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Kim Kardashian regrets Israel-Palestine tweets
Sarah Bauder
Published: 19.11.12, 07:41
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1. What's offensive?
Shalom Hartman   (11.19.12)
2. Kim say u don't regret it.
Ronnie ,   Australia   (11.19.12)
For once you prove you are not just a beautiful woman, but are a beautiful big hearted human being. No need to apologize for the people of hate. Your kind words will mean a lot to a nation threatened with a SECOND holocaust.
3. The only word Israel si offensive for Fakestinians
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome   (11.19.12)
Not only,for them,nobody should pray for Israel,you know " the people of God" ,but not their God
4. #1 I find vacuous pontification displacing thought offensive
Cyberbrain ,   World   (11.19.12)
5. Who cares what this hooker say_?
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (11.19.12)
6. Kim Kardashian
Harold ,   USA   (11.19.12)
What do call Kim when she shows her body parts and have sex for money.
7. Fascinating article Ynet! (end)
shrinkDave ,   Miami USA   (11.20.12)
8. nothing offensive
chaya ,   central holy land   (11.20.12)
in what she tweet. those idiots also lambasted shanen doherty when she announced her plans of coming to israel (and she did not give a damn)!!! way to go!! it would be admiring if kim did not give in to this pressure and stood by what she believed in. it's a free world, we even have the saudi mp burning an israeli flag !!!
9. Kim
Mike ,   Australia   (11.21.12)
Did she say all this with clothes on or off? The only thing to take from these tweets is that people who are not in the know actually consider that there is a country called "Palestine". Where is this country exactly? Is it in Gaza or the eastern part of the West Bank? Is it Jordan? Or given that these so-called Palestinians are "Arabs" is it in "Arabia"? Could Kim point it out on a map to show me?
10. For once she shows signs of intelligence and then this?!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.21.12)
11. who is this woman? What has she done in REAL life?
Israela ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
and more importantly... Why is this news?
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