Morsi warns Israel will pay heavy price
Roi Kais
Published: 16.11.12, 16:07
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31. Respond to Egypt's Barking
Joseph Agius   (11.16.12)
take over the Philadphi Route and declare it is part of Israel.
32. Stop blaming Obama
mb   (11.16.12)
He's made it clear that the U.S. stands with Israel. Meanwhile, if Morsi wants to "extract a price" it will cost him the Sinai, U.S. aid, and a lot more he'll miss when it's gone.
33. Article
Toula Siacotos ,   Point Richmond, USA   (11.16.12)
Finally, someone in a position of power, is speaking for justice, humanity for the Palestinians in Gaza, and he is willing to do all that he can to bring this about!! Where is our president? What an opportunity Mr. Obama to bring this 60 year conflict to an end!!
34. #11 Small 'detail': There were rockets falling on Israel
Jake   (11.16.12)
on November 13 and the day before that...BEFORE the assassination of Ahmed Jabari on November 14.
35. Kifuk haji morsi The Heavy Price You Speak Of
will be paid By Terrorist arabs who Fire salvo of rockets and missiles into Israeli Civilian Populations, especially on the Eve Of Shabbat? You will be the one to pay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! masalami gochba
36. #32 our opinions about obama is called
jerome ,   basalt, colorado   (11.16.12)
freedom of speech. just as it's yours to love your savior obama.
37. thank you EGYPT!
paco ,   Canada   (11.16.12)
repsents the majority view about IL
38. Netenyahu is an idiot
Damien ,   New York   (11.16.12)
Netenyahu's stunt war is stupid. I think he should be indicted for starting an un-necessary offensive. Why Now? Elections may be?
39. Morsi complies or Egypt loses US aid, period
Mea   (11.16.12)
40. Mursi you MB fool!
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.16.12)
Make sure that in the end it will not be you who is paying the heaviest price and think twice about trying to fool out Israel, you are by no means half as smart as you think you are.
41. Pay a havy price
Danny ,   Chile   (11.16.12)
Mr. Morsi if "Gaza will not remain alone as it was," supply them with all Israel is supplying them. If you can? Aren't they your brothers?
42. All talk
Bob ,   NY USA   (11.16.12)
Morsi is less-i. Egypt will not lift a finger to save the thugs in Gaza. Why should it. Morsi will let Israel clean out the current leadership and then Egyptian toadies will take over.
43. Egypt's Idiot Morsi
Tom ,   Phoenix, USA   (11.16.12)
To the Syrian People: Morsi cares nothing of you at all. He cares more about Assad's regime then the people of Syria that want nothing more than freedom and self expression. This is a man who would rather see the population of Syrian Citizens that stand against Assad's regime murdered and wiped out. Morsi is born from Hamas's idiological thinking of which gave birth to the Muslim Brother Hood. The Muslim Brother Hood is nothing more then Hamas with a diffrent name. Hamas = Muslim Brother Hood.
44. Sini will return to the right hand forever!!
Abu Yusuf El Dugri ,   ME   (11.16.12)
This time with these fanatic brotherhood will destroy egypt forever they will kiss Mubarak !!!
45. "Putin also said that he expected the region to go back
Ricardo ,   USA   (11.16.12)
to normal" what is normal to this sob? a daily rain of rockets against Israel and Israel trying to shoot them down with the Irondome?
46. Toula-33
Jack Hoff ,   NY NY   (11.16.12)
You should stop taking hallucinogenic drugs...they make you sound stupid!
47. To Congress: Not a Penny to Eygpt
leo ,   nyc   (11.16.12)
Forget their empty promises to abide by the Treaty with Israel---let them eat dust...
48. #11sucha strong opinion with being totally ignorant
jerome ,   basalt,colorado   (11.16.12)
not a good way to go through life! do you live in dearborn by any chance?
49. Brad
Noah ,   USA   (11.16.12)
The flare-up started when the enemy Hamas began shooting missles at Israel, when Jabari masterminded the kidnap of Shalit. I take it you're an Arab or a an Arab sympathizer? I think we can find a nice apartment for you in... Gaza!
50. Jimi aka Mohamed
Noah ,   USA   (11.16.12)
You're dream'n, pal. Soon Gaza will be full of Israeli settlers and Egypt will have a new master. Israel can and will restart the middle east — and undo the mess that "O" created.
51. Thank you Fad
Noah ,   USA   (11.16.12)
Let's hope for peace! Morsi must help Egypt and not in the way he is doing so now. I'm incredulous that he would threaten Israel while 40k Arab have dies in Syria. It's clearly hate that displaces rational thinking.
52. Response to Egypt by those who will ...
gene ,   ny.usa   (11.16.12)
Mr.Morsi Would you please clarify and back up your words with actions or otherwise your country would soon be called our southern extension of Israel.
53. Morsi The Big Mouth
Ross Gallen ,   Henderson, USA   (11.16.12)
I remember 1967 when the Egyptian mob supported and cheered to drive the Jews into the sea. Morsi speaks with the same treacherous mouth, albeit a little more measured. Morsi and his goons don't get it. His bellicouse threats will end in a mouthfull of ashes for him and what's left of his gang. It 's time for him to engage in a reality check and recognize that words have consequences.
54. Morsi's threat
Scribe ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.16.12)
Well, well, an anti-Semitic, Jew-hating Greek. Now that's the first time I've ever seen that.... LOL
55. #11 Brad - Yhave your "FACTS" (LOLl)
BEN JABO (MACHAL ,   ISRAEL   (11.16.12)
Hamas & associates were firing rockets into Israel, nmaster minded by Jabril, long before Jabrill got bumped off That's one of the reasons he was taken out
56. #17 Jim - Palestine is a figment
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.16.12)
it neverr existed NO Government of its own,, NO Capital city either In fact, it's not mentioned once in your Quran, nor is Jerusalem for that matter In 1948, if my memory serves me correctly, it was your Arabs states that started a war against Israel, which they followed with more wars in 1956, 1967 & 1973 Meanwhile, Iran, Fatah & Hamas, have repeatdly said the are going to destroy Israel
57. #20 Jihad -Absolutely NOT I'll believe it
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.16.12)
just as soon as you tell me that you have Volunteered in the Egyptian or any iother Arab Army of your choice
58. "Israel can do it alone"
mark joe ,   UK   (11.16.12)
Israel is protected by an invisible hand. study history, you will find it. thank you for america and all other open-minded leaders, but really Israel doesn't need them in order for them to succeed. wait and see.
59. "Morsi as saddat"
marc joe ,   UK   (11.16.12)
time is coming when morsi will come to israel as saddat did to plea for reconciliation. can you tell me when egypt has ever won a battle against israel? morsi is bluff, misleading his people but himself knows his putting his fingers into fire.
60. What virtual reality did you crawl out of?
Hello,anybody there?   (11.16.12)
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