Staying here to tell the world
Assaf Farhadian
Published: 18.11.12, 10:15
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1. Truth
Sunshine Guerrero ,   Payson AZ USA   (11.18.12)
Thank you for this, finally something worth reading. Be blessed n stand strong!
bracha ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
As an Oleh from America, I stand strong with all of you whom find pride in their beliefs that just our being in our Homeland brings strength and unity to the JEWISH HOMELAND and surrender to the truth that NO WHERE is safe from Terrorism , be it Holon , Tel Aviv , even Manhateen .... Be strong...Be Safe...
3. Agree
David ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
Your doing the right thing. Be safe during these times. I know what's its like too
4. Can't disagree with anything he said...
Adina Kutnicki, ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
I am just wondering, why is the author not in the reserves...
5. Your message
Dorothea Killus ,   South Germany   (11.18.12)
Thank you so much for your aarticle and your message! It's coming through; it is so encouraging. We continue to pray for you as we just did in our church worship service.
6. stay here to tell the world
Marianne van Geuns ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
You are a special boy.I wish I have a son. lyke you.Your parents are proud on you I am sure
7. No. 4
Dr. Joe Wyse ,   Givat Olga   (11.18.12)
...because his unit hasn't been called up yet !!
8. Well said
Galloway ,   Miami, USA   (11.18.12)
Thank you for sharing this experience with us. The day will come when Israel will be freed from the Arab terror.
9. Disagree
BL ,   BeerSheva   (11.18.12)
As a fellow BGU student, I'm disgusted by your take on the conflict. I realize you're giving yourself a real nice pat on the back for your "bravery". But don't use national pride as your reason! You're just like all those BeerShevians who are posting their experiences to Facebook, just to get others to "Ohh and Aww" and you. The government is working hard to stop rockets that head to B7. They're spending tons of money to protect those in the south. They're protecting you! So, your article should be thanking the homefront and Iron Dome... Stop patting yourself on the back for sitting in a bomb shelter. You're doing NOTHING to help Israel or the cause.
10. Who cares about thieves?
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (11.18.12)
11. You are in our thoughts
Marco Brown ,   Valletta, Malta   (11.18.12)
Assaf that was a very moving and touching clip. More than ever youre all in our thoughts in the hope that this madness will end soon. Be vigilant and be as calm as possible under the current circumstances.Shalom
12. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
Not every male has been called up...yet.
13. israeli hubris, hasbara, BS
14. ;) ,...
split ,   US   (11.18.12)
Not one of those looters plundering Beersheba ? ,...
15. #10 Correct Jarda, we don't care about you
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.18.12)
But we want to hear more from Assaf and commend him for showing the world what Israelis are living through. We stand with you Assaf.
16. with you 100%
beersheva, israel   (11.18.12)
i too am sticking around. im from the US, not an israeli citizen- i left california in september to join the idf- and until my enlistment date in a few weeks, i will not be leaving my my home for only 2 months here in beer sheva. we will not stand down, we will defend ourselves- LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
17. excellent article
Ilana   (11.18.12)
We have some great young adults here and you are one of them! XX
18. why is he not in the reserves??
Ilana   (11.18.12)
you do not know whether he is or not. He may not have been called up. He may have a medical issue. There can be all sorts of reasons for why he isnt a reservist and if he is, why he wasnt called up. Not a nice comment. Petty, ignorant and nasty IMO.
19. To #9
doctor ,   USA   (11.19.12)
You don't need to be that nasty and hostile.
20. To #10 and 14
doctor ,   USA   (11.19.12)
Why don't you shut up, you are two imbeciles and pathetic losers. No one interested to read your crappy posts.
21. a terrific young man!
yael dvorah ,   north miami beach   (11.19.12)
this young man is terrific!!! thank you, and G-d bless and protect you and all of Israel ...
22. Thank you Asaf
Rivkah F. ,   Jerusalem   (11.19.12)
Thanks for standing your ground and staying in Beersheba. You are doing fine and deserve admiration. Keep it up!
23. To the Jews of the golus...stand with Israel as you
Al   (11.19.12)
go to your work places today. You will hear stupid remarks from your non Jewish as well as Jewish co-workers. Stand your ground. Tell them in no uncertain terms that Jews will not be allowed to be murdered anymore. Show strengh and conviction. For those who pray..continue praying...for those with means, then by all means give to the IDF support funds. Israel needs support...the situation is grim with no clear end in sight. Israel is being tested in the north as well as in the West Bank..We never know what may happen there. All of Israel is a battleground.
24. #23 u must be kidding!
US   (11.19.12)
No support for israel in any way shape or form. Ban Israeli export to the USA.
25. Strength to those in the Firing Line
You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers!
26. # 10, 13, 14, 24
Am Yisrael Chai!! (Google it)
27. #24
Chimo ,   Las Vegas USA   (11.21.12)
You are just another little punk weasel who thinks you speak for Americans, believe me jerk, you don't speak for anyone except your lowlife self. You should be exiled from our great country. Real Americans stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel
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