Gazans mourn civilians killed in IDF strikes
Associated Press
Published: 19.11.12, 21:16
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1. But Gazans don't mourn Israeli civilians, do they?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.19.12)
No, they celebrate Israeli deaths. Do they see Israeli's celebrating Gaza deaths? No and that is the difference. Israeli's celebrate creation whereas Gazas, Arab extremists, etc. celebrate destruction and death.
2. White Paper 1939
Zivron   (11.20.12)
The Jews mourn the white paper of 1939 that severely restricted Jewish escape from nazi Europe genocide and torture.The reasons for the barbarity on both the Zionist and jihadi sides are directly related to al Qassam brigades fr 1935 not the Protocols of Zion forgeries in the Hamas Charter of Perpetual Killing.
3. 1:Correct,just as Israelis dont mourn Gazan deaths,ur point?
jerusalem   (11.20.12)
Noone needs to nor cares if Israelis 'celebrate Gaza deaths', what matters is that you condone it and continue to let it happen. Your last statement is only your worthless opinion, and therefore can be disregarded as another 'dumb Israeli'. Anyway, on the flip side, I hope you get a visit from a rocket or two from Gaza, of course, with love.
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