IDF kills 9 Palestinians in Gaza; 4 soldiers lightly hurt in Eshkol
Omri Ephraim
Published: 17.11.12, 13:10
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1. We target launchers, soldiers and Hamas operatives.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.17.12)
Hamas targets invalided old women in their beds who can't run away.
2. Gaza
Henry ,   Cavite, Philippines   (11.17.12)
Let the IAF do the bulldozing. Do not worry about collateral damage. Terrorist lives are expendable even to their own leaders so why worry. GO IAF GO.
3. Obliterate Hamas - The Mullahs of Islamic Republic's Sttoges
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (11.17.12)
4. Doesn't Look That Severe To Me
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.17.12)
In fact the house looks barely damaged. But we all know how the Jewish people like to exaggerate their suffering. And I'm sure if we check the facts six months from now the Jewish woman occupant will probably be on holohoax survivor benefits because of the terrible suffering she has endured today.
5. IDF, we are with you all the way.
Israelover ,   Tel aviv   (11.17.12)
Our prayers are with you... Do whatever is necessary and show no mercy to terrorists as they show no mercy to us.
6. Why are you publishing the
Reuven   (11.17.12)
anti-Semitic rantings of the so-called "World Citizen?"
7. I am making a very strong response now
Ehud Barak ,   Western Al-Quds   (11.17.12)
Have targeted many terror hubs, killed a handful of Arabs, ordered all Jews to shelters and preparing to put 70,000 of the flower of Israel's youth in danger of kidnapping and unnecessary death. I prefer a messy ground op to winning from the air because this way political correctness can be preserved. I know the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and perhaps I am insane? I just don't know anymore... OK, you too - into the shelters while I pinpoint and target...
8. #2 and #4
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.17.12)
What moon do you live on? Neither of you lives here in Israel. You are SPOON FED what you know about Israel and Gaza by the media. You know nothing at all, and its statements by people like you that we find irrelevant. You don't know what you are talking about because you have no idea what the truth is. Come live here for the 25 years I have. Then let's talk.
9. More accurately
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.17.12)
the arabs say this number. The reality is much more, as they lye about it. If the bandits should admit how many arabs visited the virgins, Gaza's moral would be dropped. No such problem with ruined buildings. Already many are damaged in Israel, why to let a single one untouched in Gaza ?
10. To be fair to #4
Mark ,   London, UK   (11.17.12)
Compared to the flat we saw earlier this week, this house doesn't look so damaged to me either. It's still got the roof on and all the tiles seem to be in place.
12. to 4 "world citizen"
Barney ,   USA   (11.17.12)
you are living proof that ignorance knows no bounds. go hang out on the religion of peace website where you can enjoy the daily terror of radical islam.
13. Number 7
Robert ,   Florida USA   (11.17.12)
Say what you mean instead of posting some silly comedy routine. No one knows what you are talking about.
14. You clearly know nothing about shrapenal
Johnny ,   Ramat Gan   (11.17.12)
All it takes one tiny metal piece that hit an artery or vital organ to kill you. You think are so clever? You only display your ignorance by opening your mouth
15. Had yo ubeen standing there do you think you would be alive?
Johnny ,   Ramat Gan   (11.17.12)
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