Netanyahu: First stop firing, then we'll talk
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.11.12, 18:33
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1. israel
gene ,   ny.usa   (11.18.12)
To Government of Israel You stop prematurely without comprehensive changes its your a... Elections are near... Think twice
2. Finish this!!!
Yehuda Lev ,   Holit- Otef Aza   (11.18.12)
Go in and fight. Finish this once and for all. Stop making the same mistake over and over again. No cease fire. Destroy Hamas and all the others. Quit playing with our lives.
3. Stop asking the world...
Yehuda Lev ,   Holit-Otef Aza   (11.18.12)
Mr. Prime Minister your first duty is our welfare. Stop asking tthe world for our own right to exist. Fight!
4. you can't reach your goal...
Eric ,   nyc   (11.18.12)
without a ground invasion you moron..Israel once again will stop way before the job is done.Pathetic.
5. Get Hayina and all the Hamas leaders...
Now's the time to ,   finish the job!!!!!!   (11.18.12)
Put them where the sun don't shine!!!
6. If it doesn't get done now, see ya in another half-year
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.18.12)
7. When You Have Full Control of the Situation, why change?
meir elazar   (11.18.12)
Iron Dome is Doing its job superbly. The terrorists attempts at hitting our civilians are futile and counter productive. It only shows the world that we are right. They are suffering and our casualties are relatively light. Their leaders are being successfully assassinated. Their launchers are being destroyed. Their supplies and weapons are being depleted. Why risk valuable Israeli lives on this scum. Keep up the bombing for 5 years to revenge Shalit's captivity. Keep up the bombing until you bring them to their knees and they beg for mercy. Nothing less is acceptable but to totally decimate them.
8. I'm sorry but this is a bizarre way to fight a war.
naro ,   nyc   (11.18.12)
Are you kidding me? I am looking at live video feed from Gaza. All the lights are on, there is more traffic in Gaza City then in Tel Aviv, and I bet that the cafes are full. In the meantime half of Israel is paralyzed. Are your leaders insane? There should not be one tall building standing in Gaza as long as rockets originate from it, and roads should be destroyed. It looks to me that your leaders are fearful of criticism from the USA and Europe. They want to be able to travel freely in Europe when they retire. How can Israel survive such weak leadership.
9. What are you going to talk about
Jared ,   Stillwater USA   (11.18.12)
who are you going to talk to and what about? what is different now from the other times this happend?
10. Yellow Bellied Cowards
Joshua ,   USA   (11.18.12)
"If there will be a way to meet the operation's objectives without a ground offensive it would be preferable, otherwise – we are ready for a ground operation." I cannot believe that this is the same Israel for which I fought during the Yom Kippur war! Back than - Gaza and Hamas would have long been gone! Where are leaders the caliber of Ariel Sharon or Yizhak Rabin? Benjamin Netanyahoo: Is this the kind of Israel your brother Yoni sacrificed his life for? Shame on you! I hope that come next election time, the public will tell you to go home and stick your cowardness where the sun does not shine.
11. #8 Naro the misinformed...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (11.18.12)
We shall see who is weak once all the dust and smoke is cleared. 1000 pin point targeted airstrikes against several hundred aimless trajectory based missiles- many of which intercepted and destroyed in flight. Get real idiot.
12. #8 Naro. Are you joking? Thank G-d Olmer and Livni are
meir elazar   (11.18.12)
gone. Olmert and Livni unconditionally surrended after they defeated the enemy in Lebanon and Gaza. Bibi is standing firm and saying that there is no negotiations until the terrorists unconditionally stop their fire on our civilians. It doesn't get much better than this.
13. Netanyahu is playing games
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (11.18.12)
Netanyahu says there will be no talk of a cease fire until Hamas stops firing rockets. Meanwhile as reported on Ynet there already is an Israeli Govt official in Cairo talking with Hamas about the terms of a cease fire. What gives here? Israel must bomb the hell out of Gaza until they surrender without conditions.
14. who allowed the rockets into gaza?
meyer ,   israel   (11.18.12)
nu? EGYPT! and they're brokering the cease fire? how absurd! it's only a question of time before GPS will be mounted on the farj 3s. then what?
15. Remind you of anything...?
Ken   (11.18.12)
"PM says negations for ceasefire may only commence after Hamas halts rocket fire." This is no different than the Palestinians saying that they will return to the peace negations after Israel stops building its illegal settlements.
16. Loosers Hamas
Mina ,   Cairo Egypt   (11.18.12)
I wonder what HAMAS gain with their pathetic rockets? will they destroy Israel? they are loosers and only get their children killed. Gaza should be disarmed and no truce accepted but long term commitment.
17. #8, 13 It looks pretty normal in Gaza City right now.
naro ,   nyc   (11.18.12)
Look at live video of Gaza City. There is lots of traffic, light and action while Tel Aviv is quiet. Israel should be carpet bombing Hamas troop concentrations wherever they are, but nooooo uncle Sam might be mad.
18. I wonder when the stockpile
Ivor   (11.18.12)
for the Iron Dome thingie are exhausted? The International Community has told Netanyahu that he will lose their support if there is a ground campaign in Gaza. Me thinks Netanyahu has boxed himself into a corner
19. When the going gets tough, you will see
A ,   Belgium   (11.18.12)
that Bibi will prove that he is the PM Israel needs (without Barak) together with Lieberman and without the traitors from Shas. In the end, gaza will burn and Abbas will not be able to bring himself to stand before the UN on Nov.29 and ask for an UPGRADE of "palestinian" status.It will be hamas who destroys once and for all the fantasy of the "palestinian" state.
20. abbas will be punished after gaza
awad   (11.18.12)
abbas, you had better run away from ramallah as you will be punished for your double game, your invective, your incitement, your refusal to make concessions. After gaza, you will be removed and you can count on it. Olmert's offer was bulls""tt by a coward tied to livni and ramon. Israel will annex rightfully all of the west bank, and 1/3 of jordan belongs to israel as it is the historic land of reuben. You will be targetted.
21. Sad stor
Emanuel ,   CA, USA   (11.18.12)
You dont know that Netaneyho is a cheap artist and nothing more., a sad joke that every body in the world strats knowing him
22. No Peace Agreement
Moshe ,   Givataim   (11.18.12)
No peace agreement until we have finished this bastards. For 1 rocket they send, send them 100 back in return. 100 rocket for a rocket. Finish this now and forever. NO MERCY until they stopp the shooting.
23. 20/ who's Reuben?
24. # 23
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
Exactly what I was thinking. We cant expect awad to know anything about Jewish history, can we??
25. Remember the so called cease fire in the
Meghan ,   Ashdod Israel   (11.18.12)
2006 Lebanese war? How many rockets hit the north during that cease fire? Remember the cease fire in Op. Cast Lead? Again how many rockets came over from Gaza? Hamas is not to be believed, I think they are begging for time to re-group, get in more rockets and that cease fire will mean NADA! Stopping now will save lives, but for how long? Give it a couple of years and Hamas will start it all again. Egypt lends a blind eye, Iran etc will supply them and Israel will be once more running for shelter as the sirens go. They have to be given a good licking like the IDF gave Hizbolla. They went crying to the UN, but so far so good, they are quiet, but I think the IDF can also deal with them. Its just Israel hates civilian loss on either side, she just cant sink as low as her enemies.
26. ~13 - I agree. Hamas must surrender.
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (11.19.12)
27. 24/ but again; who's that Reuben?
It's not because he was mentioned in some fables that it means he really existed
28. Hamas Charter
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa, FL   (11.19.12)
I just googled then read th eHammas Charter. PLEASE ISRAEL destroy Hamas. Do not hold back. They have a final aim of no jews left, not just in Israel, but the world. Forget the antisemitism of Europe. Destroy Hamas no matter what the civilian cost. Do you believe for a second that Hamas would stop massacaring the jewish people. Am yisrael Chai.
29. Israel is WINNING, retake the smuggling tunnel land,
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.19.12)
then negotiate any peace NOT before.
30. WHEN YOU KILL THE DOG, the rabbies is gone
Jiorjio   (11.19.12)
The only solution is to destroy Hammas power base to the ground, if not the sickness will persist, finish the job
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