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Putin slammed over anti-Semitism charge
Published: 18.11.12, 21:39
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1. Pussy Riot
silly little girls being used by the Americans and their presstitute media to attract the support of the silly little girls and boys in the West in their attempts to subvert Russia.
2. Putin is A-Okay! Arrest the Pussys!
Israeli 2   (11.18.12)
3. wow thank you Putin
k ,   US   (11.19.12)
who would have thought people would actually stick up for Jews
4. Putin!
Francois Hollande ,   The Netherlands   (11.19.12)
6. the pussy riots must stay in jail (at least)
7. Putin is a thief and a liar. may be it is attractive for som
Fyodor   (11.19.12)
May be it's attractive for some people. Bon appetit!
8. A Prophesy says -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.19.12)
" A Man with the name Vladimir will inagurate a Military Dictatorship in Russia ". " And that Man will betray Christianity and Religion, and treath the Jews as the Farao in the times of Moses " !, Arn.Sweden.
9. Let us send the neuterei karta and satmar
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.19.12)
to putin. He will take care of them for us.
10.  I believe Putin about this.
Reuven   (11.19.12)
11. Thank you Putin
princessofclowns ,   London, England   (11.19.12)
I actually believe Putin. Especially when I see among the supporters of Pussy Riot are those that are always vocal anti-Israel protestors
12. Russia - we want only your best, your oil.
Valdi ,   Germany   (11.19.12)
Guys, what ever Israel is doing - it is wrong. They kill us - we are not supposed to defend our self. We have a little country, they have a whole continent - not enough for them. Same with Russia. What ever Russia is doing, it is wrong. Communism to try to save the working class - bad, but only in Russia - in China, Saudi Arabia, ect. it's OK. Pussi Riot, only OK in Russia. Go try the same in Queens Palas in London. Afghanistan invasion - bad thing. But only if done by Soviet Union. The terrorists in Afghanistan who attacked Soviet Union's border where created, and financed by CIA, but the terrorists became bad only, when they struck the twin towers in NY - before they were freedom fighters. Therefore, I love USA the way it is now, and I love it to be a strong country, and one day they may become even stronger than the rest of the world together, especially when Putin is gone and we would have Jelzin coming from the sky for couple years again - But then, when the US will be the strongest country, what are we going to do if Hitler comes down from the sky to visit the States? Best.
13. Putin is a great leader !
Le Ruscino ,   Monaco   (11.19.12)
Under all criteria no country has a leader to match Putin right now. Get over it! The more the media bash him the better he looks and more ridiculous our media looks with its silly promotion of pussy riot who are really gross under any criteria.
14. Russian anti-Semitism
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (11.19.12)
If Putin eliminated anti-Semitism from Russia, Russia would be a vast, peaceful, unpopulated area. And, where would Putin go?
15. Somalia is missing Pussy Riot
Miron ,   USA   (11.20.12)
16. #14. How 'bout the U.S. Democrats?
Tom W ,   USA   (11.20.12)
I cannot read the Russian press but I doubt that they are more rabid antisemites than the leftist American media. Just read American blogs and the MSM daily conniptions against Israel and - recently!! - against the "old White men". The hell has been unleashed in the U.S. since their messiah the Kenyan won. A reminder for you: When Israel became an independent nation and the British made war on the Jews in '48, Truman ordered an arms embargo against Israel. Weren't for Stalin's help with Czech arms, the Holocaust surviving Jews could have been exterminated by the Arab Legion of Sir John Glubb "pasha"
17. Lenin
Zivron   (11.21.12)
Putin is like Lenin projewish whereas Stalin tho he was ambivalent was willing to tolerate Jews in WW2 as he knew how antinazi they had to be.a cunning and ruthlessness murderer he class genocided the Russian and Ukranian Peasants Turning them evenworse against the Jews with his Kapos in Tow He in Paranoid ego mania Destroyed the Brilliance in the Russian Army giving the Nazis time to kill the Jews and twenty million Russians plus.Near his Death after he got his hydrogen bomb he felt able to plan to resettle the Jews in Wilderness areas with Dire Consequences.Luckily he died Before.
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