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Neturei Karta hold pro-Palestinian rallies
Yitzhak Tessler
Published: 19.11.12, 20:37
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1. Neturei Karta shamdah vech'arpah
No to Neturei Krap!   (11.19.12)
These deluded imbeciles are gross "Poshei Yisrael"...they should be physically ostracized from Klal Yisrael (Nidooy/Ch'erem) and evicted from Medinat Yisrael to any place that will take this worthless scum. As best as can be determined Neturei Karta are fanatic fakes, real pretend-Jews but true enemies of Judaism! Out with that vile demented group!
2. Neturei Karta
IBA ,   Canada   (11.19.12)
Neturei Karta are not Satmar nor are they Chasidic. They are Litvish (non-Chasidic Charedi).
3. Satmar and Naturei Karta
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.19.12)
Some years back Satmar published notices in the Jewish prwess stating that they have nothing whatever to do with Naturei karta. The Satmarer Rov and Satmar Beth Din published a statement calling Naturei Karta 'misguided outcasts'. No reputable Orthodox Rav or Beth Din associates with Naturei Karta and their actions are contrary to those of Satmar or any other Orthodox Rabbinate. Some Naturei Karta leaders use the title rabbi but do not have authentic semicha/ordination from a proper Posek. One from Manchester who was challenged eventually said he was a shochet and that's like having semicha so he calls himself Rabbi!
4. Demonstrations
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (11.19.12)
It is indeed heartening to see that there are some Jews in this world who will demonstrate for what is right and thus against the Zionist entity. A rare occurrence, but most welcome. More power and blessings to them. I hope one day that will go further and complete themselves by recognizing the true love and salvation of Christ Jesus.
5. Even a broken clock can be right twice a day,...
split ,   US   (11.19.12)
I disagree with them on many issues but not on this one ,...
6. Neturei Karta : mass insanity
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.19.12)
7. Which makes them Jews: costume or race?
Cyberbrain ,   World   (11.19.12)
8. please read
Rebecca ,   usa   (11.19.12)
To the guy from Md if you were a true follower of Jesus u would know he was a Jew from Isreal and he followed the Torah perfectly and preached love. The Bible also says God will bless those who bless Isreal and curse those who curse them. May Jesus forgive you for not showing Christian love. I pray God will deliver his holy city soon and the new Jerusalem will come with Jesus return. Salvation is of the Jews I thank God for isreal and Jesus our Yeshua.
9. When Not Wearing Their Costumes, They Work For JStreet
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (11.20.12)
10. Birkat HaMinim is said because of Naturai Karta et al.
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (11.19.12)
11. I urge Chevra Kadisha associations everywhere: no Kever...
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (11.20.12)
...Israel for those traitors, apostates, evil spirits, a true disgrace for the Jewish People! Naturei Karta members should be denied a Jewish burial in a Jewish cemetery!
12. Send them to Gaza and let them protest there
Haim ,   TA   (11.20.12)
13. shame on you N. K.
Chana ,   Europe   (11.20.12)
this is the biggest shame i ever seen! Jews have the power when they are unite and not fighting against each other, this is Torah. To stand up for murders and haters is against Holy Torah!
14. About the nk and the satmar
Naftali ,   Seattle, WA   (11.20.12)
These people are racist and are rejected the destiny of the children to return to Eretz Yisrael and have violated many holy laws, Remember The Almighty is watching us from a distance and no matter how secular or religious we are as Jews Hashem has seen everything we have done.
15. Sorry Seth, they work for same boss as Netaneyahoo
Miron ,   USA   (11.20.12)
King of Saudi Arabia. He pays to both. Ironic, isn't it?
16. @12 you think they would mind?
Miron ,   USA   (11.20.12)
17. Jesus and Jews
Jacob ,   MN United States   (11.20.12)
This subject is very controversial. Christians believe the Jews are blessed of God and Jesus hasn't abandoned them as their Messiah. That being said it is true that Jesus is the only way "Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Of course, through all of this speculation, only God knows.
18. These fakes.
Jacob ,   United States   (11.20.12)
If you read their official website they'll tell you why they don't like Israel. 1. They want a religious theocracy in Israel instead of a secular state. 2. They don't want a Jewish state created unless it is done in an uninhabited location. In other words, they really don't want a Jewish state.
19. The article does not explain their belief
Arnold ,   Canada   (11.20.12)
From what I understand they do not want Jews to live in Eretz Yisroel until Moshiach arrives. With all due respect to them and Moshiach I am a firm believer that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. We Jews waited long enough to be a vibrant people again in Israel and Jerusalem. When Moshiach comes it will be a wonderful thing but Eretz Yisroel and Yerushalyim and a wonderful thing now. May Hashem look down with favor on the people.
20. ill people. They have no thing to do with judaism and Tora
Haredi ,   u.k   (11.20.12)
21. No. 19 Arnold
NYC Girl   (11.21.12)
Unfortunately, we never seem to see any explanation of who these people really are, so the impression is left that even these very pious Jews look at the Israelis as being as bad as Nazis. The reality is that the Naturei Karta are appalling religious fanatics whose real complaint against Israel is that the secular, liberal, democratic state is anathema to what they believe can only happen when the Messiah comes. What a bunch of rot. However, what's particularly ironic is that the far left terrorist sycophants are more than happy to suck up to these medieval crackpots whenever there's an anti-Israel demonstration...especially in NYC. And, frankly, they deserve each other.
Jay ,   USA   (11.21.12)
Mr. Dovid Weiss who you see in this YouTube is not satmar and you will see him between NY, Montreal and Toronto, claiming how big his group is, he is like a broken record.
23. Number 11. Chevra Kaddisha
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.21.12)
The Haredi Chevra Kaddisha in Manchester informed a Naturei Karta demonstrator that they refuse to bury him and terminated his membership. Several Jewish schools have given notice that they do not want the children of Naturei Karta demonstrators who took part in the Iranian Holocaust denial. As these were not govt-funded schools they were able to make such a decision. Most Orthodox Jewish schools in the UK are govt funded and would be open to legal challenge.
24. Why does writer call them Satmar when...
Yoel T. ,   Brooklyn, New York   (11.21.12)
even the article itself makes it abundantly clear that NK is not recognized by Satmar (or Eda Chareidis) as part of Satmar. In fact, a little research into the history of NK, will reveal that it not a uniquely Satmar movement--and has attracted crazies, converts (ruth ben david), and baal-teshuvas (J-J de haan) from all segments of the Jewish population, and even has more non-hasidic origins in the Litvish community of Jerusalem. The author of this article does a disservice to readers by starting with the assumption that they are Satmar.
25. they are not chasidim
Chana ,   Europe   (11.21.12)
hasid came from world chesed - kindness what represents love for G-d and for fellow jew they are not chasidim they are some brainwashed sect
26. Re 24 and 25
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (11.21.12)
NK are obviously neither Hassidim nor Satmar Hassidim. If they were Satmar, they would have to be in agreement with the majority of Satmar (and the late Satmar Rebbe). They are obviously not. If they were Hassidim they would practice loving kindness. They could still be opposed to Zionism but they would not show hatred for it. So they are obviously not Hassidim. Satmar are, as I understand, opposed to Zionism. But they do not hate Zionists. They do not hate. They are Hassidim. NK are totally different.
27. what a bunch of nuts trying to set the standards for judaism
rachel ,   usa   (11.21.12)
let them go back to russia or wherever they originally came from ....these are not real jews ....
28. From a true Christian Zionist!
Taz Man ,   Maryland USA   (11.21.12)
These Neturei Karta are an abomination, along with any, so-called, liberal-thinking Christians' who hate God's chosen people--Israel. It's an oxymoronic statement to call yourself a Christian, and hate the very people who brought us the scripture/law/prophets--then the One (Yeshua) who fulfilled everything; praise God for his GRACE, found only in Jesus Christ through FAITH alone! I love and support God's chosen people--Israel! To those fake Christians', like Grayzek, from MD, you better re-check your faith and the holy scriptures! Re-read Genesis 12:1-3!!!
29. members of this cult should be expelled from Israel
Anunaki   (11.21.12)
Let them go live in aghetto in Gaza or Tehran. They deserve every spit of it !
30. Naturei Karta
e behar ,   london   (11.22.12)
I am an e concentration camp surviver I have never heard such vile and demented people in all my life I suggest they all gather together from all over the world and go and live amongst the Palestinians I hope they will be very happy. They have not got a clue what Judeyism is all about
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