Ashton: Gaza rocket attacks must stop
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Published: 19.11.12, 13:14
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1. solution is simple
real vision ,   usa   (11.19.12)
Hamas need to stop rockets and let the people of Israel (Jews) live in peace and then they will live in peace...very simple solution. Accept a 15 year halt in rockets so you and the gazans can actually accomplish something with gaza
2. hooray!!!!!
HaifaGuy   (11.19.12)
All the wolves have gathered to lecture us on veganism))))
3.  Tell that to the Iranians, Lady Ashton
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (11.19.12)
New and improved shipment of Fajar5 & Fajar3 on its way to resupply. Where were you when Hizballah rearmed , and when Gaza rearmed,
4. Selective outrage = anti-semitism
Esav Benyamin ,   USA   (11.19.12)
Erdogan said that Israel "was turning the region into a blood swamp." Has he looked over the border at his neighbor Syria lately?
5. Mr.Yap Yap
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (11.19.12)
Mr Yap Yap if you are bleeding so much with every drop of spilled blood you are running on empty cause your fellow MUSLIM northeast of us(ASSad) has spilled more than 32,000 muslims' blood.Go talk to the wind.
6. Balance&peace ONLY via SECURE BIG ISRAEL and Arab TRANSFER.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.19.12)
7. Remove all Rockets Boared soldiers can'tbe trustd temptation
Martin ,   SA   (11.19.12)
Many indigent Gazan all of whom are weaned by mother from the cradle to hate Jews. They must dream and spend almost every moment while awake on how to trouble us Jews. They know no boundaries as to what they can do shoot rockets or be suicide bombers for the sake as well as a few so-called virgins and a nice sum of money for the family. What incentive do such people to repent their way even for a day but a month or year thats asking too much. All sounds nice. This addiction know no bounds. Find a cure and make peace.
8. I think Cathrine Ashton needs to see a doctor
Zionist forever   (11.19.12)
If she is treating Hamas like terrorists for once and telling them to stop attacks rather than blaming everything on Israel and treat the arabs as angles then she must be ill.
9. No solution. Palestinians reject Jewish majority Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (11.19.12)
Palestinians use diplomacy and terror to try and bring an end to Israel. When that doesn't work they start whining. The West should get it straight. It's not about settlements, the blockade, checkpoints or other Palestinian complaints. The problem is Palestinian refusal to live next to a Jewish majority Israel.
10. Wake up Turkey
USA   (11.19.12)
Remember what Turkey did to Syria recently when 5 motar shells landed in Turkey? Here we see months of rockets shot into Israel before Israeli action! Stop worrying about the Arabs. They have repeatedly said they want to die in battle so they get GUARANTEED PARADISE with their virgins, etc. Why do you want to interfere with this noble goal? Don't you believe your own Islamic scriptures? If you don't then don't talk abotu Islamic brothers and all that...
11. Highly paid people state the obvious
Talula ,   Israel   (11.19.12)
Cannot STAND when a loser comes in and says what needs to be done without offering any sort of practical advice. The deaf dumb and clearly stupid cow is utterly clueless as to what goes on over here. If she was THAT concerned, she should have realized that constant rocket fire into Israel was not going to be ignored forever. She needs to go stock shelves in a local supermaret, beause she sure ain't any good at what she's doing now.
12. #3: Yes! Where was the UN, the USA, the EU?
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (11.19.12)
Cast Lead was 4 years ago. The 2nd Lebanon War was 6 years ago. The UN forced Israel into accepting a cease fire in both cases with promises, promises and more primises but did nothing to stop Hezbollah from re-arming and supplying Hamas with all the goodies to kill Israelis of ALL creeds! The Turkish midget Foreign Minister Davutoglu, who has branded the Israeli military offensive in Gaza a "crime against humanity" should be ashamed of dis disgusting behavior when you consider the genocide against the Kurds by the Erdogan Government. Putin, the Butcher of Chechnya has also got the cheek to criticize Israel when he openly supports the barbaric Assad regime in Syria which has murdered 40,000 in under two years! Baroness Ashton has shown the typical British pro-Arab bias over and over again so I really don't know why she is here instead of cheering on Hamas. Tony Blair, one of those who, with Bush, bowed to Arab pressure in 2006 and left Israel under constant threat of Hezbollah, should remember that he went to war illegally in Iraq and has the blood of more than 100,000 innocent Iraqis on his hands! Netanyahu and Barak must get over the illusion that Turkey is a friend. It is an enemy supporting Hamas and Hezbollah and Erdogan is a wolf in sheep's clothing with a NATO badge. No doubt that when Erdogan has finished slaughtering the Kurds and Christians he will turn on the Jews!
13. If any of these rockets "must stop"
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.19.12)
utterances from a meddling international community they should be directed to Syria
14. There IS a ways for rockets to stop
For Israel to make an IRON DOME that would - instead of destroying the rockets - cause the rockets to turn around 180 degrees back to whoever fired it. Then our enemies will finally be destroyed and they won't be able to blame Israel for killing innocent civilians.
15. Don't worry, Lady (???) Ashton
A ,   Belgium   (11.19.12)
Israel is doing a fine job of solving the gaza problem without your help,so keep your horsy face out of it!
16. ashton
Marianne van Geuns ,   Israel   (11.19.12)
Ashton ,how great that you open you mound this day.And you havent say a bad word about Israel!!!You always say bad things about Israel.You are a lady with 2 faces.1 face is worser than the other face.You want to know somting....I hate you with all your friend around you.You donot disurf this job,omijn omijn I am proud on my country
17. A Mask
r ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.19.12)
The Eurocrats - Antisemites to a man - conceal their antipathy towards Israel in platitudes about mutual ceasefires. They first assert a moral equivalency between the Arab raining of missiles intended to kill Jewish civilians with the Israel defense and targeted responses against the Arab rocket shooters who use human shields to protect their barbarity, and who WANT their children to bleed so these Eurocrats can broadcast photos over the world for sympathy to the Arab's cause. And the Antisemite Euros are only too happy to oblige! Yes, Iran is watching. They are seeing their Fajr rockets blow up in the sky above Israel. You can be SURE they are quaking in their boots, knowing their vaunted toy missiles will likewise blow up in the skies above Israel when their turn comes. The Persian mullahs, their monkey president and their blood-client Nasrallah have been VERY quiet recently. Wonder why!
18. Bildt wants not Gaza war-but no objection missiles to Israe
Jouko ,   Finland   (11.19.12)
19. Ashton: Gaza rocket attacks - after....
Adam ,   London   (11.19.12)
seeing the events of the last few days can you imagine what would be thrown at Israel if the blockade was broken and they could bring what they like from the sea.
20. "The rockets must stop"
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (11.19.12)
"The rockets must stop." The rockets WILL stop when when Zionism is totally defeated and ALL Palestine is free from the River to the Sea.
21. peace
david ,   sderot   (11.19.12)
Only way for rockets to stop is to give 5 hours for everyone to leave gaza. Israel than should make a parking lot out of gaza ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALLREADY.
22. Only solution is Egyptian Control over Gaza
Shep Fargotstein ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (11.19.12)
Who is going to enforce a treaty between Israel and Gaza? Hamas? They have already demonstrated that they can't/won't control their own population from lobbing bombs at Israel! The U.N.? They just sit in their bunkers and watch violations, as in Lebanon and even on the Egypt/Gaza border. Egypt has the means and geography to solve this problem militarily and politically. There will NEVER be a Palestinian state linked to Gaza anyway, so it should revert back to Egypt. Jordan should take over the parts of the West bank that Israeli diplomats have already offered. That is the eventual solution. Every other discussed alternative is flawed. As for the Arab world not settling for this? An absolute defeat and solve that resistance.
23. Who else but Katie Ashton
Moragh   (11.19.12)
just to see her face is enough to cause a world war let alone the tit for tat with Israel playing like the Gazans were mice. The Gazans are not Mice... they are Rats in the fullest sense of the word. These Bog Dwellers would cause a war in Heaven. Put them away Israel and bring the world some peace as only you know how!
24. Lady Ashton's and EU "solutions" always come down to...
FreddyNYC ,   NYC USA   (11.19.12)
... getting the Jews out of Jerusalem.
25. to 20
Barney ,   USA   (11.19.12)
in the end it will be the Jews who inhabit their homeland from the river to the sea with Jerusalem as its united capital. rockets probably won't stop but Israel's response will be a sever pounding for the perpetrators. the gaza land for peace experiment was a big failure even someone with your mentality can see that
26. #20 Whats the matter, graysack?
A ,   Belgium   (11.19.12)
Got yourself thrown out of all the Blood and Honor websites, so you come to spill your garbage here? The rockets will stop, you can count on it. And gaza will be a smoldering ruin, you can count on THAT, too!
27. Rocket attacks must stop
BEN JABO (MACHAL0 ,   ISRAEL   (11.19.12)
because they wind up getting severe retaliation from Israel
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