Morsi warns Israel will pay heavy price
Roi Kais
Published: 16.11.12, 16:07
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1. Morsi
Daniel ,   United States   (11.16.12)
This is unprecedented. The face of Egypt has changed. Israel is now surrounded by enemies. Maybe this is how it has always truly been. I pray for you, Israel. We know you are a powerful and great nation. But the United States and it's people will always be there if you need us.
2. Egypt's hypocrisy
T. Traub ,   Boston, U.S.A.   (11.16.12)
Maybe Morsi should advise his vassals in Gaza to stop launching rockets into Israel. That might end the violence, too. Threatening Israel is stupid and counter-productive. The Israelis gave back the Sinai, and there's been 30 years of peace; what do they want now, another war? Israel would reoccupy the Sinai and annex it for good--which they should have done in the first place.
3. What
I stand with Israel ,   US   (11.16.12)
This is wrong. I am sick and tired of everyone hating on Israel. Israel has been attacked first and world does not see it that way. So okay for everyone else to defend themselves. What people need to know. When the topic of Israel arises -- Something to keep in mind 1) The US also engages in targeted assassinations (most recent = Osama bin Laden). 2) Israel left Gaza in 2005 -- removing ALL its citizens (it is actually illegal for an Israeli citizen to enter Gaza) -- in the name of peace. The reward: rocket fire from Gaza into Israel -- 850+ in 2012 alone! 3) Israel still provides electricity to Gaza (paid for by Israeli citizens/taxes) despite the fact that the publicly elected government of the Gazan people REFUSES to acknowledge Israel's right to exist 4) There are far fewer Israeli casualties than Gazan casualties for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which are: a) the Israelis build bomb shelters and use them, b) Hamas uses dense population centers from which to launch attacks, thus using their own citizens as shields, and c) the Israelis cancel school and non-essential work in the name of protecting its citizens World need to wake up. Israel is not the enemy in this.
4. Its a coordinated strategy by the two parties
Dan ,   Washington DC   (11.16.12)
Hamas fires rockets, Egypt can take steps towards their own aims, which is the cancellation of the peace treaty. This is a pre-planned dance in which both partners believe they can benefit. The answer at this time is to uproot the hamas regime completely and stop the inciting event. A good zionist response would be to divide gaza in two blocks and build a settlement on the sea right in the middle of gaza.
5. Morsi will take care
marucho ,   Bs. Aires Argentina   (11.16.12)
Israel, for heavens sake! Stop providing gas, electricity and water to Gaza, because Mr. Morsi and Egypt will !!
6. Egypt -a joke
Caroline ,   London   (11.16.12)
This country that cant manage its own conflicnt nor its finances threatens Israel? Just try please and Israel will remind you to crawl to the hole you came from. Hypocrits
7. What Morsi should do?
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (11.16.12)
Read history books about the last six decades.
8. Morsi was hired by less than 50% of the pop
aiman ,   jersey   (11.16.12)
Morsi needs to concentrate on Egypt's problems let the palestinians take care of themselves. Enough sacrafice for others egyptians need to take care of Egypt.
9. morsi should shut up
JL   (11.16.12)
we can bomb the aswan damn and put eygpt under water..just like they drowned in the sea thousands of years ago
10. Egypt is in no position to be threatening Israel...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (11.16.12)
Mr. Morsi should take a lesson from history if he wants to retain the Sinai.
11. Why is Israel provoking a new war
Brad Naksuthin ,   USA   (11.16.12)
The flareup of conflict seems to be started by Israel It was officially launched on 14 November 2012 with the assassination of Ahmed Jabari, chief of the Gaza military wing of Hamas. Israel is just looking for a fight It wants to push the US into supporting it by appearing to be a "victim" instead of the instigator of this flareup
12. spring
Gady ,   Mexico City   (11.16.12)
due to water shortages, the islamofascist regime of egypt has decided to water their arab spring with their own blood
13. morsi POS
Gabe ,   Mexico   (11.16.12)
Your soil will be glass if you lift a finger
14. for all of Obama's big mistakes
the mad zionist ,   sf-ny-is   (11.16.12)
this is his time to redeem himself. we're all aware of the current Senate hearings but if Obama wants any legacy at all, he needs to stand up to morsi. he needs to tell him outright that if he gets involved all US aid is cut. of course he needs to tread carefully not to allow Iran to pick up where the US left off, aid wise. our else it will be the perfect chess move in case assad falls. but Obama caused this mess in the ME. he allowed the MB to rise to power. now he needs to step up and fix his mess. it's a little late, a big war is inevitable in the ME. but now that Israel started this operation, it must blow a huge hole in Hamas confidence. but this issue with Egypt is frightening. to cut the head off the snake in the ME would have been to destroy Iran's regime, but now in the last few years, with the rise of the Muslim brotherhood, the snake has 2 heads. thanks Obama. fix your mess, if you care at all Jake
15. A threat like this is enough....
Jeff ,   TLV   (11.16.12)
to justify israel to do what they did in the 6 day war, they need to act now
16. Another shmock in denial in Egypt.
Talula ,   Israel   (11.16.12)
another asshole who has been manipulated in the name of religious extremism. That's all the Middle East needs, another loser from the world of Islamic fanaticism -and he is allowed to run a country? Any leader of ANY country who cannot see that this all started from Hamas's continual rocket fire into the south should be disposed of, they serve no real purpose apart from adding fuel to the fire.
17. It's a wake up call to Israelis..anyone there
Jimi ,   Palestine   (11.16.12)
I hope these words are not kept a way from Israelis ears Israel lives inside an arab sea and if it doesn't place itself in an acceptable way to arab nations then Israel will vanish Read it hear it know it and hopefully for Jews and Arabs you act upon that and force your idiot politicians to accept the arab initiative of two states based on 1967 borders Morsi is your opportunity to accept it and have peace after that Nothing else Your power is meaningless believe it
18. this man doesnt represent me
Fad Egypt   (11.16.12)
i didnt elect him , and he was put in this position by forgery , US support , anyway , he is saying that all the egyptians are against whats going on , i am not one of them , i am supporting Israel not only to stop hamas terror but also to bring it down , Mr Morsi must take care of his own people not the gaza terrorists , he must look for his ownb country which is collapsed in its economy and the country on the verge of famine !!!!!!!!! God help us in these terrible days !!!! shalom
19. Morsi warns Israel will pay heavy price
Mark ,   Brooklyn USA   (11.16.12)
Its interesting that Morsi threatens Israel with strong words of aggression from Egypt if Israel doesn't stop and, yet, he does nothing against Bashar Al-Assad killing his own people. If Morsi was a true leader, he could have put a stop to Syria's genocide. Now, he's just putting a shoe in his mouth. 21 killed in Gaza and 4 killed in Israel is unacceptable. What about the 37,000 dead in Syria? What price will Syria pay Mohamed Morsi?
20. I believe t day we will take back Sinai penisula is closer
Jihad or not!   (11.16.12)
21. Thank you OBAMA!!
Serge ,   New York, US   (11.16.12)
22. Is Gaza his homeland now?
Israeli 2   (11.16.12)
Ah! It has always been? I see, he is a Hamasnik too? Did anyone see that coming?
23. Instead of a peace message
Israeli 2   (11.16.12)
Morsi incites the entire region for war against Israel.
24. Actually it's Egypt that is going to pay a price
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.16.12)
The allowed their territory to be used as an act of war against Israel - violated the Camp David Accords as well. Can you say bankrupt? Egypt is going to be the next Somalia and their people deserve what they are going to inflict upon themselves.
25. putin is obama's buddy
jerome ,   basalt, colorado   (11.16.12)
obama whispered, tell vladimir that I love you and I'll have more flexibility after he wins the next election.
26. I can see it now
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.16.12)
Aswan High Dam & Suez Canal vanish in puffs of smoke
27. Morsi where are u maan ?
The Syrian people   (11.16.12)
We lose hundreds of inocent people and childrens everyday here in Syria and you do nothing. We need your help against Assad urgently. Don't let the Israelis to change your focus maan.
28. He vows that his country will 'stop this brutal aggression'
Nick ,   Den HAAG hOLLAND   (11.16.12)
WOEHAAAAAA Do not make me laugh monkey.
29. I pity this perp
Abu Zib ,   Haifa   (11.16.12)
He has to sit idly by while Israel smokes his Muslim Botherhood.
30. I wonder...
Cisco ,   France   (11.16.12) Obama will deal with those agressive speeches from Egypt! Israel can not longer trust Cairo to implement any truce. Any truce won't last for a long anyway. Obama will push Netanyahu into the corner to fulfill truce agreement with Hamas. But Israel could use this moment to strike Iran as well... But only God knows where we would head after that.
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