Rocket fired at Jerusalem; 6 hurt in Eshkol
Ilana Curiel
Published: 20.11.12, 16:48
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1. Arabs relinquish rights to Jerusalem
Talula ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
They had us believe it was where the Prophet Mohammed came to earth - and therefore one of the holiest places in Islam. Guess that's null and void now, since they are trying to hit it with rockets. You don't do that to your 'holy' city. Seriously! can anyone make any sense of that? I'd love an answer from an Israeli hating Arab - please.
2. Blast al Aqsa immediately
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.20.12)
Next time arab master shooters will aim more accurately.
3. If they hit the Al Aksa Mosque
Israelit ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
Will the Muslim world get angry at them?
4. LOL! The rocket fell on Palestinian area in WB!
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.20.12)
Please stupid Hamas go ahead with such hits!
5. #3
mendy ,   rbsa, israel   (11.20.12)
of course not it will probaly be our fault Wouldn't it?
6. @3 yes & if they hit the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem....
Jerusalemite ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
or the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem... the Christians will be angry!
7. Hope the next one will fall on the mosque at the Kotel
8. Lessons
John ,   Herzliya   (11.20.12)
I guess that you will never learn. Shoot a rocket a Al Aqsa and say that it was fired from Gaza. Hamas is lying all the time, you should learn something...
9. Wellcome Mr. Ban-Ki Moon
Deena   (11.20.12)
Well maybe now Mr. Ban Ki Moon will have an idea of what terror feels like. Later we will Hamas making themselves victims!
10. #3
Silvan ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
No the Muslim world will not get angry with them because once again the arabs will twist the truth and say Israel launched the missile! --just like the shark attacks in Egypt near Eilat it was the Mossad who put the sharks in the water to ruin Egyptian tourism lol!
11. It's so funny!
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.20.12)
Hams proudly anounces they fired on Jerusalem. Don't forget, dudes, to tell your npopulation that you hurt Palestinians, because it fell on WB territory! LOL! They claim to win!
12. Dear Ynet editor kindly explain y #4 & 11 r posted!
Sarita Montiel ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.20.12)
There is absolutely nothing funny about this situation where Jews, Christians and Moslems are under constant rocket attack in Israel. To put up posts that make fun of this situation is quite a bit more than just irresponsible on your is insulting to all of us who are within the rockets range.
13. what's with the laughing idiot from Vienna?!
14. No rockets, No weapons=No terrorism
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine Il   (11.20.12)
iran and other muslim nations are the cause of terrorism and muslim racism. Cut the head off of the snake the the body will die. iran needs to stop shipping arms to the racist terrorists. Either destroy gaza and lebanon or iran. WW3 is coming, now is the time to destroy the enemies of civilization
15. #3 NO because the palestinians will say - "Israel did it" !
Daniela   (11.20.12)
16. why was there no ceasefire
gingimax ,   istanbul   (11.20.12)
like there was when morsi went to gaza?
17. Any truce will only be temporary and will
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.20.12)
be a clear display of another defeat for Israel . One can expect Egypt to be bribed with receiveing $2 billion in US aide. What a failed leadership we have "across the board "
18. Palatine II
Taltul ,   Tel-Aviv   (11.20.12)
why does #14 say Palatine II??!!
19. #18 Palatine Illinois I suppose.
Gracey ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
20. What goes around...
Marni Linden ,   New York   (11.20.12)
Remember during the Gulf War some Arabs were dancing and celebrating on their rooftop bec. Israel was being attacked when a Scud landed on them? Hah!
21. If a ceasefire deal fails
Zivron   (11.20.12)
If a ceasefire deal fails a war of attrition commences and unlike the seige of Stalingrad and the ghettos in Poland fair war rationing needs to be contemplated and organised .The galutought to realise that like Mordechai warned Queen Ester the Jews in the Gallus will suffer if Jewish israel is defeated and ought sell their mansions for support ofjewish Israel and self defense against antisemitism.Give a chance for a Truce but if it fails ----
22. Bombing
David Asleson ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.20.12)
#3 The Arabs will blame Israel. They will say the rocket was launched by the army.
23. Please! No more status quo with Hamas!
Shep Fargotstein ,   Memphis   (11.20.12)
Invade Gaza, search out al of their weapons, seal the tunnels, secure the Phlidelphia corridor, and get Egypt to agree to sescuring their side of the border!
24. Al Aksa Mosque
Rie Olsen Bali ,   denmark   (11.20.12)
I will pray for the next rocket from militant muslim will eliminate Al Aksa Mosque
25. To the Fatwas Preclude Goldstone?
Noah Lev ,   LosangelesUSA   (11.20.12)
As an acress on Law and Order says, "we will end you". 'to Israel: end this nonsense..declare marshal law,declare war on Hamas, hurt them decidey Sto the US medias infauation with the Pales side ( "its a lopsided war"). Perhaps our reporters woudl prefer more dead Jews to even out the equation? They could look north to Syria and its 40,000 dead Sunnis thanks to Assads thugs (and fellow Arabs). Whether Sunni or Shia, they are all Arabs guys. Egypts outh were side swiped bgy the MB with its organization and influence...60m Arabs and 10m Christians, hoodwinked galore. How many in Irans jails still? Israel simply did what any other country would do, it struck back avoiding collateral damage as much as possible. Perhaps Israel should give them something to scy about and rally deal with the problem..fac it..hit them where it hurts, below the belt. Take out their homes hospitals, mosques, schools..emulate what Hamas is atempting to Israel. Fire rockets and bombs indiscriminately. Aim at school childrenvand workers, buses and crowds. Nos that woudl be an aggressive Israel, but oh those Goldstones., still quiet. Traitors as he was to his own people. I ask, do the fatwas preclude him? .
26. Hitler said, who remembers the Armenians
Steve Rosen   (11.20.12)
Erdogan and his Turkish Islamists would like the world to forget that Turkey murdered 1.5 million Armenians. Turkey also murdered 500,000 Greeks and ethnic cleansed the Cypriots from half of Cyprus.
27. They did not cease...
ARS ,   Efrat, Israel   (11.20.12)
When Morsi visited Gaza, Israel ceased firing, but Hamas just kept right on sending rockets over. This is the problem, they just refuse to stop, even for an hour, even when there is an "agreement".
28. the wisdom of solomon
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.20.12)
before the world tries to sort out the jewish and the arab claims to jerusalem, we should remind them of the story of the wisdom of solomon: the real mother was not the one prepared to cut her child in half. if anything shows the falsehood of arab claims to jerusalem, it is the rockets being fired at the holy place of the jews, by the moslem extremists of gaza.
29. Hit any target, they are all legitimate now.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.20.12)
30. #28 Tom - Well said! Muslim claim to Jerusalem is fraud
Carl ,   USA   (11.20.12)
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