IDF spokesman: No such thing as 'once and for all'
Published: 20.11.12, 12:14
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1. Not one solution? Raze Gasa to ashes !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.20.12)
2. history
During the First Intifada, corrupt IDF generals declared there was "no military solution", because they wanted Israel to surrender to Fatah. Shamir was elected and ended the First Intifade with almost no effort. Now we hear the same excuses by the general staff appointed by the failed Ehud Barak. These generals should emigrate now, and give command to people who know the meaning of the word victory.
3. Of course there's a way to restore calm completely
Dov   (11.20.12)
Have these Iron Domes turn the rockets 180 degrees back to where it came from and you'll see how the rockets will stop flying when the enemies will disappear and how the anti-Israel world will shut up.
4. Can the IDF please learn to shut up...shut up
Al   (11.20.12)
talk less..dont say anything of value and do more. Never ever say what you feel or think at this time. COS Gantz this spokesman of yours should be fired on the spot.
5. You restore peace and calm by destroying the enemy!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.20.12)
6. ahahahahahahahahahah..oh yea :)
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.20.12)
poor generals, that all what u have !
7. Don't talk like a failure!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (11.20.12)
We don't want to hear those same lame execuses again. There is a solution and solution is iron hand against those who are throwing unprovoked rockets on our cities. Catch their balls and make them bend on their knees. Don't do the same mistake Olmart did in last war. We do not believe in peace agreement. Wipe them off and then we will have peace.
8. If this isthe same Ehud Barak who ran away from Lebanon War
Dov   (11.20.12)
expect the same results - running away in middle. His position of Defense Minister is not made from him and should be taken from him immediately.
9. the only way to deal with this problem
Walt ,   Georgia, U.S.A.   (11.20.12)
is to carpet-bomb Gaza, track, find and kill all the Hamas leaders. Then we should sit down and talk. Personaly, I would also suggest to nuke Teheran.
10. israel loses again
bill ,   canada   (11.20.12)
through out history jews always lose; it is programmed into them; first make all your neighbors hate you; then suffer; now israel makes the whole world hate them; some peoples are born to suffer
11. Have a wall of artillery fire followed by
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.20.12)
ground forces. Any building standing should be hit and destroyed. Any gazan moving shot dead.We need new generals and retired ones kept from talking about security and what we should or should not do.
12. rocket attacks
john ,   toronto   (11.20.12)
I am sure rocket attacks are something no person should have to live under. But the leadership of Israel should not have brought the situation to this point. Gaza is not a part of Israel because the people do not want it to be a part of Israel. If you make a people suffer like this there is going to be a backlash. Talks only can stop such attacks and no amount of soldiers in Gaza is going to stop rocket attacks. It is going back to a situation that no one wants.
13. issues
john ,   toronto   (11.20.12)
Both sides need not rush, let all issues between the people be put to each other. No amount of force can solve this. Overwhelming force will lead to loss of lives of innocent civilians. Let the soldiers not enter gaza because that will be more dangerous.
14. Amen!
Mark ,   Ukrain   (11.20.12)
15. Salma i remind you that palestine doesn't exist
Daniela   (11.20.12)
please keep this in mind. You don't have a state yet and if you go on in this way you will never have it.
16. Why is Army's tongue trotting ahead of Merkava?
Miron ,   USA   (11.20.12)
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.20.12)
There can never be calm between the sons of Esau, Ishmael, Edom, and Israel. For over 3,000 years war has been the chief raison-d'etre for the existence of the nations of the world against the Children of Israel. It has become a natural response to fight a people that has fought off great nations and still exists. Who is protecting Israel??
18. to salma
Chana ,   europe   (11.20.12)
§ 6 Salma: I don’t know what is your "oh yeah", you anyway are loser as whole Palestine. While Israel is growing and becoming nice big important indipendetn state with very good educated nation your goverment is damaging your state and making your nation: poor, non educated people without future. This is victory for you? So you are really insane. Victory is not only about the rockets But about future for the state and with your mentality and government you don’t have one.
19. No "final hit"? Why not "final solution"?
Albrecht   (11.20.12)
# 1 Barbara You are suggesting the same, that some people suggested 70 years ago in Europe .
20. #19
Are you serious? your Suggestion is very offensive. Simply said "final Hit" was translation from hebrew. Original was "zbeng ve gamarnu" Look, gaza unlike peaceful jews in Europe, threatens others with death
21. a solution
aharon ,   bat yam   (11.20.12)
first get rid of Barak. then have his ministry's name changed from Ministry of Defence to Ministry of ATTACK. Then turn Gaza into Dresden 2.
22. argument
john ,   toronto   (11.20.12)
What both states should calculate is how many lives were lost and how much damage was done and who will pay for it. This is an argument that can continue for ever.
23. afghanistan
dr mustafa ,   belfast UK   (11.20.12)
it didnt work in Afhanistan,did it?
24. Re: Of course there's a way to restore calm completely
Christian Schiffer ,   Sandefjord Norway   (11.20.12)
There is no way the Iron Dome can turn their rockets back to their origin, these things are not guided missiles, if they where this would be theoretically possible, but not with crude unguided missiles like these. However a solution would be to have a Stalin organ at every iron dome site which could automatically fire 50 or so rockets back in that proximate direction, every time, fully automated. No other military intervention would be needed and cease fire would also be automated if the Hamas stop fairing rockets. I guess that would do the trick, cost effective too as Stalin Organ missiles are not guided either and would hit just as indiscriminately as the Hamas counterpart. That way the media could not complain about us using advanced technology against "fireworks", that would be "fireworks" against "fireworks".
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