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US Senate expresses firm support of Israel
Yitzhak Benhroin
Published: 16.11.12, 04:34
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1. They aren't blind.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (11.16.12)
At least they can come together when real bullets are flying. I pray they will always support Israel when terrorists start a fight with Israel. May I never see a day they stop supporting Israel's right to exsist. It's up to the Palestinian people to rid themselves of the radicals. They will be blessed and live a prosperous life when that day comes. We can only pray and hope they will do something about them.
2. The US Congress is the other "occupied territories".
Persian CAT   (11.16.12)
That's why the American people hold it is such low esteem. Poll after poll show consistently the American people have nothing but contempt for these guys. Their resolution(s) are in NO way a reflection of what the American people think about the Israeli war making policies.
3. One man;s freedom fighter is another man;s terroorisr
4. #3. Are you talking about Bin Laden?
5. #2
Perez ,   NYC   (11.16.12)
The American public thinks it is acceptable for the government to print money To pay its absurdly inflates tab. Which is why we are a republic. There are people in charge and I hope they are more intelligent than the average voter, although it is seeming less realistic each election.
6. senators
gerald ronson ,   san pedro usa   (11.16.12)
Our Senate repubs and demos can't can't agree on anything unless it's time to bend over and kiss Israel's ring, even when no one asks,
7. #2, LOL
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (11.16.12)
I think it's hilarious when I run into conspiracy theory nuts about the Jews controlling the government. Newsflash my poor Iranian friend -- the reason the Senate and House backs Israel is that a huge majority of the US population backs Israel. Have a nice day! :)
8. Time to recognize the support and start apologizing.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.16.12)
So much has been written on this website against Obama and the U.S., but U.S. is solidly behind its friend and ignores the arrogant, mean, disrespectful right wingers in Israel. It is time for them to start apologizing. Israeli right wing idiots owe a lot of apology to the U.S. and Obama.
9. Great! Where is the president of the free world?
10. Expected
Ron ,   LA, USA   (11.16.12)
Do the Israeli bashers really expect that the US Senate will ever stand with the crazies of the mid-east, the mullahs, the rocket launchers, homicide bombers, hezbollah, Assad, the brotherhood and a host of other cartoons from the Arab world. Not going to happen!
11. Hmm ,...
split ,   US   (11.16.12)
I have the text of the resolution in front of me and see only 32 Israel firsters,... sorry co-sponsors :) ,... By the way introduced by two junior Senators and handled to them by AIPAC ,...
12. #8 - Michael
Ariel ,   Modi'in, Israel   (11.16.12)
No such apology warranted!! Congress in no way represents Obummer's ideologies neither does Obummer represent Congess' positions! I would appreciate it if you could forward me any report which directly quotes Obummer's support for Israel in this current situation. NOTE: Not a spokesperson, or any other official, but Obummer personally!! I may have missed one being reported!!
13. some sided with the terrorists get angry with the senate
alfredo ,   philippines   (11.16.12)
terrorists and their sympathizers dont be angry.
14. Maybe much more effective would be
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.16.12)
to ban all US agricultural products to Gaza. Right now the agressors eating Kansas and Oklahoma wheat, transported by israeli truck through Erez, Karni etc border crossings. With empty stomach Hamas bandits will be less enthusiastcs.
15. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.16.12)
What polls? Please cite your sources. Oh -- by the way -- Congress DOES control the purse strings. Not the president. Do keep that in mind while you gnash your teeth and stamp your foot. And don't forget to check the Rasmussen, Pew and Gallop polls (among others), which show that the American people resoundingly and overwhelmingly support the State of Israel.
16. Since Egypt has declared its support
A ,   Belgium   (11.16.12)
for the "palestinians", meaning hamas terrorists, and America (in an unusual instance of clear-headed perception) recognizes hamas as a terrorist organization, would it now seem plausible for America to stop ALL financial aid to both Egypt and gaza? After all, why should America reward a terrorist organization and its "friends" with money that could better be used rebuilding the areas damaged by hurricane Sandy.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (11.16.12)
18. Piece of Cake
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (11.16.12)
It is easy for the US Senate to pass a resolution like this. It gets them out of doing any real work, like voting to avoid the stupid slash cuts to bullets and means for soldiers in combat or layoffs of soldiers in combat, or cutting off meals-on-wheels to disabled veterans. It also gets them out of working on the $5 trillion tax increase that they already wrote into law that is scheduled for January 1, 2013 - 6 weeks from now.
19. @2 During my work I got to know American non-jewish
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (11.16.12)
pensioners who donated half of their pension for Israeli causes .So shut up.
20. Calling it as should be: "cowardly acts" - thanks
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.16.12)
21. #2 So who speaks for Americans? You in Iran?
Tahl   (11.16.12)
Laughing out loud.
22. #2-Persian Pussy
Pater Daag ,   NY NY   (11.16.12)
The majority of Americans support Israel, are vehemently anti Iran and Islamo Fascist. There are approx, 10 million Muslims in America. The Muslims I work with are vehemently anti Jihad, anti Ahmidenijad, and anti Hamas/Hezbollah/PLO, etc. They describe Islamo Fascists in the lowest of terms..... I guess Persian Pussy, you are in the minority...(if you do live in the US?)
23. To The President Bashers
emanon ,   USA   (11.16.12)
Give it up! You Lost the election! Now, let's move on. Just as Israel needs to stand united against the terrorstinains, so must we here in the US. Unless of course you really have another agenda in mind . . . like something about sowing dissent and trying to divide the US population to make the US easier to take over, perhaps?
24. P.S. ,...
split ,   US   (11.16.12)
Resolution passed by unanimus consent because most of the senators are in their districts and didn't see it (unanimous consent does not necessarily indicate that every member of the body would have voted in favor of the proposal) No one in the right mind would ever believe that Sen. Ron Paul would vote for this pile of crap prepared by AIPAC ,...
25. Hamas is the TERRORIST !
bejamin ,   singapore   (11.16.12)
IDF , Please wipe out that Hamas Terrorist OUT for good of International Peace ! Israel I am with you forever.
26. Terrorists
Nash ,   UK   (11.16.12)
There is no bigger act of terrorism than occupying a people and Bin laden has a long way to catch up with Israel and the US. Calling little people sending suicide bombers and irrigation tubes with fertilizers 'terrorists', is a massively funded propaganda by western war military industrial complex. 8 million people of Israel, (from 2 million in 1960) that is just over ONE PERCENT of the world's population keep us on the edge of the third world war ....whoa!
27. # 2 Is this your 'comedy' attempt? Keep your day job.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (11.16.12)
LOL that other 'occupied territory' you refer to is the US Senate, that would mean the entire American elected government officials choices ally with Israel along with the overwhelming majority of the American's who voted them into office. LOL, the jokes on you. Terror is its own reward, wallow in it and make sure your will is made out. You arabs should get your act together. Have any time to end the 'arab spring'? You seem so 'expert' on all things Israeli... Except the facts.
28. 'is another man;s terroorisr ( what's that? )
big bad Jew ,   United States   (11.16.12)
29. # 7 Howard, my thought exactly!
big bad Jew ,   United States   (11.16.12)
You have to forgive the no named Iranian soul, he doesn't know who his father is... nor does he know anything about a democracy, on muslim ever has... or will.
30. # 6 LOL RIng kissing? A Roman custom.
big bad Jew ,   United States   (11.16.12)
speaking of bending over, no Jew bends over, bows, to any man or 'religion'... That's a gentile custom. Some hold their heads up in prayer others - their backsides.
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