Gazans speak out: 'Killing of family foments hatred'
Gido Ran, Reuters
Published: 19.11.12, 05:20
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1. Astonishing stupidity
JL ,   NYC   (11.19.12)
These savages still have not yet figured out that Hamas is not interested in peace with Israel, that it is interested in killing all Jews and taking Israel. And while they are troubled by Israel responding to rocket fire and occasionally hitting civilians, they expect zero mistakes despite Israel's ridiculous efforts to warn them before bombs are dropped. Funny how they don't seem to mind the constant rocket fire into civilian areas by their heroes. They are lucky to be permitted to live. Their leaders, who they support, will not stop firing rockets into Israel, will not stop trying to bring in weapons to kill Israelis with. What other country would allow them to live? They should be defeated once and for all. Only Palestinians think they should be permitted to stick around long enough to kill some more Jews. Finish them off, and when they raise the white flag -- then stop, but only when they give up their weapons and admit defeat. The Egyptians are doing nothing for them (again) and the big mouth in Lebanon hasn't made a peep. Finish them off. Nothing else seems to be working.
2. Family's death on Hamas hands.
rachel ,   chuz4now home soon   (11.19.12)
Like all the other deaths. Hamas knows that shooting from homes and mosques gets easy pity. Too bad they (Hamas) do not care about death of families. If they did families and everyone else would be moved to Egypt until they are done shooting at innocent people in Israel.
3. so u think that way gazans as keep on dying end
joe ,   kfar saba israel   (11.19.12)
4. Barbaric
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (11.19.12)
And counterproductive. Israel is just more and more making itself a pariah state.
5. hatred?
rueben ,   mexico city   (11.19.12)
It's a bit late to threaten hatred for the jews and Israelis. That's been in the Islamic playbook for quite some time. It's laughable but sad that the Palestinians still think that Israel is the enemy. Those bombs? The direct and planned result of the Palestinian leadership.
6. because this is the mentality of the man
Barney ,   USA   (11.19.12)
on the street-they must all go.
7. Gazans Forgot
David Fakheri ,   L . A U . S . A   (11.19.12)
Hammas Didn't forget To Fight Israel, It's the Gazans Who Forgot What The Retaliation Of Israel Mean!. No Life Worth In The Palestinian's Vocabulary, If there was any THey Would Have Pushed Their Leaders By Now To Go After The Peace Than Escalating The Situations With Israel To Put The Lives Of It's citizens In Danger By Constantly Rocket Launching To There
8. I think this man in the report here is
Meghan ,   Ashdod Israel   (11.19.12)
VERY high on something! With all the building materials that are suppled to Gaza, why no shelters? It all went into building tunnels and fancy homes for Hamas and co. Any money that goes to Hamas goes for their war on Israel. This guy is safer on the beach! So he cant eat fish, there are other things. Where did they find him, at the Hamas propaganda office?
9. Do they really think...
Yehuda ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.19.12)
...that we want to exterminate them? If we did want it, we could have done that long ago. We could have simply taken 50 or 60 IAF aircrafts and flown over Gaza once or twice a day bombing everything. Meanwhile we could have sent the convoys with poisoned food and water. Within one or two weeks everybody would be dead. That would have been really easy. But instead, the IDF pin-points their targets. While Hamas non-challantly shoots against civilian targets in Israel. So yes, of course, it is Hamas to be praised for the good health and safety of Gazans.
10. Foments hatred ? Gazans live off it and
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.19.12)
they gave a new meaning to it. They bombard our civilians without a thought except to kill
11. Now the hypocrites appear
David Curiel ,   Eshel Hansi, Israel   (11.19.12)
Giora where was your outrage when Israel was being attacked?
12. Gazans must choose!
Avner ,   Ashkelon   (11.19.12)
One only has to look at what has happened in the Arab world in the last two years to understand that these people have a long way to go towards learning about peaceful co-existence with neighbours of a different race and culture, let alone learning to live at peace with themselves. The responsibility ultimately lies with themselves, or you might end up like Syria!
13. throw all evil promoting clerics into sea.
Arn73 ,   Surabaya, Indonesia   (11.19.12)
If Gazan want to live in peace, start by stop hating, sto rocket, throw all weapons. In next 2 yr, all the border will be open up. Mutual believe need here. Throw all evil cleric out of Gazan, start a peaceful live.
14. Time for the Infidel Jihadist murderers
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (11.19.12)
to rethink their crimes, their violent ideology disguised as faith, and primitive demonic goals.
15. double standard of the left
charles   (11.19.12)
the arabs can kill jews, but if the jews protect themselves ^ kill arabs, they are savages. typical hatred of jews by the left. the left will lose!!!
16. Foments hatred ?
Joe Harkins ,   New York   (11.19.12)
Hatred is what these people are all about ..Thats all they live for ..If they were good people they would have destroyed Hamas for bringing nothing but pain to their lives . They tolerate these murderers so in my book - they are WITH them.
17. Boehoe - they can kill jews, but them getiing harmed
Daniel   (11.19.12)
not allowed.... toooooooooo bad. Don't start and stop supporting hamas - if that is possible after being forcefed hatred for jews for the last 1400 jews (i.e. existence of islam)!
18. He Spoke Honestly
Ron ,   LA USA   (11.19.12)
He pretty much spoke for the Arab world...They are willing to take appalling casualties for their cause and in their own minds if the rockets continue to be launched after Israel leaves the strip it is a victory. They overlook that the IAF will exact a price for the rockets, that they accomplish nothing and will continue to live in a crap hole of a country.
19.  'Killing of family foments hatred'
mat ,   uk   (11.19.12)
gaza people should thank israel that israel dont fire the rockets like hamas which fires its rockets indiscriminately at israel cities if israel did the same there will be hundreds of people dead and many more injured but the world and the media should compare how many killed in the arabs countries even now instead focusing on israel as they are the bad ones and forget all the rockets fired into israel all the year
20. Keep hitting on that malevolent lot till they howl, Israel
Cameron ,   USA   (11.19.12)
They truly respect only the fist at the end of the day, so lay it on!
21. Gaza
Eileen Baranes ,   Israel   (11.19.12)
The people in the article forget one thing. They started the war. They voted Chamas in. Why do they forget this basic point of this whole thing. They stop firing on Israel and then Israel will leave them alone. Israel is giving them electricity. What other country would keep giving electricity to a country who they are at war with?? We let me goods and medical supplies. Do you know of another country who does this to their enemies? We dont' want them to import weapons to use against us so we regulate what does go in. I think that is fair. Why don't these people see the truth. Israel withdrawed from Gaza and since then only got greive from these people. It is so simple - leave us alone and we will let you live your lives in peace.
22. Hamas should have spent money on
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.19.12)
bomb shelters instead of ammo. Also let it be known as actual fact that Hamas hides its ammo inside family homes. And not only ammo - but rocket launchers, also. Inside family homes, hospitals, etc. Wouldn't be surprised if Hamas booby trap a child when IDF enters.
23. stupidity to the max
tiki ,   belgium   (11.19.12)
The Q&A of this man are the reason why they are in the situatian they are and don't even 'get it. He doesn't even understand the cruelty of his 'rocket leader to surround himself with his wife(s) & children, in the hope not to be attacked. But he's not the only one. Most European TV-outlets do the same. They know precisely how many dead Pallies there are, but ask them how many rockets were fired over Israel over the last 10 year, they don't have a clue. Ask them the reason why Israel is doing what they are doing, they don't have a clue. Ask them the 'history of Gaza, they don't have a clue. Listen to the different European News explanation of the ME, (past & present), they don't have a clue! Thhousands dead and bombed Syrians are forgotten and completly arased from the European TV screens European journalists obsession with the Pallies is priority again.
24. Pityful & Shameful
chaya ,   central holy land   (11.19.12)
These gazans need big time education!!! the guy does not even comprehend the situation. Your only oppressors are your OWN RICH BROTHERS !! financing your rockets and arms and letting your people die for them !! Your lives are far less valuable than their pets ! wake up gazans ! it's simple arithmetic.. leave us at peace and you will be left at peace. Can you even imagine how our lives will be if we allow you moving around freely amongst us? are your fishermen not the terrorists?
25. syrian war victims on turkish border forgotten
State of civilans in gaza spotlighted by worlds media and press packed into gazan media centers whlst plight of syrian refugees locked in northern border with turkey in the cold of winter forgotten. Syrian victims of assad bombing not as media friendly as news dramatic scenes coming from every corner of gaza. Why has hamas keep gazans locked up in old refugee camps. Clearly the palestinians have restablished their priority over the worlds news media once more. 20k syrrian civiians killed 86 palestinian gazans killed.
26. Reuters
Hunt S Cross ,   England   (11.19.12)
at first sight appear not to have put the obvious question to Gazans, namely that, since Hamas started the campaign of digging tunnels under the border and sending rockets into Israel against civilian targets, is the damage that Hamas does worth the retaliation that it brings? It is only way down at the bottom that you find the distinctly odd reference to a normally anti-Hamas political analyst who congratulates Hamas on the sacrifices that they, not the people, are ready to make in order to achieve Hamas' agenda. Unless it is at Ynet that the Reuters feed has been edited down to exclude the obvious conclusions, then Reuters either need to go out and find what are the psychotropic elements in the Gazan drinking water or attach a propaganda health warning to their own news feeds.
27. #4 Why don't you move to Sderot?
Michael ,   Kokhav Ya'ir, Israel   (11.19.12)
What a stupid comment. You obviously are completely uniformed.
28. See!?! There are no "innocent civilians" in Gaza!!!
Cyberbrain ,   World   (11.19.12)
29. Compare their support for Hamas with the Libyans
Logic ,   Israel   (11.19.12)
who drove out their homegrown Islamist militia from the town's base.
30. When bad leaders rule, the whole nation suffers!
Jouko ,   Finland   (11.19.12)
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