IDF: Explosives stored in bombed Hamas building. Watch attack
Yoav Zitun
Published: 17.11.12, 11:59
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1. time banner muffed
observer ,   Egypt   (11.17.12)
the time banner hidden by Hebrew writing appeared one on earlier post on YouTube, before it was re-posted. It was long after Palestinians evacuated the building. No single casualty reported.
2. yofi tsahal!
er der   (11.17.12)
3. still pussyfooting and bombing empty buildings
ab   (11.17.12)
4. to all my arab friends
arye dotan ,   Raleigh   (11.17.12)
If rokets would fall on your city you would cry HELL! stop being misslead by MB's propaganda. You need peace with Israel so that you can start some good life. Remember you depend on WESTERN COUNTRIES financial assistance / help. Get a life, let your leaders tell you the truth. Look at what Assad is doing to his people all in the name of ALLAH.
5. Bombing Gaza
Leonard ,   Green River, USA   (11.17.12)
The bombing campaign has 3 purposes,1. destroy ammo & rocket bunkers, 2. demonstrate to Gazans that no Islamic country will send troops to Gaza to defend them, 3. demonstrate to Israelis that the IDF has the power to obliterate Hamas if that decision is made. Perhaps the Gazans will come to realize that a better use of their resources would be to make Gaza the Singapore of the Mediterranean rather than an outpost of Iran on the Mediterranean.
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