Southern mayors oppose ceasefire
Neri Brenner
Published: 18.11.12, 01:45
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1. before cease fire
DMMD ,   bronx, ny. usa   (11.18.12)
Advise by radio, tv, text etc that 5-10 blocks will be leveled at a given time so that Gaza residents have time to leave and take their valuables. Then make a scorched earth there. Until the Gaza people suffer too the rockets will never stop for long.
2. The mayors are right
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (11.18.12)
Israel must continue to bomb until the Hamas infra-structure is destroyed.
3. FINISH THE JOB! Also cut off electricity, water...
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
No ceasefire. FINISH THE JOB. Destroy the terrorists and send them all fleeing. Also cut off all electricity and water. Israel is the only nation, in all of human history, to supply it's enemies!!! Unbelievable. All this suffering is rooted in Israel's idiotic retreat from Gaza. The answer is simple. Retake Gaza forever.
4. Ceasefire after Hamas surrender!
BENNY ,   iran   (11.18.12)
Don't be fooled again! Hamas must surrender all its arms and accede to total surrender before Israel can consider ceasefire. Otherwise, same story again in a few years.
5. Terrorists have to raise white flag.
Efraim ,   Virginia   (11.18.12)
or no cease fire.
6. as long as this leftist coward is defence minister
chaim.s ,   brooklyn ny   (11.18.12)
the rockets will keep coming,and Israel will not defeat its enemies, Barak is the best defence minister the Arabs ever had
7. Ceasefire?
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (11.18.12)
To give them an opportunity to restock and start all over again? Netanyagu is disgrace and must go!
8. does anyone think they are talking
Barne;y ,   USA   (11.18.12)
about a ceasefire for the benefit of Israel. they are starting to feel the pain. there must be a clear zone between Israel and gaza even if it means warning residents to leave before the carpet bombing. any agreement should be in writing and acknowledging that if rockets fall on Israel again then Israel will be within its rights to retake gaza. if the terrorists can't agree to that then talk of a ceasefire is completely rediculous. they cry uncle when they are hurt but then regroup and continue with their useless mission to destroy Israel. at any rate Israel shouldn't consider a cease fire until haniyeh is vaporized.
9. #1 good idea, but we are better that that!
ilan ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
how many times can someone cry "Wolf"? we are doing it, we are actually getting to them! all they want is a cease fire so they can re-arm and re-group! next time will be different however i fear. egypt will freely open their border to gaza, and next time we will be royally F**ked! so keep going IDF! the rest of the world can go deal with syria... oh right i forgot, no one gives a crap when its arab on arab violence!
10. No Ceasefire...
Salim ,   Canada   (11.18.12)
No ceasefire agreement should be accepted by Israel until Gaza is de-militarized. It is totally insane to allow terrorists to have an opportunity to re-arm and rebuild their tunnels and missile silos. For once, please don't give in to international pressure and finish the job that has been started so beautifully. Bibi, don't be weak. The Jewish people all over the world depend on your resolve against Islamist terrorism.
11. Gaza has no need for weapons
Salim ,   Canada   (11.18.12)
Israel will not threaten Gaza so long as they are willing to live in peace as good neighbors. Obviously the intentions of the rulers of Gaza are not peaceful, but rather aggressive. Therefore these rulers need to be wiped out and all their military capabilities reduced to rubble before Israel accepts a truce.
12. Finish it, once and for all
Mike ,   Teheran   (11.18.12)
Give them a warning. Let them flee to the Egyptian border and bang on their doors. Then destroy the place. Then build fences around it and nobody comes back. It's over! Israel, the world did not care in 1939. Nobody cares now. Finish it or they'll finish us. The choice is now. If they don't behave in thw West Bank, do the same there. Send them packing to Jordan. Let the world offer them Madagascar or the Kimberley Ranges. Perhaps they'd prefer Pakistan. Who cares. It's over.
13. The viscious cycle ought stop
Peacemaker   (11.18.12)
The viscious cycle ought stop the areacsn accommodate millions.But the Jews being the vast minority in the area oit is vital they have iron clad security and horrendous deterant powers.The mayors have good bomb shelters get good bomb shelters for amcha.
14. The definition of cease fire
Lila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.18.12)
We cease - they fire. We MUST destroy every missile in Gaza, even if it takes months. They must never have the ability to fire at us again. And we need to create a 200 meter deep chasm along the border between Egypt and Gaza, destroying every tunnel so they can't re-stock. Thats' what planes and bombs are for
15. The world says go all the way
Mea   (11.18.12)
""It is not every day that we receive wall-to-wall support, as well as a just struggle to restore the State of Israel's deterrence and prevent terrorists from targeting innocent people."   Exactly-it WILL be an historic missed opportunity if Israel does not go I'm and end Iran's presence in Gaza once and for all by crippling Hamas back to infancy. THEN, Israel will be in a brief position to turn toward Hezbollah and clean out that rats nest. Go for it, the world says yes, we are fatigued with terrorism!
16. The scene is set
Matt   (11.18.12)
As with the 2009 ceasefire and memorandum of understanding between the US and Israel. That led to rockets hitting Tel Aviv. The new normal is not going to be another 3 million people under constant threat and regular strikes on the capital as occurs in the south.
17. No more games & half measures
Cameron ,   USA   (11.18.12)
You dare not settle for less than true victory. You will have to roll into Gaza, and you will have to occupy for a time. No other choice but to liquidate Hamas & the smaller groups. The time has come.
18. Southern mayors statement: Very weak!
PK ,   Asia   (11.18.12)
I'm shocked at how weak the statements of these mayors are, really! They should be DEMANDING that there be no ceasefire until all armaments are destroyed or surrendered...after which, Israel needs to confirm! Also, Philadelphia MUST be retaken and HELD! The tunnels then have to be destroyed in order to prevent resupply. The biggest impediment of course is international pressure. What Israel needs is for their citizens, in huge numbers, to stand up and protest (in TLV) that there can be no ceasefire until all missles have been removed from Gaza. If this were to happen, then that would provide cover and make it that much easier for Israel's leaders to resist the pressure. By the way, I'm talking about HUGE numbers, I don't mean a few thousand! (I do realize that calling for a gathering of a huge number of people in this environment seems crazy, but I think it's crazier to surrender to the pressure for a ceasefire) Sadly, as a realist, I highly doubt it will happen.
19. Chaim # 3
sid ,   israel   (11.18.12)
15 th century mentality .
20. The Hamas enemy has as it's chDt
Zvi ,   Los Angeles. USA   (11.18.12)
21. Our Holy Tel Aviv
bracha ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
I find it most disspicable that when Southern parts of Israel are being " Blasted " each and everyday, there are those whom remain silent. As soon as Tel Aviv is the victim of this terror, People seem to stand up and take notice . SHAME ON YOU!! There is ni diffrence between the value of human life weither you live in ISRAELS SOUTHERN REGION or in THE HOLY TEL AVIV!!!
22. Cut the electricity and...
Moshico ,   jerusalem   (11.18.12)
Cut the water, the gas and bomb the all, what have we to loose, who hates will hate us and who loves us will love us. If London or New York was under attack the countries will not stop until they know that they dealt with the situation, the problem here is a truce may start for for how long.
23. When enough is enough – Israel it is time to take off the gl
YJ Draiman ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.18.12)
When enough is enough – Israel it is time to take off the gloves and defend your citizens - no holds barred. No sane country in the world would stand for hundreds of missiles fired at her citizens in a few days without an extreme response. The hell with world opinion or the leftist distorted Media. People respect a country that defends its citizens and not put it citizens in harms way. This is the results of years of concessions by Israel. To the Palestinian Arabs a concession is a sign of weakness. When Israel had the policy of retaliating with a heavy hand many years ago, this escalation would have never happened. I would like to see us Americans tolerate hundreds of missiles coming at us across our borders and bombing our territories our schools and our homes. The outcry by the American population would be respond with extreme power and stop the missiles, no matter what the cost. In 1962 the Russians put missiles in Cuba without firing on the United States that almost started a nuclear World War 3. At what point will Israel and its leaders realize that no matter what they do, it doesn't matter in the world's eyes and they need to stop trying to please the world and do what is necessary for the security and safety of its own people? At this point I for one think that Israel needs to just take off the gloves and treat those who want war with exactly what they want. It's called survival. Israel must complete the mission and destroy all terrorists arms along with the terrorists, no stopping until the mission is complete. Let the cleanup begin. I strongly support an extremely strong action against terrorism and missiles. YJ Draiman. Los Angeles, CA
24. isn't anyone paying attention?
frank ,   rehovot   (11.18.12)
We have world support because we are not doing anything! As soon as we serously commit, the world will immediately stop us. Dispporportiate they will scream. Innocent civilians will be their watchword. But notice that not one word was said all those thousands of terrorist rockets ago. The US is backing us BECAUSE we haven't really done anything. Is their infrastructure crippled? Has their electricty been COMPLETELY cut? we are sending aid!!! Our government is aiding the enemy in time of war! They are the traitors! As soon as we commit, the world will stop us and our gov't will immediately stop to please the world!! What about what the citizens want and need? We have no say because we elect no one. Their corrupt parties do!
25. Quite amazing
David T.   (11.18.12)
how the comment sections of Israeli media have become a plattform for supporters for war crimes and genocide. It's not the first time the world notices the hate of the oppressor. Ask the Germans.
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