Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired at Tel Aviv area
Yoav Zitun
Published: 17.11.12, 16:46
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1.  Iron Dome
yomy ,   jerusalem   (11.17.12)
Kol haKavod for AMIR PERETZ !!!!
2. Ehud and Bibi allowed these rockets in
Kent   (11.17.12)
They could easily have stopped the smuggling in of 10s of 1000s of rockets to `Aza but they DELIBERATELY refused to do so. Israelis are in a collective stupor or what psychologists call "family trance" - they are in denial about their own government's do-nothing/empty tunnel bombing policies. This type of suicidal trance will certainly result in many Israeli deaths, but it's Israelis who vote these losers in.
3. Kent - this is not the time
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (11.17.12)
This is the time to be one voice and defeat the aggressor Hamas and destroy their future capabilities. Not the time to bicker. Once the military operations are done and calm is restored then we can start the discussion as we must in order to be better prepared for the future.
4. Not religious AT ALL! but God has a hand in this for sure!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.17.12)
Tel Aviv, and cities that rockets from Gaza are aimed at, are heavily populated with apartment buildings. And, 99.9% of times, their rockets land in open spaces. We ARE the chosen people indeed!
5. fifty fifty interception in TA is a disaster
observer ,   Egypt   (11.17.12)
even those rockets striking open area near TA shouldn't be risked left alone. Those M75 qssam rockets are non-Chinese, non Iranian; those are treacherous home-made ones. Fajr 5 rockets cant reach TA.
6. Scriptures says if God's people call on Him by His NAME,
Rivkah   (11.17.12)
He will come. What is the secret NAME that must be used in prayer? YESHUA or YEHOSHUA which means salvation. THAT is the secret NAME above all names. People must pray, "Abba, bind the demons in the people who hate us and bring peace to Jerusalem, in the NAME of Yahweh, YESHUA HaMashiach, and the Ruach HaKodesh".
7. #2
Joseph ,   Malta   (11.17.12)
No use to cry over spilled milk. Now Israel should enter Gaza and take over the Philadelphi corridor and declare it as Israel. Then those Arab FM can wave to Gazans from behind the fence. Hashem is with Israel
8. An excellent idea
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.17.12)
for Hamas to bomb Tel Aviv more effective than with Fajr rockets. Millions of wandering birds fly over Gaza to return to Europe. Very easy to catch some storks and pelicans. Then place a bomb on them, with a timing device. Send them to Tel Aviv and if timing is precise enough large explosions will be heard in the zionist metropolis. The only problem is that probably the jews will use israeli eagles against them.
9. Jews Must Live Peacefully In Israel
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.17.12)
All attempts to disrupt our serene living will be met with resistance. The Gazan Arabs have disrupted our calm and peace, and are now paying for their mischievenous. Once again, they fail to understand that we will not suffer their hatred and aggression.
10. "observer" # 5 . No risk at all
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.17.12)
They can see where those rockets will "touch down" . When it's in an open area , no need to demolish them , it saves 50,000 US$ .
11. Thanks Obama
Scottb ,   Boston USA   (11.17.12)
Let those who criticized Obama remember his administration was responsible for providing hundreds of millions of dollars to support Iron Dome. Thank G-d for them.
12. Iron Dome...thank you America
Shmuel ,   Billings USA   (11.17.12)
at each burst and destruction of an incoming rocket...the rockets red glare...I say thank you America.
13. why rocket landed at open spaces
dongszkie ,   philippines   (11.18.12)
Hamas rocket often landed on vacant areas only. Why? They are in the business of harassing and intimidating Israel for psychological reason. They know that if they inflict so much death to the Israelis the retaliation would be so massive and their death toll would be so unacceptable and international sym- phaty for them would be less.or none at all. They want to make sure to appear in the internnational eye as victims of Israel's violence, not theirs as part of their propaganda.
14. Amir Peretz
Simchah Zinberg ,   Highland Park, N.J.   (11.20.12)
Mr. Peretz is an amazing man! What he did for the people of Israel incredible. To have done this despite the humiliating treatment he received, is beyond impressive. Thank you Mr. Peretz.. You & the other people like you created the Israel of today.
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