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Holocaust survivor starts fresh at 87
Published: 30.11.12, 14:28
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1. God bless survived Auschwitz like my late dad
Al   (11.30.12)
He would have been 87 this year had he lived. His grandkids are in Israel as well. You are part of the greatest Jewish Generation since the destruction of the Temple. The generation that came out of the fire of Europe to found the State of Israel. Congragulations Sir.
2. mazel tov !
alsky ,   toronto   (11.30.12)
good luck to all the brave zionists going home to Israel.
3. Slowly changing my mind
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (11.30.12)
I've been against aliyah for a long time, primarily because of lower wages, increased taxes, and rampant age discrimination. However, after Pillar of Defense and the UNGA vote, I've been seriously reconsidering my stance. It seems that this is the hour that Israel needs diaspora Jews the most.
4. to Amichai #3
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (12.01.12)
you have it backwards. Your arrival here as an adult, is a net loss to us during your lifetime. You need us, we don't need you. Don't come here and expect to get greeted with joy.
5. Mr. Phillips
Ralph Phillips ,   Rishon Le Zion   (12.01.12)
From one Phillips to another. Welcome to Israel.
6. Holocaust survivor
Debbie ,   Israel   (12.01.12)
Its true that Israel needs immigrants, but what it needs are young immigrants, who will be able to work, build families, and contribute toward building the state. People who come here when they are older, require medical care and social sevices, that need to be paid for.
7. to the bluegrass picker...
banjo frailer ,   herzeliya   (12.01.12)
...shame on you.. all that pickin' shoulda washed your mental wounds, and soothed your bitter soul.. i think amichai should do what i did 11 years ago: packed up what was worth keepin and made a beeline for next flight to eretz yisrael! although i have to say, when comparing each of your talkbacks, i think that the best thing for israel would actually be a trade: he comes, and you go! sorry to say that, i dont mean it to be cruel, but i do say, with utmost conviction, that you need to learn to look on the sunny side!! if you cant do that, you wont be happy ANYWHERE!
8. #4
erika ,   Israel   (12.01.12)
Smoke Your grass further!!!!
9. That's what I am going to do!
Jonathan ,   Berkeley ca USA   (12.02.12)
My wife's and my dreams have always been To make aliyah to Israel. This has been each of our dreams since each of us was 14. We have and continue to be close to our parents in the USA, taking care of them into their old age. My parents are Holocaust survivors and part of taking care of them means being near them so they never ever feel abandoned. This has kept us here. When we both retire, we are packing up our belongings and our wealth and taking it to our beloved Israel, where our souls can finally feel whole. Some of our children and grandchildren are already fair and have provided us with continued And encouragement. One is never too old for this!
10. Good for you! I recommend ONLY Jerusalem or Tel Aviv
Joe ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.12)
for anglos, at least to start...unless you are Israeli-fluent in Hebrew. Those 2 cities are a lot easier to transition into bc they have a huge population, relatively speaking of anglos. Bhatzlachah!
11. Bluegrass Picker errs
Vlad   (12.02.12)
Amichai is an American Jew. American Jews are usually very educated and successful. He can make a great contribution. Every new worker, especially an educated one, contributes more to the GDP. Secondly, suppose he is married and already has kids, or is of marrigeable age. Every new father makes a contribution to the demographic war between Israel and the Arabs, one which, though trends are changing, is one Israel is still struggling. Israel needs more workers, parents, and consumers. Every young and middle aged oleh makes a contribution. And Amichai, sorry if I was being creepy with all this speculating about you, I was just trying to make a few points.
12. oscar phillips-a jew of boundless bravery
debra ,   usa   (12.02.12)
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