as well as give Hamas leaders a chance to beg for the cease-fire knowing the abilities that Israel has.
29. #21- Your distorted timeline
William ,   Israel   (11.15.12)
It all started when your terrorists continued targeting Southern communities and the IDF inside Israel with RPGs and anti-tank missiles. They fired into Israel, and according to the rules of war, Israel fired back at the location from where they were launched. It just so happens that it was launched from a residential area (not surprising), and this 13 year old boy (not 10 years old) was killed. Still, it does not negate the justification under Intl law for the IDF response. But it does beg the question - why is Hamas war crimes being committed on both civilian populations, and supported by so-called "holy warriors" in the UK?
30. #20 - my home is right here in Israel
William ,   Israel   (11.15.12)
as was the rest of my family for centuries before Arabs ethnically cleansed us in 1929. Not so unlike the rest of my fellow citizens. There never was a State called Palestine, there never was a people called "Palestinians". I believe the head of the ICC stated it roughly the same a couple months ago.
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