US media: Israel may win battle but Hamas wins war
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.11.12, 13:05
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1. What a shocka!!!!
Carl   (11.20.12)
The NYT and Foreign policy are well known for their ant-Israel bias. In addition, the NYT has been consistently wrong about what it writes about Israel
2. Maybe you'll stop putting ideas into their heads !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.20.12)
3. Unfortunately true
Dov   (11.20.12)
Well, as long as Ehud Barak, the one who ran away in middle of the Lebanon War is Defense Minister, Israel will NEVER win another war even against a few handful of terrorists in Gaza.
4. Geoffrey Goldberg and U.S. MSM
Walt ,   Georgia, U.S.A.   (11.20.12)
would rather see Israeli govt. trying to reason with these morons and talk Israel's way out of killing... They are delusional. When somebody's pointing a gun to your head, you can't call teh police or run away screaming like a baby...
5. funny
Assuming these journalists believe what they wrote, do they actually understand? Israel's action took place in light of a severe escalation of Hamas attacks on military and civilian targets. In their belief system, Jews should just let themselves die so that the press will pay attention to Syria and Abbas will be more important. Now reality: The fact that no one cares how many Arabs kill other Arabs in Syria is not our problem. It just shows that the world considers an Arab life meaninless unless it helps attack a Jew. Abbas is jas bad or worse than Hamas. He represents no one but himself.
6. This is the best reason to remove bibi,
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.20.12)
ehud buraq, the rest of the security cabinet and the general staff from office. We are lead by cowards that refuse to defend us and let terrorists get away with murder and destroying parts of Israel. There should have been a heavy price paid by the terrorists in gaza and the civilians that support them. We will lose with likud/labor/kadima coalitions. How long before we pay a heavy price in loss of our civilians and maybe our country. Also if we do not use the army, then why waste money to train them? Train them for what? Why buy tanks, A.P.C.s and artillery if they are not used? The government sent us into lebanon in 1982. Since then they refuse to use the soldiers in military conflicts. Just to throw Jews out of their houses. Are they afraid of foreign governments that do not want us to defend ourselves? Or are they afraid of the surrender now peace movements and their foreign supporters? Time to start a dump bibi/barak movement now!
7. Abbas was trumped a long time ago by Hamas
Grace ,   USA   (11.20.12)
The world knows Hamas continues to terrorize the Arabs in Gaza. Abbas will never make peace because he is not allowed. He is a front for Hamas to bide time so Hamas can arm. Now Hamas wants Israel and Israel is not giving an inch. Maybe they finally won their own war with the Gazans, but not with Israel. Dream on Aaron Miller.
8. It will be true if we do not finishe the
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.20.12)
job once and for all.
9. Talibans also won and there's100% sympathy for them in Pakis
ab   (11.20.12)
tan too besides Afghanistan
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.20.12)
thank you , Netneyahu, BarAk and Lieberman.
11. some comments by a simple talkbacker about media experts
yair   (11.20.12)
these same Geniuses told us the same thing over lebanon 2 and these same Geniuses told us the same thing over "chomat magen" and these same Geniuses also told us the same thing over "ofert yetsuka" as far as we are concerned they were wrong about all of them (and about at least the first two- objective reality is unequivocally on our for the third- hard to see how hamas was in a better position because of it....but there is some wriggle room if you're an oover choochem leftist scumbag to make the opposite case ) and quite frankly their forefathers said the same over "the sixth day war" (only real difference from today is that then the american MSM also had some honest people and today it doesn't) to top it all- the vast majority of the liberal media geniuses also saw the so called "arab spring" as a muslim velvet revolution (and they still do to varying degrees). in any case none of them see it as the walking ethno-religious war that it actually is....none of them understands how it demonstrates that their anti-semetic lie about israel being the core of the problems in the middle east is wrong and always has been wrong.... so no offense to these a-holes we'll stick to our guns…
12. Journalist projecting
Joe C   (11.20.12)
59% of Americans support Israelis, only 13% support Pals according to CNN. Who cares if The Muslim Brothers are popular among Pala, they all want the Jews dead anyway.
13. The purpose of this war.....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (11.20.12)
is about the safety of the israeli people, children, women and old. Super analizing this situation is ridiculous by people who got a superficial education and eager to come up with "great ideas". What is the difference between Abbas and Hamas? None! They both are enemies of the israeli people!
14. Winning...
SK ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.20.12)
To win, Hamas only needs to survive, and Israel is politically uncapable of using enough ammuntion to ensure that is not the case. While Israel bears some responsibility for the strengthening of Hamas, Islamic radical movements are ascendant throughout the region, and Hamas would likely have triumphed in Gaza regardless of Israel did or did not do.
15. i will stand with Israel!
PINK ELEPHANT   (11.20.12)
US media is narrow minded!
16. @6 he won't go in Gaza unless Iseael lets him go to Iran!
Miron ,   USA   (11.20.12)
That's the best reason. He wants to use Israel for world colonization instead of defending Israel from Hamas with all our might. Rotten baffoon wants a piece of global cake. IDF should have being in Gaza 4 days by now. From the minute when the first 100,000 USD cruize missile flew in Israel.
17. NY Times
Jeffrey in Boston ,   Boston, USA   (11.20.12)
The NYT is nothing more than a left wing, liberal, appendage of the Democrat party. Sadly, owned and operated by left wing Jews, it spews venom and hatred towards Israel. The NYT ownership has incubated in the thought circles that produce people who jeer and boo the inclusion of the mention God and Jerusalem in the platform of the Democrat party. In fact, it says more about Ynet for prominently publishing the views of the hacks at the NYT, than for publishing stories covering the reality of the pain of the good people in Sderot. For shame Ynet, for shame.
18. What this proves
real vision ,   usa   (11.20.12)
is that despite hamas begging the world for more aid for food etc, it showed that they spent much of that aid money on weapons and rockets. It also showed once again the hamas cares little for the welfare for the gazans or israelis. And it proved to the world (except to the arab/muslim world) that Israel has the right to defend its citizens. Now gaza has to rebuild and all the destruction and misery is caused by hamas and the other terrorists firing rockets... Who won the game. Certainly not the gazans and the west bank is not destroyed which it would be if it was firing rockets
19. #14 winning
You want winning? Tomorrow Netanyahu destroys all illegally built Arab structures in Area C. He accepts the Levy Report and starts 10000 new building units in Judea and Samaria. He repopulates Sa-Nur and Homesh. He liberates the lands of Nisanit, Alei Sinai and Dugit from the occupation. Not one Arab would die, no soldier would be risked, Sderot would be safe and yet it would be a tremendous victory for Israel.
20. Israel should be destroying Gaza to show the Palestinians
naro ,   nyc   (11.20.12)
Gaza should be destroyed utterly to show Palestinians that rockets are not the answer. Instead Israel is supplying Gaza with electricity, food , water and medicine so they can continue the war and manufacture more rockets. Israel's leaders talk big, but are afraid of their own shadow. They are afraid to jeopardize their future lucrative lecture speaking circuit. What a disgrace.
21. Israel & Hamas
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.20.12)
In the 1980's Israel gave overt and covert support to Hamas in order to counterbalance the strength of the PLO. Today we are doing exactly the same thing. We grow stupider year by year.
22. what about Anonymous ?
bill ,   canada   (11.20.12)
seems israeli media are ignoring the cyber attacks taking place against israel right now; Anonymous speaks for millions; another example of how badly israel is losing on every front; except killing children and civilians where israel reigns supreme
H ROSEN ,   PA USA   (11.20.12)
24. Problem with the BBC and US media
elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas!   (11.20.12)
The NYT is a vile propaganda machine. The mainstream media cannot be trusted to present facts at all. Boycott not only their news, but there programming---all of it. Find some other source of entertainment.
25. They Don't Have Lose To Be Losers
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.20.12)
and we don't have to win to be winners.
26. This is not the battle but a skirmish
Beauchard ,   Amsterdam   (11.20.12)
The American infotainment media promotes a peace between Israel and the Palestinians based on the Clinton parameters. If you agree with this vision, then Hamas is now a victor: a terrorist organization that is being courted by the whole world, the darling of the Palestinian street. If you do not agree with the American vision, then you could not care less which terrorist organization runs the Palestinians. However this is a one dimensional analysis. People who live in southern Israel are more interested in stopping the rockets than in these hypotheses. My own opinion is completely different. This is not the battle but a skirmish. The battle will be with Iran. If whoever rules the Palestinians decides to join in, then Israel will have a much freeer hand to take them out. Therefore I conclude that the analysis of the American infotainment media is not right or wrong but irrelevent.
27. these journalists understand 0
jay abouaf ,   jaffa israel   (11.20.12)
28. To Salma
A girl from Israel   (11.20.12)
If that's what you call "winning" , than I really fill sorry for you. do you know what winning will be for you? winning wil happen the day you'll decide to rebuild gaza, to develope edocation,tourism and so on... unfotunately it's not in your call destrucion winning even if its your own.... strange people indeed
29. Not one US publication says that Hamas won.
naro ,   nyc   (11.20.12)
Ynet is CREATING demoralizing anti Israel propaganda, and is trying to demoralize the Israeli public, as though there is any solution except massive bombing and destruction of Gaza. The Arabs of the West Bank will only realize that Hamas is NOT the answer when they see Gaza destroyed.
30. Hamas won, the Palestinians lost
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.20.12)
1) If Hamas is taking over the Palestinian cause then a Palestinian state is less likely than ever before 2) The Palestinian people lose through being dominated by a fanatical Islamic regime Of course if this is what they want they can be happy to forever be a backward ignorant self- enclosed people 3) When Gazans emerge from their homes and see the wreckage around them it is doubtful that they will give credit to Hamas Economic and social development has been sacrificed for another futile exercise in hate 4) How can an organization which is so backward, so xenophobic, so racist be regarded as winning anything Their very existence is in human terms self- defeating
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