Hamas says rejected Israel's ceasefire terms
Elior Levy
Published: 19.11.12, 00:15
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1. Bulldoze all the smuggling tunnels, retake that land, then
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.19.12)
peace treaty, not before.
2. Some serious...
Ram ,   London   (11.19.12)
wiping out should follow this statement. Chazak IDF!
3. marzouk- there is no olmert and livni
milson   (11.19.12)
marzouk, isreal is being led by baarak, liberman, yaalon, bibi and begin who have experience, can look death in the eye and strength unlike olmert livni and ramon who were scared to death and ran with concessions at the first protest of william hague. Israel will slice and dice gaza piece by piece until gazans rage and tear your throats out and give you up to spare themselves. So throw 5000 rockets at tel aviv, at dimona,at haifa, use everything you have as its people are determined to smash you. Since you let anderson cooper into gaza, it is obious you are desperate.
4. cease fire
peter ,   malta   (11.19.12)
Negotiations for a cease fire are difficult for Israel. Hamas' disregard for the welfare and life of Gazans eliminates the usual motivation. There are only two solutions. Negotiations with Iran...very unlikely. Or, educating the Gazan Palestinians as to the incompetence and irresponsibility of their leadership. This time Israel should hold out for a guaranteed and permanent truce.
5. Anything short of eliminating Hamas will
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (11.19.12)
be unacceptable. If Bibi wants to win the next election, he better listen to the will of the people. They are stating they want the IDF to FINISH the job this time and anything short of that will be a failure. Allowing the terrorists to continue to terrorize Israel after this campaign will be seen as a failure as well. The world recognizes who is at fault here and now is the time to fight for a real peace. Enough is enough is a determination as Never Again is.
6. Israel can enforce a buffer zone
Ron ,   LA   (11.19.12)
It is ip to Egypt to end arms smuggling. Hamas is in no position to make demands. I hate to see it but the IDF will have to go into Gaza on the ground. Why Israel delivers supplies and electricity to Gaza I will never kmow.
7. 1
Paul ,   Ashkelon   (11.19.12)
good intention but some people here try to have a life which is rather difficult when we have to run for shelter every 15 minutes ... easy to say from the save distance of the USA ... couch warriors
8. #5...agree 100%
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.19.12)
Finish this once and for all or you'll be doing this again in 6 months or so.
9. seal the tunnels with adhesives
hani   (11.19.12)
seal the tunnels with bombs, destroy every government office, all fuel depots, sewage facilities, storage metal sites, gaza docks, markets, everything of any commercial value.
10. 70 km BUFFER ZONE
Ahmad Cohen ,   Ibn Mousa HaLevy   (11.19.12)
Gaza should be pushed back by whatever is the range of their missiles from Israeli cities. Since Gaza was original part of Egypt and not Israel, they should be pushed into the Sinai and return to being part of Egypt. Right now it is only a matter of time until Gazans flee (flea) the war zone. We see this happening in Syria. We must keep up the attacks until ALL objectives are attained and all people in Israel can sleep at night without fear.
11. Peace on your terms
Dony ,   Canada   (11.19.12)
Under no circumstances should Israel allow the whacky world of Arab Emirs, presidents, theological loonies, western lefty intellectual losers dictate terms of a peace treaty that will last 2 weeks. Hopefully ground troops won't be necessary but do not stop short this time of full victory. Anything less is a loss psychologically to your people and it's they, not Obama, not Hillary, not the BBC who count. Anything less emboldens your enemies Iran, and those Muslim Brotherhood creeps, Morsi and Erdogan (I consider him the worst of the bunch).
12. Israel, you can do better...
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (11.19.12)
I read in the papers of Israel bombing "a family" , Israel "firing at homes and killing women and children" Israel needs to tell the world repetitively and loudly that Hamas has used homes, schools and mosques for arms caches. Tell the world that now and forever, arms caches, launching pads will be destroyed, whereever they are. Period. Israel holds the jihadis and mujahids responsible for the death of non combatants and women and children under whose homes they have buried arms caches. Tell all the world now. Dont worry if someone will publish it or not. Ensure Hezbollah hears you. It will be more useful that telling the world that Israel is going to bomb Gaza back to the stone age. The world is watching you Israel. Because your today is our tomorrow. The Jihadis are coming... The first ones in suits , carrying money. The rest with the sword and fire.
13. Tunnels? Egypt is to blame for shipping rockets into Sinai
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (11.19.12)
There would be no weapons smuggling into Gaza tunnels if Egypt would stop its flagrant violation of the Peace Treaty with Israel by actively allowing shipments of Iranian rockets and other weapons into demilitarized Sinai. There were NO arms smuggled into Gaza when Israel controlled the Sinai. Obama deserves a large share of this blame by failing to put heavy pressure on Cairo, including an arms embargo, to force Egypt to honor the peace treaty. Israel should tell Obama that all 2-state solution talks and all Gaza cease fire talks will move nowhere unless Washington heaviliy penalizes Egypt for its current and past violations, and imposes effective measures to keep weapons out of Sinai. All weapons shipped across Sinai must cross one of 3 bridges and 2 tunnels over the Suez Canal, so the idea that this would be difficult for Egypt to control is idiotic. All trucks bound for Rafah must be unloaded, the cargo searched thoroughly by international peace keepers [NOT the worthless UN], and then transferred to "clean" trucks [which have never been to Egypt] on the Sinai side of the canal, so smugglers have no opportunity to load weapons or utilize smuggling compartments. Rocket smuggling to Gaza it totally, 100% orchestrated by Egypt, the smugglers are Egyptian, and the US, EU and world community must come down on Cairo like a ton of bricks to force an end to these treaty violations - or the IDF will do it be retaking Sinai. And Egypt won't be getting it back this time, with "land-for-peace" with Arabs proven worthless, and US diplomacy and treaty sponsorship utterly discredited, as they should be.
14. demand CEASE TERROR, not cease fire!
Sara Layah ,   Israel   (11.19.12)
15. #12 - Israel is telling the world;
Shalom Hartman   (11.19.12)
the world isn't listening
16. #1 Bunnie the couch warrior in LA LA land
Avi ,   Israel   (11.19.12)
Thnaks for the orders from command HQ in La La land but you are not Israeli and from your postings appear tottaly clueless of reality on the ground. It is us who have to live with the situation here not you, put your money where your mouth is make aliah , if not then shut it rabbit
17. All talks are just crap !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.19.12)
It can only benefit the Gazans. Israel should never let anybody else interviene between themselves and the Gazans. Arn.Sweden.
18. Take a 10km buffer zone in the Sinia
Mark   (11.19.12)
Take a 10km buffer zone in the Sinia and end arms smuggling then extinguish Hamas and all other terrorists. After that you can give the Jewish Farmers back their land and rebuild their homes. Enough is enough.
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