Reserve officer wounded in Eshkol
Ynet reporters
Published: 20.11.12, 11:57
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1. One can expect the Israeli Gaza
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.20.12)
operation to be "unfinished" again. So here will be a repeat in months or years.
2. And We Talk To Them About Peace???
Moshe ,   Givataim   (11.20.12)
Why? Why are we repating the same mistakes again and again? We are talking to this terrorists about peace and they are fireing at us? At our schools? At buses? Give them back what they deserve: No peace talks until they are coming crawling Everyone that supports them from within Israel, put them on a bus and send them one-way to Gaza And FIRE BACK 1:100 at least ONLY THIS Way they might understand the message
3. you are attaking homes, banks, and civilians
4. Heavy barrage fired at south?
Marco ,   Spain   (11.20.12)
I guess Gaza is no longer a picnic for the
5. #3 I guess it is a taste of your own medecine...
Marco ,   Spain   (11.20.12)
6. As opposed to?
Jack ,   Canada   (11.20.12)
7. Is Israel crazy or what?
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (11.20.12)
Israel would have to be crazy to accept the Hamas conditions. Lift the blockade, open the crossings. and new missles will be smuggled into Gaza within 24 hours. The only condition they should agree to is you stop firing at us and we will stop firing at you.
8. A single drop
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.20.12)
of israeli soldiers' blood is more valuable, than to risky it with a ground offensive. Artillery must be used instead of aircrafts. WHY NOT TO USE GUNS ???
9. TO Marco the spanish onion, no Gaza never
Arlene ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
was a picnic, nowhere is when a force is trying to defend its citizens while trying to avoid harming the enemies citizens. Beleive me if the ISraeli IDF didnt care, wouldnt be much of Gaza left.
10. government are fools
The only thing that will help is Israel liberating territory from the Arab occupation. A good place to start is northern part of the Gaza strip. Israel also needs to build more homes in Judea and Samaria. The Jews have nowhere else to go.
11. GET RID OF SPINESS BARAK. This coward destroying our country
Israeli   (11.20.12)
A tiny group of terrorists are firing at Israel and the leaders haven't destroyed them yet after 6 days? Are they crazy?
12. Arlene so true!
Rachel   (11.20.12)
13. Beersheba under fire
jon ,   uk   (11.20.12)
where are the BBC cameras to show the damage and how people run to shelters closing schools and explain that is why not many people killed in israel hamas are buildung tunnels to smugle rockets they dont care about their people and they use media to show injured and dead (some are staged)to get the world feel sorry for them and to hate istael
14. If the U.S, had rockets firing at its cities for long period
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.20.12)
I do not believe U.S. officials would back out of retaliation after few days. Only perhaps after signing a 100% peace treaty and destroying the enemy's country at least half way.
15. #3 attacking homes, banks
Hell Bent   (11.20.12)
and civilians. That is the price of war..... GET IT?????
16. Israel started it, Israel should END hostilities
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (11.20.12)
In the meantime missiles and mortar will continue gracing your Southern skies, your people will continue to waste in shelters. We shall never forget our children who you started killing on November 8!
17. To muyyad...
Rachel   (11.20.12)
After 12 YEARS of giving you an area, and electric and food and medicine you give to us rockets and bomb shelter living, there is no room for talk. You have disrupted and killed more in shorter time. Get over it the world will only swallow your lies for so long. G-D bless our sons and daughters who defend our lives and home.
18. SF movies
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (11.20.12)
Science fictions movies of the past are turning to be the reality of today. What is happening the last few days between the Israelis and the Gaza terrorists have got only one difference with the movies. Even if in 7 days the Israeli army could have turn the Gaza Strip in to a Tabula Rasa many air strikes are called off as soon as the Israel pilots spot one single child around the targets even if the targets are of strategical importance. Maybe one solution will be that the international community will pay Hamas more for peace then what the Iranians are paying for war?
19. cease fire
stipa ,   corvallis usa   (11.20.12)
Now the coward Obama will send the traitor Hillary Clinton to talk with everyone and make it look like she brokered the cease fire to save her soiled reputation.
20. Muayyad
Moshe ,   Haifa   (11.20.12)
hey arab what about the Fogerl family your ilk slaughtered? no owrry see you soon in the sights of my M4
21. #2 two reasons
World leaders like Obama, Clinton and UN think Jews are not allowed self defense Israeli Leftists don't mind that Jewish kids in south cower in shelters and can't have normal childhood
22. ad terminus quem
caleb ,   israel   (11.20.12)
The curtains are being pulled back and Lady Clinton is showing up on the scene for her presentation of peace. "Something is happening here but you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Jones" Was it all a repeat dress rehearsal and how many times before the real show opens?
23. Money for Bombs
Sue Fuller ,   Gan Yavne Israel   (11.20.12)
Hamas has millions to spend on Rockets and Bombs, where are the millions that they spent on Bomb Shelters for their citizens? Answer: waste of money as civilians in Gaza are useful cannon fodder and public relation items, no dead civilians and children, no world sympathy.
24. #16 The world is starting to see through your lies
A ,   Belgium   (11.20.12)
Photos of an Egyptian minister kissing a dead child...killed when a hamas missile accidentally blew up before launching, pictures of children Syria. Yes, children are being killed because your "brave" terrorists hide and shoot rockets from amongst them, but women and children are not meant to be IDF targets. YOU, cowards that you are, make your own women and children into targets. YOU shoot rockets at schools in Israel! YOU, scum of the earth "palestinians" started this conflict, and now YOU are going to pay the price YOU deserve!
25. I am enjoying this...
Marco ,   Spain   (11.20.12)
One thing the Israelis seem to lack while the Palestinians seem to have plenty off, and that is:COURAGE....
26. #16, MR. Muayyad
bob ,   chennai   (11.20.12)
Please try to rectify your so called information on this matter. It is not just from November 8. last few months the southern Israeli community is under fire from terrorists the stupid arrogance or ill governance of the gazzan leaders are noway stopping it. can you please think a second... some one is throwing stones to your home from the neighbor-- non stop--- you may find a way to stop it. if you throw a stone back, the neighbor will cry and say my children got hit from the stone, and wake up all the village and accuse..please stop this ugly drama and try to develop like any other society and stand for the welfare of your people, than using the society for your illusive Idea of hatred for the welfare of some leaders who have no proper agenda or idea how to build up a country. of course it involves a lot of hard work and love. we value the life and blood of every living forms in this earth and respect it, but don't throw stones to the neighbor in the cover of darkness, your children, and women.
27. #17 Rachel
Marco ,   Spain   (11.20.12)
Has it ever occurred to you Rachel that the Palestinians do NOT need your charity... Under siege for decades where people die in hospitals from lack of medicine and malnutrition while your stupid leaders play God by deciding who lives and who dies and when... Enough is enough. All hell is falling on your heads because of your arrogance. Long gone are the days when Israel could defeat several armies at the same time in few hours. Today even Hamas on its own can show you the gates of hell... Your deterrence is gone for ever...I would consider going back to where ever I came from if I were... you...
28. #20 Moshe
Marco ,   Spain   (11.20.12)
Hey Jew, it would take me days to list your murderous orgies against Palestinian and Lebanese children... If you wonder why I hate your guts so much, its because of the ugly images carried by western news outlets of your countless murder of children whose bodies were shredded to pieces by your mighty IDF in the name of Judaism...
29. When I see the spineless cowards that
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.20.12)
are our "leadership", it makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. We should demand that the government resigns now and those in the cabinet never meddle in politics or security again. And if they do, then they should be put in prison for the rest of their traitorous lives. The same goes for the general staff and any civil servants that back this surrender by Israel. Will they replace our gas masks with white flags? But who would replace them? Is there a political party that wants to defend Israel and destroy our enemies. Who cares about the enemy civilian dead when they are targeting our civilians? All of gaza should be a target for our bombs,shells, rockets and missiles.
30. The palis are so stupid and will never learn!!
Brett Levitas ,   JHB South Africa   (11.20.12)
They attack us and when there is no chance, which there never is and never will be, a chance that they will win, coz they wont, they scurry for a ceasefire. On the other hand, the Israeli governments of the day are stupid to sign ceasefires because the terrorist gaza regime will never honour it as we have with egypt, syria jordan!!
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