Israel moves troops toward Gaza; Barak wants 30,000 reservists
Ynet reporters, AP
Published: 15.11.12, 21:57
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1. Why on the ground?
Aviela ,   Lower Migron, Israel   (11.15.12)
Why risk our soldiers to save lives on the other side? They certainly could never be imagined to pay us the same courtesy. The first major portion should be by air. May G-d guard those who help to guard us, each and every precious one.
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (11.15.12)
3. This is absolutely crazy. Go home and demand Iron Dome
Miron ,   USA   (11.15.12)
5 more batteries and Sderot can sleep like babies. Rest can be finished with UAV's.
4. Prayers for IDF
DavidR ,   USA   (11.15.12)
Dear brothers, There are millions throughout the west and the world who are praying for you. If I were a Cohen I would extend the Aaronic blessing but I am only a simple man with simple prayers but I send them upward for all of you. If I could, I would join you on the battlefield. Am Israel Chai!
5. May Ha Shem Bless The Men And Women
of the IDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be Praying for the Safety and Victory from A LONG OVER DUE RESPONSE to arab Violence on southern Israel For WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send these sand flea's to their 72 virgins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baruch Ha Shem
6. here is what idf should...
mark ,   usa   (11.15.12)
do in ground invasion of gaza. Make a bee line to take tunnel complex. Cut it off from hamas and then systematically dismantle these tunnels. Throughly destroy these tunnels, not the houses that hide them but the actual tunnels, and make clear ground forces are not going to leave the area until there is a complete destruction of this labyrinth of tunnels. Here how, the technology exists to find tunnels, what is missing is command and control of the area, so park 30,000 troops on area where these tunnels exist and systematically use that technology to sound them out. Once found cut an access bore hole down to tunnel and fill it cement.
7. #1 Aviela is right.
Shlomo ,   USA   (11.15.12)
Napalm and incendiaries will create a firestorm that will end the rocket fire forever. It's war, start acting like it is and just win it. Give the population 24 hours to leave Gaza and for those that don't heed the warning, too bad.
8. IDF call up of reserves
Lenny ,   US   (11.15.12)
Our thoughts and prayers to IDF and all the families; may He bless and keep you and BRING THEM HOME SAFE!! G_D bless.
9. God speed to all of our my sons
Al   (11.15.12)
stay safe and follow your commanders orders. Daddy loves you..
10. my prayers are with you - stay safe
Anne ,   Australia   (11.16.12)
11. #7 is right...
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.16.12)
Lost my first post somewhere..anyway try must be done right this time for sure or the arabs will claim another victory,even when they lose...get it done right this time...take no prisoners,show no mercy...peace will come through superior fire power..and ..disregard the bleeding hearts screaming disproportionate force...My heart is with Israel...all the way...if I could be there,I would.
12. As an out sider
Drew ,   Phila USA   (11.16.12)
I don't understand why: 1. carpet bomb it. Drones are over rated. Or 2. Militia the the local communities. Give the people in sderot and other local communities mortars (or let them find their own mortars) see how long the rocket fire continues....
13. @#1 and 3, and 7
Daniel ,   Tracy USA   (11.16.12)
You can fight from the air as much as possible. Air support, drones, F-16s, and Apache helicopters will not stop, but in highly populated areas, you need to go in on foot, or risk mass casualties. I know many will say who cares, but the IDF does care. It is a risk I and others will willing to take, and these soldiers are too. Believe me I wish there were times I feel we could just wipe out a clean swath of land and save our troops, but unfortunately I don' think that will happen.
14. Bless everyone serving in IDF.
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.16.12)
I wish I could be there with you, our sons and daughters.
15. May Hashem Protect You!
Froike ,   NY NY   (11.16.12)
To the brave sons and daughters in the IDF....May Hashem protect and watch over you and keep you from all harm. The same prayers and thoughts for all of Israel....May G-d himself provide the "Iron Dome".
16. 1
Zionist forever   (11.16.12)
To ensure the job is done properly you need boots on the ground, there is only so much you can do from the air. At least now though they are better equipped than they were duin Lebanon or Cast Lead. What we need now is politicians who will take. Back seat and let the IDF handle tactics which is something Olmert never allowed. If we get this right it is going to scare the hell out of Hamas, Hezbollah and even Iran. Send the message tht the weak Israel that never got it right that they saw under Olmert is history and now they should all fear a war winning Israel,
17. And what will Barak tell to piece of Gold
Miron ,   USA   (11.15.12)
when that one will hold Gilad Schalits #2 - 30001 by their bacon in the ICJ dock? Going to war because "wants to" is no freebieeeeee, Whoever is giving blessings to these morons today are going to be holding the boot on Israel's neck tomorrow. Besides, who believes these guys are going to Gaza? They are going to be flown to Teheran overnight. Stop the madman, Israel.
18. Ground invasion not needed.
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (11.15.12)
Instead bomb the hell out of them. Every missle launching site should be bombed. It makes no difference if it is coming from a populated area or not. They must be bombed. Stop dropping leaflets warning the enemy where you plan to bomb. You are losing the element of surprise. Make them quake with fear not knowing where you will bomb next.
19. go all da way now please
gene ,   ny.usa   (11.15.12)
just please don't stop prematurely. groundop is vital. eliminate leadership of hamas .ynet its about time all of the people who wish for their opinion to be heard to be able to. its only fair unless u live in russia
20. detterence
gene ,   ny.usa   (11.15.12)
u r on the money here. its a war. start acting like its a war. eliminate the enemy once and for all.otherwise u r not fit to lead
21. Gaza and Hamas
Dik ,   Spijkenisse   (11.15.12)
all rockets fired into Israel were brought in through tunnels from Egypt. Let IDF concentrate on this issue and destry them all. We will pray to God Almighty to protect His people now and grant the government/IDF wishdom to settle once and for all this awfull rocket shellings towards innocent Israeli citizens in the South. Shalom from Holland
22. Good intentions - bad strategy
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.15.12)
Taking out Hamas this time will not solve the problem permanently just like Operation Cast Lead back in 2009 didn't solve the problem permanently. Either Israel should give the Arabs of Gaza 24 hours to leave and then bomb Gaza and flatten every building and living organism to the ground and then annex and take over Gaza, clean up the mess and let Jews/Israelis resettle Gaza, OR Israel should threaten the Arabs of Gaza that for every single war that the Hamas starts, Israel will PERMANENTLY ANNEX particular parts of Gaza. And for every new war, Israel will just keep on expelling the Arabs to Egypt and annex a new area for every conflict - until the Arabs are completely expelled from Gaza. In one way or another, the Arabs need to get into their thick heads that they are no superior race, that we Jews are not their punching bags and that we Jews will not tolerate non Jews and enemies of Israel controlling and stealing our land, and stealing our history and exercising violence and threats against Jews/Israelis. This status quo has to come to an end. It is not enough to pound Hamas. Israel needs to wipe out the population of Gaza and/or expel them to Egypt. Status quo of targetting Hamas every single time they've decided to renew the conflict will not permanently solve the conflict. The conflict is solved when and if the enemies of Israel are wiped out and expelled from our land. Than we will have peace in Israel's immediate vicinity. I can tell you this: if Netanyahu and Barak intend to strike Hamas as Israel did in 2009, it will solve the problem - but only temporarily, and the problem will arise in 2-5 years time again, where Israel needs to repeat the same procedure - again and again. Israel needs to destroy Gaza - completely from the face of the earth. Then Israel should annex Gaza and let Jews/Israelis resettle Gaza and Israel should let Jews constitute at least 98-99% of Gaza's population. Then it will permanent. Otherwise - there will be no permanent peace.
ANdre ,   Clichy, France   (11.15.12)
7 And ye shall chase your enemies, and they shall fall before you by the sword. 8 And five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight: and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword. THE SAME FIGHT AGAINST THE PHILISTINES, 3,500 YEARS LATER
24. retake philadelphi
phillipe   (11.16.12)
raid shifa hospital basement where hamas is hiding. cut off gas and eletricity. blow up gas stattions across north gaza retake philadelphi warn egypt to stay out of the fighting
STORMY ,   NJUSA   (11.16.12)
26. #9. I am very touched by your comment.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (11.16.12)
It brought home to me the anxiety of parents. You personalized it. Now, I am praying for all the sons of Israel and their parents too. I hope your sons make it through the ordeal. GOD BLESS ISRAEL TODAY AND FOREVER!
27. There is a reason
Drew ,   Phila USA   (11.16.12)
There's a reason why in the USA a militia is still legal. For exactly the reason of what is going on in southern Israel right now. Some times you need a scalpel(militia) not a lazer( givati). Israel would be well served by organizing an extra military entity ala militia. Every indescriminate rocket returned by an militia retaliation. Rocket, mortar, ect. It's infuriating to watch this semantic military crap to go on. Build a militia's I give three years max this rocket fire continues. The Arabs use militia because it proven long term. Hence America!
28. Booby traps
Chat Masala ,   Sunbury Australia   (11.16.12)
Please beware of booby traps awaiting troops if Israel commits troops in Gaza. This could be a ploy of Hamas to incite you to onvade Gaza
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (11.16.12)
30. Time to get get old school, #1
Cameron ,   USA   (11.16.12)
You've been playin' around for years with these freaks, and it brought you to rocket days. You'll have to settle this madness head on. The ME is the ME. We all knew events would drive to this point, and here it finally is.
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