McCain: Without Iron Dome, Israel would be in Gaza
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 18.11.12, 22:17
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1. Bravo-only in America!
leo ,   nyc   (11.18.12)
This widespread support to israel doesn;t exist anywhere else- in the world --and hats off to President Obama who is providing the right kind of support to Israel now!
2. Palestinians, arabs and Jews
Henry ,   Cavite, Philippines   (11.18.12)
There can never be peace between muslims and Jews. The Koran says so. In the same token, there can never be peace between peoples of Islam and other religions. The Koran says so.
3. Perhaps Mr. McCain should save his breath
Miron ,   USA   (11.18.12)
to fight our 10% unemployment. It's not like Israel is asking his assistance in the areas he mentioned. What about 3 billions you sent to Hamas last year, they have used to procur Ukrainian rocket engines for their rockets 100,000 USD a piece? You think you can get away scott free from that one?
4. Israel will not attack Iran, no matter who says what.
Miron ,   USA   (11.18.12)
Kill Morsi.
5. Absolutely!
Roy ,   Canada   (11.18.12)
And do you know who should be thanking the USA for this system? Yes! the Palestinian people. Because, without Iron Dome, many more of them would have been dead by now. But, why would they stop and think? After all Mr. McCain, we are the little devil, and you are the big one. God bless the United States of America and the State of Israel.
7. To #4
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.19.12)
..but US / France will.
8. Thank you America
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.19.12)
Your support and aid are very appreciated here. Furthermore we actually like Americans even without the aid. May the L-rd always watch over you and your families
9. Wait,wasn't "iron dome" developed by an Israeli company?
Anna ,   Canada   (11.19.12)
"Refa'el", if I'm not's good that the US get the credit, but please - not the full credit. Without the Israelies, this anti-rocket system would never had been so successful!
10. US aid to Egypt
Ariel ,   Argentina   (11.19.12)
Israel = true democracy, its miltary is called Israel DEFENSE Force, doing all it can to avoid civilian casualties Hamas/Egypt = targeting civilians from civilian areas so as to get also as many civilian casualties they can show in websites USA, isnt it time you rec
11. #9 Anna - Yes Rafa"el Developed it but USA helped with funds
Ahmad Cohen ,   Ibn Mousa HaLevy   (11.19.12)
Remember that USA build the Patriot system but that was designed for long range missiles. It was Israel along with brilliant scientists that solved enormous technological challenges to produce the Iron Dome technology. Since the funds were approved by the USA Congress, USA shares in the credit and major success of this technology. The current situation is better than any Hollywood script. The terrorist villains are as evil as they come as they relentlessly shoot at Israeli civilians. USA remembers the 19 Arab Terrorists that attacked USA on 9/11. USA joins Israel to lead the war on terrorism across the globe with Advanced Technology of superheroes straight out of Comic Books or Star Wars. The Terrorists are being pummeled and delivered a humiliating defeat. All of their attempts are ending in a humiliating failure. We still have scores to settle from the kidnappings of Shalit along with murder of Goldvasser, Regev, and others. We are finally rid of Olmert and Livni. Katzav is now enjoying quality time with Benny Sela and Yigal Amir. I seriously hope Olmert joins the party. How much better can it get?
12. Pillar of Defense may rival the Success of the 6 Days War
Ahmad Cohen ,   Ibn Mousa HaLevy   (11.19.12)
If this conflict is managed correctly, it may end up rivaling the major success of the 6 Days War. Israel developed the solution to the terrorist threat - IRON DOME - exactly in time for this conflict. It has been a major success and USA shares in the credit because the USA Congress approved the funds and is a partner. The Terrorists are both suffering major casualties to their leadership, launch operators, infrastructure, etc. They are being humiliated constantly with every rockets that is intercepted or falls harmlessly in uninhabited areas. With the air superiority and weapons, we don't have to risk precious Israeli lives to defeat and humiliate the terrorists. The terrorist delegitimize themselves with their constant attempts to attack civilians and constant thrashing by Israel. Keeping this up will deplete the terrorist arsenal. Iran, Sudan, and the smugglers cannot resupply the terrorists fast enough. We can continue the current level of operations forever and Gazans will suffer the terror of constant bombardments just like Israelis have suffered tens of thousands of rockets. It doesn't get much better than this.
13. Senator Levin, YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT!
BJ ,   New York   (11.19.12)
With all due respect to Senator Levin, the U.S. did not "[provide] the system to Israel." It provided the financing. Iron Dome is made in Israel, blue and white from design to execution. And, while the funding was critical, let's not pretend it was anything but payment for access to the technology. After all, the Patriot was a miserable failure in the Gulf War, and Israel's developed something far superior to anything the U.S. has right now.
14. Keep on not posting my posts
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (11.19.12)
It just makes me feel you are losing this war, hence you can't even show a word of ours that may expose your ugly crimes!! Such a terrorist state and terrorist media
15. Israel, Im not hearing you...
nathan rai ,   Bangalore   (11.19.12)
I read in the papers of Israel bombing "a family" , Israel "firing at homes and killing women and children" Israel needs to tell the world repetitively and loudly that Hamas has used homes, schools and mosques for arms caches. Tell the world that now and forever, arms caches, launching pads will be destroyed, whereever they are. Period. Israel holds the jihadis and mujahids responsible for the death of non combatants and women and children under whose homes they have buried arms caches. Tell all the world now. Dont worry if someone will publish it or not. Ensure Hezbollah hears you. It will be more useful that telling the world that Israel is going to bomb Gaza back to the stone age. The world is watching you Israel. Because your today is our tomorrow. The Jihadis are coming... The first ones in suits , carrying money. The rest with the sword and fire.
16. @7 I do not gratify murderers with answers.
Miron ,   USA   (11.19.12)
17. Israel built Iron Dome, but these men are good friends.
Zvi   (11.19.12)
Iron Dome is only one of several highly effective defensive technologies developed over a very short time span by Israeli engineers. These technologies range from tactical systems that protect individual vehicles to strategic systems designed to protect against long-range missile attacks. But the US Government did indeed provide financial support for the development of many of these systems, primarily because of the importance of the US-Israel alliance. The men quoted in the article had something to do with that; they are strong friends of Israel. For years, they have been standing up to demented calls for "impartiality" between Hamas/PA thuggery and Israeli democracy. The assistance that they provided to the Iron Dome effort should be welcomed. Of course, the United States also benefits from the expertise, experience and creativity of Israel's engineers and soldiers. The US continues to leverage Israeli advances, just as Israel leverages advances by American engineers. Israel's friendship with the United States yields benefits for everyone.
18. To #13 Hear ye! Hear ye!
Rick ,   USA   (11.19.12)
19. Um, we wouldn't NEED Iron Dome if
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.19.12)
The US. Would STOP financing our enemies! The huge amount of AID that goes to Gaza, Egypt, and all of our nieghbors is used to BUY WEAPONS that are USED AGAINST US!!! Supply and demand! War is good business. The US is making a HUGE PACKET supplying all sides with aid and weapons! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!
20. John McCain
NYC Girl   (11.19.12)
It's somewhat disappointing to see that McCain has bought into that fantasy that it's the resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict which is the key to peace in the Middle East. The reality is that the Palestinians could be given a state that covered virtually the entire Middle East, but as long as Israel is there, the conflict will never end. It's time for naive American politicians to stop chasing their tails with this b.s. and accept the fact that, according to the Arabs, as long as Israel exists, there will never be peace.
21. to #14, hey Salami
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.19.12)
Its because there are rules against slander, provokation and foul language so you get banned from posting, ya know! And, if you are winning, why does Hamas ALWAYS start screaming "CEASE FIRE!!!" ? Can't take the heat, looks like to me!
22. חחח בלי שהייתם פוגעים באזרחים בישראל
דדד   (11.19.12)
עזה היתה שלנו מזמן אנחנו לא פוגעים באזרחים בכוונה
23. Huge Casualties
zivron   (11.19.12)
Cast Lead 2 also before elections so Hamas and the Jews can continue their dirty blood lust smeared in sadomasochistic martydom especially the Arabs who want semigenocide to match the Jewish genocide will have horrendous casualties and political fall out.
24. Gaza
Robert Cbitt ,   Boston, MA, USA   (11.19.12)
The rockets will continue to rain on Israel until they elect a prime minister who has the will and the courage to drive the Palestinians and Hamas out of Gaza and the West Bank. When George Bush gives back his Crawford,Texas ranch to the Native Americans is when peace will come to Israel. To the victor goes the spoils. Americans killed thousands of Indians during the conquest of the United States. The Indians that survived were placed in concentration camps euphemistically described as reservations where alcoholism and unemployment reigns. Since the Bureau of Indians Affairs has granted gambling casino licenses, some Indian tribes have prospered. Maybe gambling casinos are the solution for the Palestinians.
25. Without iron dome
spg ,   bloomington USA   (11.19.12)
Keep up the air, missile and drone attacks. While it may not be as effective as a ground based operation it will bleed Hamas and their leadership. Don't hand the terrorists any PR points with a ground attack.
26. Enough of bloodshed
John ,   Detroit USA   (11.19.12)
Countless of children have been targeted by IDF More then 100 palestinians have been slaughtered . Enough of this bloodshed
27. Need to check ur facts Mr Henry , Cavite, Philippines
Palestina amore ,   England   (11.19.12)
U wanna actually be able to even READ the Qur'aan b4 u make crappy accusations lyk an absolute ass??? Pardon my language all the non-judgemental, nice people over here but i aint sitting back an letting some dope chat some bull about summat he dont no the first thing about!
28. #27 Palestina - Why don't you read the Quran Sura 5
Ahmad Cohen ,   Ibn Mousa HaLevy   (11.20.12)
There you will find that the Quran acknowledges that the land of Israel belongs to the Children of Israel. If you want more quotations from the Quran, I will happily oblige you.
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