IDF bombs Hamas government building in Gaza
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun
Published: 17.11.12, 09:22
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1. Next missile on Al aqsa mosque
Jerome ,   AKL   (11.17.12)
Then we can rebuild the temple without incumbrance. Next year in Jerusalem Habenuya Shabbat Shalom
2. Does anyone know who Ahmed Abu Daqa was?
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (11.17.12)
The current assault on Gaza was initiated by Israel, on the 8th of November it killed a boy, Ahmed Abu Daqa, 11, then it killed 4 more Palestinians. This was followed by more Palestinian retaliation until Israel officially escalated its campaign on the 14th of November by killing a key Hamas commander in Gaza. So you see, the victims of your brutal terrorism have names. You will reap what you sow. It's a no-brainer. Those of you in Tel Aviv think you are safe, stressing about your golden tans. The changes in the region (and the broader world, including the rise of China) should start making you lose sleep, but I still doubt that has started yet. \ Each and every Palestinian baby you kill in cold blood will make the Resistance even more determined.
3. Why is gaza still standing?
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.17.12)
It should have been razed and the civilian population targeted. They kill our civilians and we wipe out their civilians. Why hit empty buildings? Hit them when they are full of terrorists and their supporters.
4. The Terorrist Hamas Organization
Shosh ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.17.12)
Nobody around the world is able to imaging the feeling of hundreds of rockets sent by the Terrorist Hamas Organization, pass over our head every day, every year. The Hamas keeps bombs under mosques, children’s’ school, family homes, hospitals and in every public place. They doesn’t really care of their brothers and sisters killed every day in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and all over the Arabs countries. None of the Arabs countries would really like to take care of these poor people and they only inflame the Hamas to attack us. Did you see the Egyptian president yesterday in the TV. He has so many problems in his country, he needs the western world help, but he still run wild in the media instead of promise the people in Gaza to really help them. We are sorry for the poor people in Gaza, but the Hamas, Instead of taking care of the public health, electricity and water, open factories and create jobs for their people, they use their money in order to heart us and to scatter the terrorism not only in Israel but in all over the world. They send innocent children to be exploded in public places. Their target sanctifies their resources!!! See what we did 5 years for one soldier, Gilad Shalit, when he was prisoner In Gaza and the happiness when he come back. Unfortunately, the world prefers to see only what the CNN, BBC etc. would like to show and not the real situation, everything is for money. I hope this stupid war will finally end, our children will come back safely and we will go to normal soon.
5.  you see
matilda ,   Israel Is Real   (11.17.12)
Israel could have/should have? blown it away yesterday when it was full of the high eschelon of hamas so even the left wing belly achers have to realize Israel is interested in the protection of the gazan citizens....more than can be said for hamas and thier several terrorist splinter groups who hide themseleves and thier weapons in the midst of the communities..ISRAEL IS REAL G=D BLESS HER
6. where is Ismail Haniyah?
observer ,   Egypt   (11.17.12)
he is making sure that people of Ashdod and Gan Yafni are safe. אזעקה אשדוד-גן יבנה
7. Israel takes care of civilians
observer ,   Egypt   (11.17.12)
Israel bombs only any gathering of two persons and more.
8. wussy-pussy IDF op will fail
Bernado   (11.17.12)
just as they have in the past - you win a war by winning it, killing as many people as needed to do so, unconditional surrender should be the goal. this type of femi-war is just a waste of blood, treasure and civilian lives in Israel.
9. Boker Tov scumbags! It's getting closer!
Arthur ,   Sf, ca   (11.17.12)
10. Congratulations Pali Arabs!
USA   (11.17.12)
So how much did your beloved HAMAS spend on weaponry most of which had been blown up by Israel? Who did you make rich? It's time to once again give your money away to those weapons merchants and start rearming, now that most of your rocket caches have been destroyed. Isn't it great that you all spend money to help Israel...paying for weaponry that serves as targets for the Israelis to fine tune and field test their weapons technology thereby coming out with improved versions and newer generations of weaponry. It's an awesome arrangement. Please keep up the good work, and keep spending money on weaponry. I truly commend you for allowing the Israelis to play target practice — it is awesome! Oh, and once in a while the icing is really on the cake: when you allow one of your leaders out of the rat holes and give the Israelis a really really juicy warm blooded target. Congratulations Pali Arabs!!!! Awesome work....keep it up!!!
11. Where's the flotilla's now?
Belinda ,   Texas, USA   (11.17.12)
Y'all better hurry up & get there so y'all can be human shields! Just stand out in front of any location that houses Hamas leaders, open your arms & give that incoming rocket from that IAF jet a big hug! Morons. Anyone that can protest against Israel on this 1 is a low down, hypocritical dirtbag!
12. Wake up and realize what the enemy is-
Moshe ,   USA   (11.17.12)
Terrorists, undaunted by the heavy damage the air attacks have inflicted.... HERE lies the fault...that the terrorists have no fear and will trade blow for blow with Israel...I'd reduce Gaza to rubble and hunt down every last leader of Hamas.I'd destroy every weapons cache and tunnel.
13. Palestine is the name of the Jewish homeland . . .
nibor ,   israel   (11.17.12)
before it became a Jewish state. It had nothing to do with the Arabs that lived here. If they feel this is theirs and they must fight for it, choose another name. I don't know if jealousy is a strong enough motivation to form a country. But as long as we zionists live and breathe, Israel will remain a homeland for the Jewish people. And if it bothers anyone else, too bad. To those who should be apologizing to us, we do not and will not apologize.
14. Hamas Government Building - HOPE
Adam ,   London   (11.17.12)
YOU GAZANS are having a good time down there, perhaps it's time to think about the terrible mess your leaders are responsible for. I hope it pours with rain today to add to your misery and ability to contemplate. I'm off to have a nice cup of coffee.
15. Will Israel do the same mistake again ?
I Quote from the Debka-file - Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz and the high IDF command are pushing for the ground operation, Stage B of the Pillar of Cloud operation, to start without delay. The prime minister and defense minister prefer to wait Comment - Why cant the civilians let their hands of the Military operations, and let them be conducted by the Professionals ? The Professinal Military knows best how Military Operations must and should be conducted. Arn.Sweden.
16. #2, Muayyad, you need to go back a bit further.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.17.12)
I recall that we evacuated the area in the south of Israel that used to be home to many Jews. We left it as a show of good faith to you for PEACE. What did you and your leaders do with this gesture of peace? Your military wing moved in, and have ever since then been bombing the southern civilian communities of Israel. THATS what has started all of this, Habibi!
17. The only way to stop this
Tomy ,   Serbia   (11.17.12)
is to take the Gaza strip. Bombing empty buildings with the aim to show that something is doing is wrong. Yet again the same defensive tactics are being applied. Go with 75 000 in to Gaza, take it and no more rockets will be fired again. Do not try to achieve cease-fire for few weeks,
18. Israels today is the worlds tomorrow.. the jihadis are comin
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (11.17.12)
Israel should be aware that the way you conduct this war is going to tell - the people of Israel whether you value an Israeli life above those of a jihadis life AND - the people who live on on or close to Hezbollah rockets and arms caches their fate in a future war, G-d forbid , it happens.. because Israels today is the worlds tomorrow.. Gideon Levys tomorrow included
19. #8 Hmm, yeah, and yet a top leader of hamas is dead, hamas
David-ben-David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.17.12)
headquarters is destroyed, many, many tunnels with rockets, missels, and weapons cache have been destroyed, and so far, over 23 pali's are dead. In Israel, you take out the weapons, destroy the headquarters, go after the leaders, and get rid of their electrical and phone communications. Then you methodically go into their city with ground and air support. So what part of this operation has failed so far? Easy to be a critizing couch potato quarterback, instead of taking part here in Israel where the battle is.This is only the first phase you moron. We are calling up our troops for reinforcements. Can't do much without them now can we. A quarterback general you certainly are. And a damn LOUSY one at that!
20. #14 You seem to have missed a detail...
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (11.17.12)
The "Gazans" as you call them are in fact Palestinian Arabs displaced by the creation of Israel, and their ancestral lands is inside the green line. Somehow I doubt that any sane Palestinian today has the time to criticize Hamas when Israel started bombing Palestinian children on November 8 !!
21. Depressingly predictable
Bertram ,   London, UK   (11.17.12)
One cannot be surprised at the cycle of violence which has been unleashed. The assassination of Jabari looks ever more like a cynical ploy by Netenyahu to aid his re-election prospects. He - and Israel - now have to hope that its own casualties are kept to a minimum, especially if there is a ground offensive. That does not look likely.
22. #2 Thousands of victims of Pal terror
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.17.12)
Over 450 missiles hit Israel in the past 3 days. Hamas initiated their missile assault against Israel long before this. They didn't learn from Cast Lead and actually never ceased the rocket fire. So save your propaganda. It's the same Islamic terror we see all over the world. Fire rockets at Israel, cry victim, make more threats and pray for more donations. You don't value life or create a future for your children.
23. was about time that Israel get s Hamas out
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (11.17.12)
It is time for the beginning of the total way out of terrorist...i hope this time it will not stop so early..
24. Am , Sweden . For your info
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.17.12)
Defense minister Ehud Barak was a general , i think even Chief of staff . Bibi was a soldier too , participated in a action inside Lebanon . Don't know wich rank .
25. And the leftists are silent
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.17.12)
about the suffering of gazan dogs and cats. Both animals are sensitive about noises and explosions cause a trauma for them. Not to speak how many arab rats and mouses died during air raids. Leftists must protest worldwide, first of all in London, the world capital of animal rights ! And her majesty must call for an immediate aid action.
26. To all the people of Gaza
Solomon ,   Ashdod   (11.17.12)
See the people of Ramalla, they are living in peace and are happy & their children are safe. You people should overthrow Hamas, and I believe you too will have peace and your children will be safe too. Please think, we have nothing against you people.
27. The Palestinian govt STANDS by its people????
The palestinian Hamas government BROUGHT THIS upon their people. If they wouldn't have thrown 12,000 rockets at Israel in the last 12 years, Gazans could be trying to build up their state and economy right now instead of scrambling for electricity and food.
28. Muayyad , Palestine
Yitzhak ,   Savonlinna, Finland   (11.17.12)
Ahmed Abu Daqa Was killed as Israeli forces were responding to An attack on them from inside Gaza. As long as Gazan Forces hide behind or shoot from amid, civilians they are responsible for the outcome.
29. Haniyeh:
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.17.12)
Haniyeh tweeted: "The Zionists believe their attack will weaken us, but the opposite is true. It only strengthens our determination to liberate Palestine and increase deterrence in the face of the Zionist settler until we achieve victory." And this is what will be engraved on your tombstone.
30. #20 Ran away, not displaced
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.17.12)
Your history keeps repeating itself. You're invested in this conflict. You survive on sympathy and money paid by Iran to carry on Jihad. If Palestinians criticize Hamas, their lives will be threatened. So many Palestinians now live elsewhere to avoid the self-perpetuated cycle of violence, repression and lack of opportunity.
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