'Shabbat Shalom Sderot'; support for Israel from around the world
Boaz Fyler
Published: 18.11.12, 09:53
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2. may god protect and bless Israel
Jacob ,   Norway   (11.18.12)
3. Shavua Tov Sderot
daniela ,   panama   (11.18.12)
May Hashem give you courage and strength in those difficult days. Our prayers are with you. Am Israel Chay!
4. G-d is with Israel
big bad Jew ,   United States   (11.18.12)
He has said He dwells in Zion.
5. from gaza i wish i can go back my home in ashkelon
Jalal ,   Gaza   (11.18.12)
and from my home land ashkelon i will wish jews all around the world all my best wishes
6. Yees Massive support for Israel, Haahhaah haak
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.18.12)
You a re a big joke. Really you must be so desperate, abandoned by international public opinion to use such photos showing only a pair or two person "supporting israel" Just look over images again and think how you have lost the war!
7. Sderot
Edouard ,   Canada   (11.18.12)
Shavoua tov to all the people of israel
8. Cheer up!
Neora ,   Shanghai-Herzliya   (11.18.12)
After experiencing my first two real rocket sirens in Tel Aviv, I want to say I stand together with Israel in anti-terrorism.
9. to 6
Joe ,   France   (11.18.12)
You are wrong. there is a really a massive support for Israel in many western countries, where the native population is fed up with the muzz migrants troublemakers and who understand that Israel is a vigil of the western world in your barbarous ME. You can laugh. Apart Turkey, Iran and Egypt. The world stay silent to your pallies.. Get a life !
10. jalal 5
alsky ,   toronto   (11.18.12)
I still have the key to my grandparents home in Algeria. Can you help me get it back ? They were ethnically cleansed as were all Jews
11. Israel you are loosing war !!!! as usual
salem ,   ramallah   (11.18.12)
12. To #6
marty ,   Toronto Canada   (11.18.12)
Tayfun, unlike you and your fellow Muslims, Jews world wide stick together. Muslims on the other hand, have no qualms about killing each other at the drop of a hat (Syria is a fine example).
13. I support Israel, with love from the USA
Marc ,   USA   (11.18.12)
14. keep dreaming....
Shai   (11.18.12)
15. 4 G-d is with Israel
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (11.18.12)
You know this for certain. God said to "BBJ I just wish to confirm that I live in Zion". Do you not realise how pathetic your comment and those of other Jews is when they put their hopes, aspirations and lives in the hands of a mythical and impotent being. Look at our history; it has been one of never ending strife, struggle and tragedy thanks to this belief in a non entity. I believe at last the Seculars now realise that Israel's and Jewish destiny lies within ourselves. Our ability to confront the multitude of enemies not with platitudes of God this and God that but with intellect, strength and self belief in our humanity to overcome the endemic hatred of the majority of non Jews. Do not believe in the siren voices of putting your trust in a God that never has existed except in the dilusional minds of the weak and the religious hierchy. I would like to pose a question; if there is this absolute all powerfull and compassionate God, why has it made such a p-ss poor job of it so far? Please do not give me the perennial answer that we have free will and all the problems are caused by us and only the good is due to the interjection of this being.
16. From around the world, eh?
TaylorT ,   Earth   (11.18.12)
Support for Israel's actions seems pretty much confined to Israelis and American Christian fundamentalists ( who support Israel because a viable Israel is needed for their 'end-of-times' narratives.) Perhaps (just perhaps) Israelis should begin asking themselves if perhaps (just perhaps) they are in the wrong in all this. I know many of you have spent your lives teling yourselves that you're morally superior to your enemies and that all Israeli actions are justified. But if this were so, the world wouldn't be so universally behind the Palestinians, now would they? And I know this is when your defensiveness kicks in, and you start telling yourself its because of antisemitism that people don't like Israel, and then you feel justified in ignoring my comments. Pride always blinds people to reality. But know this: Israel's days are numbered if it doesn't change its ways and do what needs to be done for there to be a Palestinian state No 'god' will protect you from the world's wrath.
17. #6 tayfun - you’r a big joke
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.18.12)
Remember the “good old days”, when most of the world supports you with its knee-jerk reactions? Oh the demonstrations, oh the ‘understanding’. Where are they now? I’ll tell you: now they truly understand the ‘Pals’ murder, their lies, their hiding behind their own women and children. Their buildlings blow up and kill those around them because of the explosives stored there. A mosque was hit, yet they are smart enough not to mention it as it will publicize their willingness to kill their own. And you say Israel has lost the war? Typical from someone who is still upset that the IDF was able to defend itself against a surprise attack of murderers on a boat. Your vision is limited to what you want to see. And with that as a given, you can’t see clearly or very far.
18. Israel Is Forever!
D'D'Ah Reigns ,   USA   (11.18.12)
Israel is Forever! Israel is Forever!
19. #16 You are wrong
Pedro ,   Brazil   (11.18.12)
Millions of no Jewish around the world support Israel against their enemies.
20. From my origin place
Omar   (11.18.12)
in Palestine I wish you the worst ever and soon you'll be all kicked out of our land
21. To #11
Israeli ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
How do you win the war,hiding beneath your ladie's Burkhas?
22. #5 and my father has the key of his home in CAIRO !
can we go back ?????
23. #20 we are here to stay - nobody will kick us out of here
Daniela +   (11.18.12)
24. #6
chana ,   USA   (11.18.12)
you must be disillusioned by what your media feeds you. youre just a sheep in the herd!! know the truth!
25. HAHA
Jordan ,   Detroit, US   (11.18.12)
Does the world's wrath include the US, Canada, the entire EU, Japan, South Korea, Australia....just to name a few? Because those nations back Israel in this conflict. who's dillusional now?
26. Yes Israel you are not alone there are many Gentile out ..
thomas   (11.18.12)
there love and support your right to live and defend yourself .
27. #16 taylor, #19 pedro - where are they?
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.18.12)
Where is all the support you speak of, other than your arab "brothers" who would kill each other at the drop of a hat? Perhaps (just perhaps) you should begin asking yourselves if perhaps (just perhaps) you are in the wrong in all this. I know many of you have spent your lives telling yourselves that you're morally superior to your enemies and that all "Pal' actions are justified. But if this were so, the world would be universally behind the Palestinians, now wouldn't they? And where are they now? And I know this is when your defensiveness kicks in, and you start telling yourself its because you are the poor downtrodden of the world (you are actually the poor, downtrodden due to your own hatred). Pride always blinds people to reality. Yet you have no reason to be proud. But know this: your days are numbered if you don’tchange your ways and do what needs to be done for you to accept others who are different than you. No 'Allah' will protect you from Israels wrath and your own hate.
28. 20 Omar
alsky ,   Toronto   (11.18.12)
never was yours and it never will be either. Sit back, fasten your seat belt and try to enjoy the ride !!!
29. #16 Taylor T. from USA
DavidR ,   USA   (11.18.12)
I would be very careful if I were you about how you speak for the Almighty and say He will not protect HIs People. There was once an Assyrian General who made the same mistake. He awoke the next day to find 180,000 of his troops dead. That was from the Hand of El Shaddai, not from Israel. The worlds wrath is what will bring such judgment. Laugh now if you wish, but, wait for it!
30. #19 pedro - sincere apologies
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.18.12)
You were not meant to be referenced in my post #27. Peace.
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