Hamas demands: End of siege and targeted killings
Roi Kais
Published: 17.11.12, 17:56
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1. Surgical strikes are a joke.
naro ,   nyc   (11.17.12)
I understand that Israel has permission for the US and Europe to retaliate with surgical attacks only, but it is useless as a deterrent. The only deterrent is an endless barrage of rockets and artillery, and reduction in phone and electricity services. Who is Netanyahu trying to kid? He is just a lap dog of the American government. No other country would react to such brazen attacks with "surgical strikes." I guess that Israel is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
2. Not really in a position to be demanding anything are they?
Talula ,   Israel   (11.17.12)
They have taken a real beating, their top brass are being killed off like flies - and their missiles, head office as well as other offices where the murder of Israelis are plotted, reduced to rubble - who are they to be demanding anything? Keep our boys OUT keep the smart arsenal going in from the sea and air. They are doing an awesome job. If ONE soldier is injured or hurt inside Gaza, Bibi can kiss goodbye to several thousand votes, if not more. The country is right behind him with this, but only if our boys stay safe.
3. Conditions for a 'cease fire'
Haya ,   Bat Yam   (11.17.12)
There is only one condition we will accept - and that is the white flag of surrender!
4. Israeli ceasefire demands
White flags all over Gaza.
5. Ah yes lots of statements
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.17.12)
They have conditions that they already violated in the first place. I love how they brag about their terrorists and how 55,000 terrorists are going to stop 75,000 highly trained soldiers with artillery, air support and tanks. Should last about 24 hours before they start whining or are dead
6. now they are talking of ceasefire well
Barney ,   USA   (11.17.12)
too bad. the operation has just begun. Israel should not stop until all of its goals are attained. 5000 martyrs waiting to blow themselves up says it all about the arab mentality. not one of those martyrs will be a hamas official. only poor brainwashed arabs whose life has been made so miserable by the arab mentality that blowing themself up is one of their best options
7. What a blockade
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.17.12)
are they speaking about ? During the rocket attacks israeli trucks crossed Erez, Karni etc border crossings, fully loaded with foods and medicines. My private suggestion : forbid all traffic , included wandering birds between Gaza and Israel.
8. LOL! You are in no condition to make conditions!
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.17.12)
Neither of your offers will be met by Israel as long as you have any missiles around or any whatsoever points in your Charta, which have got anything to do with destroying Israel and taking over the region. Got it?
9. Israeli has artillery. One shell for each terrorist
Ilan   (11.17.12)
10. Hamas Has No Conditions
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (11.17.12)
This time, Israel must crush them. It's the only language they understand and also the only thing that will they stop them firing rockets at Israel.
11. Israel conditions for cease fire.
DavidR ,   USA   (11.17.12)
Hamass completely eradicated from the earth. All garbage cleaned up in gaza and the key of the city presented to Netanyahu.
12. No to premature end of offensive
gene ,   ny.usa   (11.17.12)
Hamas actually think that they are in position to bolster demands.Kill all of them. No sleep till all of the terrorist are gone into hiding .Peace in Israel must be obtained
13. peace
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (11.17.12)
Israel's demand for the stoppage of bombing is very simple,hand over all weapons and then you can hopefully live a good prosperous lives.(with even the help of the israeli people)
14. Netanyahu is Destrying Israel
Jim Kendall ,   Kentfield, CA USA   (11.17.12)
Netanyahu - with his sublimated death-wish - will Bury You.
15. I AGREE......but
rich ,   raanana, Israel   (11.17.12)
I agree - end the siege and no more targeted killings - but DO IT - ONLY AFTER we have destroyed them and at the point when Hamas does not exist in this world anymore and they have no more leaders left to kill....then the inhabitants of gaza can start to have some type of "normal" life...
16. Morsi should create a no fly zone over Gaza
Truther ,   UK   (11.17.12)
Morsi should call on the Egyptian air force to create a no fly zone over Gaza.
17. conditions
Maurice ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.17.12)
How about some conditions of our own...such as: -- cessation of importation of rockets and other offensive weaponry; -- dismantling and destruction of all current missiles and offensive weaponry; -- relocation of any and all military installations remote from the civilian population; -- removal of all military hardware from proximity to religious, medical, cultural or civilian buildings, including private homes; -- international guarantees that no further aggression against Israel and her civilian population; -- removal of all hate incitement from school curriculums;j -- international guarantees that there will be no further terrorist incursions into Israel; -- closure of the unmonitored tunnels and checkposts on the border with Egypt; -- transfer of all international aid directly to civilian population without government or military intervention; -- international, but not UN, observers to monitor the above conditions; -- recognition of the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state within internationally recognized borders; -- introduction of a free international and local press; -- we could probably add a few more.
18. Crazy people
olavi ,   espoo, finland   (11.17.12)
Haman is in no position to put suggetions to cease fire. They are born liers and must be eradicated from earth.
19. Hamas "terms"? Haha. Counterpropose: Unconditional Surrender
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (11.17.12)
No ceasefire, no hudna, no "luls. Never again. Crossings stay closed, Israeli electricity gets turned off, Israeli water stops. Airstrikes accelerate and IDF invades and cuts Gaza supply lines by isolating Rafah and permanently annexing a 5-mile wide strip to the sea, ending rocket smuggling. No end to current operation unless Gaza surrenders all rockets and explosives, all weapons production is destroyed under international supervision acceptable to Israel, an international [not worthless UN] peace-keeping force controls a 5-mile wide strip west of Rafah to stop all rocket smuggling, economic and military sanctions and arms embargo against Egypt unless it stops violating the treaty demilitarization of Sinai by permitting weapons, and Geneva Convention war crimes trials of all Hamas leaders for indiscriminate rocketing of Israeli civilians smuggling. No lifting of blockade unless Gaza recognizes Israel as the Jewish State. Cancellation of US F-35 sale to Turkey unless they immediately stop all political support for Hamas, making them a state sponsorof terrorism. The US Congress will back every one of these and impose them on Obama whether he likes it or not.
20. de-escalation ? after Hamas escalated
This is not a tap that you can turn off and on and threaten Tel Aviv and Jerusalem at whim. Israel understands well the Arab Spring. It understands that all Arab governments are generally hostile and radically Islamic and not interested in the peace process. Arab hostility reminiscent of the 1930-1960 era has returned. Arab foreign policy has gone back a century in development and they need to grow through their teething phases. In the meantime Israel can only sit and wait till they throw out their rejectionism and are willing to resume cooperative efforts towards peace.
21. hamas
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (11.17.12)
i dont they are in a position to demand anything , i think its all going ok , bomb there buildings roads etc till it looks like berlin did in 1945
22. 55,000 to go.
Daniel ,   Tracy USA   (11.17.12)
We do not negotiate with terrorists. Once the 55,000 are gone, Fatah can regain control and sanity to Gaza. End of story.... Anything else would be more of the same, and we need to end this once and for all.
23. This is the chance to wipe out the terrorists.
Dani D ,   Atlanta   (11.17.12)
Israel has to finish the job. The anti-semites will scream and yell as usual. ignore the leftists.
24. good work !
alsky ,   Toronto   (11.17.12)
stay focused......and finish the job. Wish I was in Israel about now !
25. Modest conditions.
Uzziel   (11.17.12)
Hamas should demand the abandonment of all the Israeli communities in a 200kms radius around Gaza, the payment of 5 billion dollars in cash, a new house for each gazan family and the building of a highway beetween Sinai and Gaza in order to receive more weapons. Just do not make realistic "demands" so as not to give Israeli politicians the pretext to fold to Eurabian and American blackmail. Enter Gaza kill 60.000 terrorists, destroy everything linked to terror, utterly destroy Rafah, and take 5.000 prisoners just in case thereĀ“s another Shalit drama.
26. What a crazy statement!
Abu Salech ,   Kfar Kassem, Israel   (11.17.12)
5000(five thousand) martyrs waiting!!! From now Israel will never open crossings for this horde! Guaranted! How authorities can take this responsibility?
27. Sounds like ultimatum...
Shmulik ,   Yavne, Israel   (11.17.12)
And do they promise to forget about Zionist occupation?
28. They already had these conditions b4 they started the terror
Vered, Israel   (11.17.12)
29. Israel supplies electric, water and aid
What more do they want? The shopping malls in Gaza are bursting with shoppers. They don't have it that bad. SYRIANS have it bad!
30. Good one
Me   (11.17.12)
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