Abbas urges Palestinian reconciliation in light of 'Gaza massacre'
Elior Levy
Published: 16.11.12, 22:23
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1. The nold fool is making another fatal mistake!
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.16.12)
"Reconciling" with Hamas would mean to reconcile with terrorists and make the West Bank another target for Israel and UN will think twice to even accept the bid of Statehood.
2. Act of War
oneSTARman ,   Walla Walla USA   (11.16.12)
IRAN is supplying Missiles and other Terrorist Weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. The Latest Missiles and the ones that are impossible to Ignore are the FAJR5 which are - 1 Ton, 20 Foot Long Missiles; that have a Range that allows bombardment of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from Gaza. GAZA exists within the borders of Israel much as Native American communities exist in the Indian reservation system. If members of Mission Indians living in a Reservation in Southern California were supplied Missiles from North Korea or Pakistan there would have to some action to stop them; when the missiles started falling in LA. But HOPEFULLY we would never let that happen. But if it HAPPENED in the USA Not ONLY would we Arrest TERRORISTS who even attempted to smuggle in Missiles - But Also we would have to Retaliate against the HOMELAND of those who SUPPLIED the Missiles. We would be Taking Out sites in Pakistan or North Korea. In THIS case the TARGET should be Iranian Industrial Infrastructure as a Punishment for supplying these Missiles to terrorists.
3. Abu Mazen
Bob ,   NY, USA   (11.16.12)
In private, this corrupt stooge is cheering on the IDF to take out all of the Hamas leaders in Gaza so he can reassert control. He's a nobody who wouldn't exist without EU and US support and Israel's proptection.. But, I hope he does join with Hamas, so IDF can deal with him and his comrades, too.
4. Abbas = Hamas mentality
American ,   USA   (11.16.12)
He hates Jews and Israel just like Hamas and if he had any power he would destroy Israel don't be fooled by this amalek!!
5. Abbas the Clown
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.16.12)
Palestinian aggression is against the entire Jewish people. Why is it that these Muslims can dish it out but can never take it? They use their children as shields and then cry when their children get killed. They have no shame and no honor.
6. abbas is as irrevalent as a drop of spit in the sea.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.17.12)
7. But Yet ..
Yitzhak ,   TA   (11.17.12)
.. a baby girl getting decapitated wasn't a 'massacre'. A fifteen-year-old boy slaughtered in a laser-guided missile attack on a school bus wasn't a 'massacre'. A baby killed when his father's car is pelted with rocks isn't a 'massacre'. No, indeed. It appears that for this murdering, Holocaust-denying pile of vermin, only Arab Muslim lives count. When it's Jews who are killed, he's happy to hand out candy in the street and approve the naming of streets after the perpetrators. Please, Israel.. one 7.62 mm round is all it will take. I beg you to cleanse the world of this filth.
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