US prevents UN statement excluding rockets
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.11.12, 10:51
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1. 99.9% of statement must reflect Islamic terror. Period.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (11.20.12)
2. China and Russia are hypocrites
SNS   (11.20.12)
3. Who copy edited this mess? This story makes no sense.
Scott ,   USA   (11.20.12)
I'm thinking that the author and the copy editor of this piece are not native English speakers.
4. As Ezekiel 38-39 describes:
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.20.12)
Russia, Iran, along with a numerous amount of other nations (their armed forces) gets wiped-out on the Northern hills of Israel by God Himself! God will always protect His chosen people; and, all those who come against Jerusalem will be "...cut to pieces..." But the Psalm 83 War and Isaiah 17:1 will precede this event. God's Word is always true! The enemies' of Israel are the ones who need to worry...not Israel; they'll be fine! It's amazing how so many Israelis' forget God's past miracles. Israel needs to return to their God...our God! All-out war is coming! Draw close to Him--NOW!!! A Christian Zionist
5. Mr. Churkin
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (11.20.12)
Mr. Churkin are you upset that 2 resolution regarding Syria you vetoed? Or maybe you are upset because the State of Israel does not stop and Hamas can do whatever they want? If so why do you kill Chechenians? Mr. Churkin where were you when 100 missiles per day hit Israel before the operation started? Did you go to the UNSC and told Hamas to stop the fire? Based on those unanswered questions, you do not have the right to let the terrorists destroy Israel. You will be better focusing in Syria, the conflict is longer and more deaths
6. NO to Ceasefire Crap
Brod ,   USA   (11.20.12)
So long as Hamas is armed with rockets, there will never be ceasefire. Israel needs to cleanse Gaza of rockets to insure that rocket bombs will never again fall on Israel from Gaza. Israel should not be pressured by external forces to stop its military operation of destroying the enemy's rocket arsenal. Rocket bombardments on Israel are the same as the Holocaust! It is time Israel neutralizes the main sponsor and supplier of these Islamist-Jihadist fanatics surrounding Israel.
7. Russia's like the ugly girl
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.20.12)
that no one wants to be seen dead with. Russia's abuse of Jews is notorious and, not just Jews. Stalin murdered 30 million of his own people. No wonder Russia sides with the barbarians. There is no nation on earth that can compel Israel to put her head on a silver platter. Russia has no dog in this fight and, will not send one man to defend these idiots. But, talk is cheap.
8. Brod, Agreed Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.20.12)
9. Why does Rice need to hear from the President?
Essie HaKohane ,   FL. USA   (11.20.12)
Is she not familiar with US policy? It is apparent that this resolution goes against the US position.
10. ceasefire
Susan Fisher ,   Garland USA   (11.20.12)
"Seek peace and pursue it". Hope you do have peace and all parties cease firing, although I don't remember these measures being asked for except from Israel when Hamas was firing rockets all the previous times. Where are the rockets coming from and how are they getting to Hamas? Israel has to defend herself when attacked. The ceasefire has to come from those initiating the continuous uncalled for barrage. Israel has done what she had to do. Praise God that she still lives. May God help her in her time of need and may all countries prevent her destruction and allow her to continue to do what she has to and help her. Peace. Susan Fisher
11. Ezekiel 38-39
Pricila Vales ,   HAWTHORNE   (11.21.12)
I say amennnnnnn Jake,
12. Russia - the Empire of Evil!!!
Vladimir ,   Yerushalayim   (11.21.12)
Russia has always been the Empire of Evil as former US president Ragen once stated. No matter under what system they live - socialist dictatorship or wild capitalism - Russians are the same. Antisemites and supporters of all dark forces in the world. A very cruel and unjust society. I know what I say. I was born there and spent there almost 40 years of my life.
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.22.12)
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