Who needs a victory shot?
Eitan Haber
Published: 20.11.12, 21:01
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1. He's right...it will continue ...is that what Zionism has
Edithann ,   USA   (11.20.12)
meant? A never ending war, but then Jews have been in perpetual war with non Jews since Canaan... TATA
2. Enough Room
Zivron   (11.20.12)
There was always enough I room for both people's from 1882 certainly 1920 as technology and medicine advanced but more on the social concept of redistribution when people got too rich forgiveness of debt and no usury and the corner of the field left for the poor.
3. Correction Please
rebecca ,   Modiin   (11.20.12)
The Arabs (Palestinian people) have been in a state of war with the Jews for more than 120 years now. Israel and the Jews would prefer to be in a state of peace with our neighbors.
4. Image of a changed Hamas charter maybe
rebecca ,   Modiin   (11.20.12)
or maybe a Hamas leadership begging for peace? What would satisfy this author?
5. Seven years of rockets..
Yehuda Lev ,   Holit   (11.20.12)
Is not a mood swing Mr. Haber. You are wrong. People of your mindset are leading us to destruction.
6. How About This?
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.20.12)
Bibi Netanyahu standing on a pile of dead Gaza baby corpses? Would that satisfy Israeli bloodlust?
7. e haber= nonsense
y-man ,   budapest   (11.20.12)
"The Zionist Movement, in its different forms, has been in a state of war with the Palestinian people for more than 120 years now. " The "Palestinian people" were invented in 1970, at an Arafat visit to Moscow.
8. Topple Hamas and offer it back to Egypt (and only Egypt)
Jake ,   USA   (11.20.12)
9. "Palestinian people"
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (11.20.12)
Mr Haber, Palestinian people was invented in 1960s, so we couldn't have 120 years of wars with it. More important, you do not suffer missile terror and you don't mobilise 40 or 70 thousand soldiers just to reach another "ceasefire" and add another sheet of toilet paper to the roll of Arab promises and agreements. Wake up, please.
10. SECURE BIG ISRAEL/Sinai back/Arab transfer/BALANCE....PEACE.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.20.12)
11. haber -you are responsible
milson   (11.20.12)
israel's bad geostrategic position is due to you, rabin, peres,olmert and livni so you ought to be more modest. You and amir oren, and sarid and others who never did combat are all the same-turn the other cheek and hamas and fatah will live in peace with israel in some utopian arrangment. What horsesh**t.
12. Fighting until there is silence
Jonathan Matkowsky ,   Modiin, Israel   (11.20.12)
You have created a straw man argument. You say that people want a victory image. I haven't heard anything of the sort. People want silence. This means we cannot stop until there are no rockets coming into Israel at least for several days from Gaza. To stop this war while rockets are firing at us would be a horrible result.
13. IDF keeps bombing empty buildings and fields.
naro ,   nyc   (11.21.12)
Stop this crazy policy of bombing evacuated buildings. And shut off the electricity in Gaza.
14. What a nonsense!
Daniel ,   JM   (11.21.12)
The author of the article says nothing because he has nothing to say. When a wise man has nothing to say he shuts up. When Mr. Haber has nothing to say he keeps uttering slogans. "There is no military solution!", "We must continue negotiations as if there is no war!". "They are proud people, we must respect that!". What a load of tosh! We all know what a victory shot is. We all know what victory is. Victory is a flag on top of the Reichstag. Victory is enemy leader's signature on the declaration of unconditional surrender. A decisive military victory will bring unconditional surrender and a lasting peace. Nothing else has ever worked in the history of humankind. Think about it. Would negotiations and truces have ended the Second World War? QED.
15. Israel needs yitzhak rabin
Kahlun ,   Helsinki   (11.21.12)
1994-95 was real chance when rabin was making peace but peace is not written in the fate of israelies. When rabin was killed peace was buried with him now worse leader like netanyahu liberman barrak are leading us towards wars and killing the samall babies for threir elections we say muslim voted for brotherhood in egypt to morsi is bad but in israel people voted liberman netanyahu and guys like these who will destroy this country one day be sure
16. Victory
Jonathan Ottenstein ,   Brooklyn NY 11203   (11.21.12)
Israel should have total victory What is total victory is like what the allies had over Nazi Germany in 1945 They should invade and destroy until Hamas gives unconditional surrender Total victory is the only real answer that insure no rocket attacks will occur
17. Mr. Haber, it's Israel on the line. Do you need it?
Miron ,   USA   (11.21.12)
Don't tell me it's not. It is. US never recognized Israel. And apparently until Mr. Bush junior letter never even bound herself to any obligations with regards to borders or territories. That is why Mr. Obama never had any issues disawoving George W. Bush's letter. It contradicted a century old US position with regards to Israel. In fact US baked up both, Arab armies in their re - conquest of Southern Syria territory, lawfare against Israel sovereignty, by granting nomadic tribes in what is today Israel and than liberally assigning to these tribes anyone settling in their virtually outlined territorial bounds based on ethnic reason. They include everyone but of Jewish descent and call it equality. It turns out there is a lot of staff going on that was hidden under so - called "Israel". If you are for dismissal of Israel today, you are right, who cares about victory or losing except woefull war mongers who dream up of slaughtering babies. It's back to Bin Laden's argument. About nations, aspirations and other demagoguery. With the end result that Israel is illegitimate ( which is legal US position ). And from the point of Arabs should be dealt with military, from the point of US diplomatically. So, there is only one position left. It's Israel own. If you declare Israel defunct in major press organ for kicks in giggles, that's fine. But it does not work this way. When major press organs declare state defunct the states get dissolved. Which, I admit, completely Israel own business. Good luck, Sir.
18. correction
moshe ,   modiin   (11.21.12)
Israel has not been at a state of war with the palestinian people for 120 years since the term "Palestinian" was unheard of till the 1960's.. There was the Jewish population living in mandatory Palestine and the Arab population living in mandatory Palestine. When the Arabs needed to resort to the myth that they were poor, downtrodden people who were evicted from the homes by rich Jews escaping the Holocaust and all they wanted was their own nation, then it was convenient to come up with the "Palestinian" term. I guess Mr. Haber calls it "at war" when before there was even a Jewish state the Arab population living in Palestine sought to annhilate the jewish population living in Palestine. that's not war that's genocide. lefties like haber are unable to understand that the Arab world deeply desireas to erase the jewish independent state from the Middle east. Compromise is only viewed as weakness. Besides why should jews compromise what legally is their sovereignty? Don't forget the W. Bank was an illegal occupation (as near unanimously determined by the UN at the time) which Jordan illegally occupied in a war of aggression in 1948.
19. @1
If what you say about Jews is true, why on earth would non-Jews become Christians and Muslims? Why not remain Pagans? After all Paganism and Judaism have no connection. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all have connections. Perhaps you should found a new religion that has nothing to do with Judaism, since after all, Jews are in perpetual war with non-Jews according to you. If we're at war why would you adopt a religious doctrine that was based off Jews?
20. Face it Netanyahu is yellow
Rachel ,   US   (11.21.12)
21. concept of victory image is so wrong
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.21.12)
We, meaning Israelis living in Israel, do not need any victory image, nor do we need a cease fire. The enemy, Hamas, uses it to re-consider their successes and failures and to re-arm for the next round - which is certain to come, if not this year than next year. We are not interested in political images or political achievements but in a lasting peace, such as the US made with Japan, after bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We need a real peace meaning where we, the Israelis, can freely walk in Gaza just like the Palestinians can freely walk in downtown Jerusalem with no fear of being attacked.
22. Garbage; Haber move to sderot
Daniel ,   Beer sheve   (11.21.12)
Is he the hamas spokespersons? He is doing a good job.
23. Imagine people of Haber's ilk occupying Downing st. in 1939!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.21.12)
24. Is that what our IDF is becoming these days?
Avi ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
Military posers!
25. Hypocrisy.
Aviad ,   Holon, Israel   (11.21.12)
It's seems that our demand from the international community to be aware our situation and to realize are motivated to living calmly is ridiculous. we all know the history. U.S.A and England were never stoped from striking their enemies, when they had to end the attack on their civilians.
26. GHAZA war
Mahmood ,   Jakarta   (11.21.12)
You can be proud of your IDF. But occupying a land by sheer force of your for now superior military might, will end sooner or later. Illegal Occupation which you might call a norm but it is a crime of civilization, will come to an end. Your military superiority will not last long. In the next five years you are in big trouble. IF you dare, attack Iran without the support of USA. You will be finished within 5 days. USA might or might not back your occupation policy forever. Power of Jewish money and lobbying could not elect Romney, just an example of more to come and hit you very hard. Arab awakening is NOT in your favor. Time is against current Israeli land grab policy. Your leaders must become wise one day. I pray for that day. You can exist in peace but so the Palestinian nation, independent side by side you with dignity and freedom. Not an occupying slaves as it is now.
27. Military victory = RETAKE Gaza
Ezra ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
Nothing short of a complete take over of Gaza with the total elimination of Hamas will be a VICTORY for Israel. Status quo ceasefires only postpone all out war. Do the job right and it will also be a message to Arabs in the West Bank not to mess with Israel. For once,show them you're not playing games.
28. עמוד האש
Jose Cunha ,   Sao PAulo - Brasil   (11.21.12)
Why not launch a new operation - עמוד האש And tell them what fire means.
29. nutralize
missles nutralize air force becouse it came tomorrow
30. To # 16 Netanyahu and Leiberman both said that
Stan ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
Before the elections in 2009, they both said that if they were elected, they would destroy Hamas. They learnt (as you should too), that talk is easy, actions are far more complicated especially when you are a head of state.
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