Opinion  Ariana Melamed
Swallow your pride, leave south temporarily
Ariana Melamed
Published: 17.11.12, 14:23
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AHMAD ,   ABU DHABI   (11.17.12)
2. Battle of Britain
Zivron   (11.17.12)
Children were removed to the countryside during the Battle of Britain and Hamas iis a disgrace and ought move civilians Futher north or to Iran.
3. Retake Gaza permanently!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.17.12)
No more half baked ideas. The source of all Israels problems with Gaza is our lunatic retreat from Gaza. The answer is clear and simple. Retake Gaza permanently. Drive out our enemies.
4. Leave Palestine permanently
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (11.17.12)
5. Swallow your pride, live the South
Presslady   (11.17.12)
Not only it's national morality but also economy. People have put much of their savings in those houses so they do not want to leave and let burglars in the area take them. Also, even Hamas is firing rockets, are you sure there are not sleeping cells or Hamas sympathizers in the area that could take more positions after residents left? Regards
6. Host a Southern Israel Family- FB group
Ky ,   TA   (11.17.12)
there's a FB group called Host a Southern Israel Family-לארח משפחה דרומית to share info about hosting families away from danger: https://www.facebook.com/groups/506491972708247/
7. #4 where? in your beautiful europe?
marcos ,   mexico   (11.17.12)
hipocrite! you make me seek!
8. Ariana Melamed: Your comment is disgusting!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.17.12)
Where would you like people to go? Back to Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka or some other concentration camp of your choice? Karmiel took 62 hits during the 2nd Lebanese War and the vast majority of people stood fast. One fell next to the building where I live. Yes, we were scared and we still keep a weary eye on the Northern Border. Yes a few people got hurt but this is OUR home and we must stand firm! People like you should just run and run and run and don't stop because your shadow might catchup with you! By the way you probably have a bigger chance of being run over on a pedestrian crossing in Tel Aviv or Ashdod than being killed by a rocket in Sderot!
Gaydamak has gone ,scarpered , " legged it " , " done a runner " ," pissed off " , vacated , " slung his hook " . Israelis should stay put.
Ignore this " military genius " ariana Melamed .Jews these days do not run .We make our enemies run ,just like our holy Torah instructs us to do.
11. Why authorities don't tell residents of the south to leave:
me ,   here   (11.17.12)
1. Roads are right now needed for military use and must not , under any circumstances, be clogged by masses of civilians fleeing a potential threat. The main priority at the moment for the nation is to get those soldiers and military equipment in place, where they need to be to defend it. 2. The whole of Israel may very soon be at full-scale war, and there won't be any spot that cannot be reached by rockets. Many people fled from Qiryat Shmona in 2006 and returned only after the fighting had ceased. Those who stayed had to endure a full month in shelters. I am a strong believer that leaving a fighting area is warranted at times, to avoid civilian fatalities and to keep hospital beds free for the soldiers who are really in harms way. But leaving has to be done without panicking crowds blocking the streets for the necessary military traffic, and any evacuations should be done in a manner that does not disturb the defense of the country.
12. Gutless ghetto Jewess
Raphael ,   Netanya   (11.17.12)
Ariana, please translate your diaspora slime into arabic and advise the Pals to pack their luggage. They got so many friends abroad who would be delighted to give them shelter. If you know reading a map, you should see that no place in Israel is located further than 30 mile away from terrorist rockets.
13. #2
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (11.17.12)
Palestinian children were removed to the cuntryside in 1948, and you have not allowed to come back.
Melamed talks nonsense.
15. Opinion
Chaim ,   Arad   (11.17.12)
Ariana Melamed, this article is exactly that, an opinion. I will print this off and place it in the bottom of my parrot's cage in the morning.
16. Israelis do not run
Alexander ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.17.12)
I am an Israeli travel agent, and let me tell you something, Arianna. In the last few days, we have seen a large number of people CANCEL their long-ago scheduled flights abroad so that they could stay with Israel- some want to support their loved ones during the tough times, others want to be available for army duty call-up, others still- doctors especially- know that their professional skills may be needed. And we are NOT seeing an increase in sales. People do not scurry for the airport to leave Israel and wait out the tough times. So I am not at all surprised that the embattled southerners do not flee the danger zone. We're just that kind of people, Arianna. Not easily intimidated. Had we been as skittish as people expect us to be, we wouldn't be living here in the first place.
17. #13
Suomipoika ,   Finland   (11.17.12)
If you know history, please tell the readers also who removed palestinian children to the countryside in 1948 but do not say that it was Israel because that is not true.
18. Israelis are amazing people!
Mea   (11.17.12)
19. #13
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (11.17.12)
Ask Benny Morris
20. Why be so judgmental... REALLY?
Moshino ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.17.12)
I'm an oleh with no family in Israel, but with tons of very good friends that I've learned to love as my own family over the past 10 years. And I've chosen not to hop on a plane and leave, BUT I have Israeli friends who have panic attacks and I wish they would decide to go and feel safer. And if they do decide to go (as some may), I will stand by their decision and support them, because I love them better safe and sound than here in danger and suffering. I don't see anything wrong with that. We have enough people who are willing to stay, B"H. They should stay and not judge.
21. would the last one out of Tel Aviv turn the lights out
zionist forver   (11.17.12)
Go relocate away from the front lines, this really must be the stupidest attitude ever. The thousands of residents of the borders towns like Sderot relocate but what about the residents of Ashkelon, Ashdod Jerusalem and Tel Aviv because they are all in the line of fire. Hezbollah have missiles with even greater ranges than the ones Hamas do and so they can hit large parts of the country possibly as far as the Negev region. Iran & Syria have missiles that can hit the entire country and they have WMDS. Should we all leave the country relocate somewhere else until its safe, if they can hit any part of the country & with WMDS is it a good idea to even stay in the country by the get out the front line logic? You don't allow enemies of any sort to drive you out your homes otherwise you lose everything . If somebody attacks you then you retaliate by killing them.
22. Jarda , 19 . You try to convince yourself ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.17.12)
with this "historian" , who was contradicted by many serious Historians , and who later acknowledged that he made errors . What this benny morris didn't tell is that most of those who left , did it because their "leaders" told them to do so . They were also told that they will return in the footsteps of the "victorious arab armies who had thrown all the Jews in the sea" . Regarding people who flee , look at the number od Syrian who fled .
Riva ,   Gush Etzion   (11.17.12)
How can our government let its people suffer like this! EVERYONE should be evacuated to another part of the country quickly! SAFE AREAS WITH FOOD, MEDICAL HELP, BEDS, ETC SHOULD BE ARRANGED FOR ALL WHO NEED IT. AND IT MUST BE DONE IMMEDIATELY!!!
24. #4 Jarda, Leave Bohemia, Moravia, Sudeten
Jake   (11.17.12)
Israel is forever. You are temporary.
25. Telling Israelis to run away - how sickening!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.18.12)
Hamas would just love it if Israelis were to take Ariana Melamed's advice. Israeli's have no place to run away to which is why they always win! Did Israelis run away in '48 in '56 in '67 or '73? Or during the Gulf Wars and the second Lebanese war? No they didn't and that's why Israel has grown stronger. Israeli's must hold their ground thereby supporting the IDF and its government. And they will! What a nauseating article this is! Maybe this article was a plant by Hamas or a Palestinian? I hope it was!
26. Element of surprise is key.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (11.18.12)
You don't announce when your troops are going to attack, you use the element of surprise. As for Gaza, the IDF bombed them with leaflets telling them to leave, but the bombs falling on their heads should have been warning enough. As for Israel, you are surrounded by people who desire to kill you. Where are you supposed to go and hide? The Hamas/Hezbollah rockets are on every side, you have to wipe them out instead of hiding.
27. Swallow your pride, leave Gaza temporarily
Jonathan   (11.18.12)
This is not a 3 days operation, Ms Melamed. This is a war of attrition. We have been 'tolerating' the Hamas business for too long, under the slogans of 'restraint is might' and other craps. People are shooting at our children, we should not withdraw anything. We should drive them out of Gaza. Why are we not bombing EVERY house where they fire from? Seriously, I don't get it... rather than just drive the citizen of Israel out of the South?
28. Dhimi & ghetto mentality
Yacov ,   USA & Israel   (11.18.12)
Leave the South temporarily and let Hamas win permanently? Just the dhii and ghetto mentality of Jews who still don't accept having their homelands back and in their possession.
29. not a solution
sal ,   boston   (11.18.12)
it is not advisable for the southerners to moves to the northern part to flee hamas rockets,what will happen if hizbulla attacks the northern front,it is more safer for the southerners to live under hamas rockets than hizbull;s
ISRAEL IS AT WAR. ITS IMMEDIATE OBJECTIVES MUST BE : SHORT-RANGE: stop the current missile attacks. LONGER-RANGE: prevent missile attacks, ambushes, kidnappings, explosive tunnels and other offensive actions in the future. (Hamas, Hezbollah, and any other terrorist group). Anything else is an Israeli defeat. Israel has a limited time window in which to accomplish its objectives. After several days, world demand will force Israel to cease its operations. Whatever, Israel does not accomplish will remain a sword hanging over Israel's head which will be executed in the future. It must be emphasized that Israel, by taking her usual“measured approach” is guaranteeing that the next round of assault by Israel's enemies will be more furious. This “measured” approach also substantially increases the likelihood that the next round of assault will occur. THUS,ISRAEL MUST TAKE FORCEFUL AND IMMEDIATE ACTION. HOWEVER, A LAND INVASION IS FOOLISH AND CREATES UNNECESSARY ISRAELI CASUALTIES 1. TO IMMEDIATELY STOP THE ATTACK FROM GAZA. 2. TO ASSURE THAT HAMAS WILL NEVER AGAIN ATTACK ISRAEL BY MAKING IT CLEAR TO HAMAS THAT ANY FUTURE ATTACK ON ISRAEL (INCLUDING EXPLOSIVE TUNNELS, BORDER RAIDS, ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPINGS, ETC. ETC.) WOULD BE IMMEDIATELY RESPONDED TO WITH OVERWHELMING RETALIATORY FORCE. 3. TO MAKE IT CLEAR TO HEZBOLLAH THAT THEY AND LEBANON WILL SUFFER CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE SHOULD THEY ATTEMPT ANY ATTACK (INCLUDING BORDER RAIDS, ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPINGS, ETC.) Israelis pride themselves on being restrained and utilizing “Proportional response”; being the most humane army in the world; precisely targeted retaliation; minimizing civilian casualties of the enemy. These are are all losing strategies. Israel gets no credit for its high moral standing. Rather, this is used against them in terms of Israel's enemies placing rocket launchers in civilian areas, etc. Israel should announce that it's retaliation/prevention policy is strictly proportional. Just keep announcing it and then the media will repeat it. The PUBLIC logic is simple. You are obligating yourself to do enough but no more (and no less) than is necessary. And, If Hamas does not stop its attacks, then by definition, you have not exercised sufficient force. Therefore, under the doctrine of “proportionality” Israel must increase the intensity of the Israeli attacks until Hamas ceases its offensive actions. Israel must raise the price so high that the message is clear to Hamas: “don't even think about firing more missiles since our “proportionate response” would be immediate, fierce and very costly to you and to the population that you represent. For a specific example, announce that you have a list of 300 ( # ? ) residential buildings and publicize your list.( This constitutes “ fair warning” having been given to the inhabitants of these buildings.} Then announce that for each incoming missile you're going to destroy one of these buildings ….and if the Hamas attack continues, Israel must go ahead with these attacks. The residents of all 300 buildings. will feel the panic. Having given adequate warning, Israel must go ahead with these attacks. Simultaneously, Israel should begin systematically destroying obvious and essential Gaza infrastructure. Examples include bridges over bodies of water. Key intersections. Shopping malls. Electrical and water grids.Also commercial properties and manufacturing properties should be on the target list and destroyed. Electricity should be cut off. Food should be blockaded and Israel's new policy should be that for every missile over certain class that Hamas and its allies turns over to Israel, Israel will let one truckload of food in. In the short run it might increase Palestinian casualties. In the long run it will reduce Palestinian casualties since it will end the attacks sooner and prevent future attacks.
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