Israel 'strikes' world opinion using new media
Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.11.12, 10:07
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1. Finally, you get a PR kol ha-kavod from me
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (11.21.12)
2. Lousy PR. Media,world wonder why Israel doesn't make peace.
Sam ,   Canada   (11.21.12)
What Israel doesn't get across is that Israel can't make peace because the Palestinians want the door left open to them turning Israel into a Arab Muslim majority country. The world doesn't understand that lifting the blockade, uprooting settlements or giving the Palestinians a state doesn't end the conflict. The Palestinians refuse to live next to a Jewish majority Israel for the long term. That is the root cause of the conflict and the media and international community don't get it.
3. Waste of time and money
Nina ,   NYC   (11.21.12)
You're not going to change anyone's mind until you end the occupation. These stunts are viewed as tasteless by western audiences. It will bomb like Bibi's Iran bomb at the UN.
4. And the leftist norwegian state tv and radio..
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.21.12)
...produces a mixture of comments from leftis israeli soldiers who have rejected to enter the strip, and a look-alike true Israel-hater Hilde Henriksen Waage, with her airy conclusions, often with no logical coherency. The main conclusion today is , that the normal, (non-leftist) origin population of Norway, are now able to see through the twisted and often wrongly news which is produced by the leftist in the media. And, correctly understand that the leftists friends, hamasss, is the main reason for the deadly violence and cruelty in Israel.
5. ridiculous campaign
james ,   london england   (11.21.12)
As usual Israel practises total denial. None of those countries are stealing and occupying another people's land and keeping 2 million of those people under control with no civil rights.
6. #3 Afraid of the facts?
Tahl   (11.21.12)
If the Palestinians are allowed to spoonfeed the world media with their lies and manipulations, it is only fair that we would have the opportunity to dispel those lies with hard facts, and bring forth our own side. Are you afraid of the truth will ruin your agenda?
7. @ No5 James
Edward ,   Qatar   (11.21.12)
What is ridiculous is your lack of understanding of the real situation. Israel has not stolen land. Israel is not occupying Gaza. Gaza has it's own government, that sadly chooses to invest in terror rather than building a thriving economy. Most educated people understand that there are Iran (and other) sponsored factions in Gaza that will do anything to destabilise the region. Anything Israel does will always be wrong, because the simple fact is that no Muslim country of the Middle East wants a Jewish State regardless of any conditions.
8. west
john ,   toronto   (11.21.12)
No western country has a Palestine. As much as it is not right to fire bombs the siege of Gaza is wrong.
9. occupation
john ,   toronto   (11.21.12)
no amount of pr will convince many . end the occupation and start talks with hamas.
10. What has PR got to do with it?
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (11.21.12)
With a son by Gaza and a wife working by the bus that exploded in TA and saw it all...what does PR got to do with it? Ask me or most Israelis what they care about's certainly not what others around the world think about us. They can litearlly go to hell as far as I'm concerened, as that's where most Jew / Israel haters belong. Why give them the time of day at our expense? The IDF has a job to do. Personally, I prefer to see an IAF real air strike that will send them back to the stone age so they can better reconcile their religion with their surroundings. They place suicide belts around their babies, we fondle them with love. You tell me which future generation its best to see survive?
11. @5 hypocrite !!!!!
Brettania ,   Revivim, Israel   (11.21.12)
because yeah England Never Colonized by force any country ever - ever ....nor did Spain gosh where did all those Aztecs and Incas disappear to ? what people with no rights Israel pulled out of Gaza 6 years ago they have no rights because of their hamas Leaders we pulled out and still continue to supply water and electricity while they shoot bombs at us blow up our buses - my boss is a Bedouin please don't tell me that there are rights issues here - these anti Israel lies are repetitive and wearing thin
12. congratulations FELICIDADES
hola ,   uruguay   (11.21.12)
For the first time i say congratulations to israelis propaganda. israel still need to do much more about propaganda but this is the begining
13. LOL!!
So funny   (11.21.12)
Just like Iran, photoshopping fake images.
14. #5 why ridiculous?
martin ,   uk   (11.21.12)
were the pictures of thelondon bombings in real life so ridiculous? the bbc and fuardian are infamousd for their bile when it comes israel. ask why the bbc is blocking at great expense to block the balen report. with a meedia that is only too keen to accept all arab allegations as true and unable to explain the news,history facts from israel's point of view, anything might help. this is a good exercise, but an israeli satellite channel is the only real effective answer to critics who are ignorant of facts and the misrepresentaton of "facts"
15. beary white
marti ,   uk   (11.21.12)
good point. It was noted that the new fm eide is unaware that israel does not occupy gaza, as he stated. either that or he knowingly lied. says a lot about the communist elite establishment in norway. do you check israwhat (norway israel and the jews), or
16. Nina, I guess the Israelis have learnt from
Macey ,   of the truth   (11.21.12)
the palis just how to do it......but guess what, the Israelis are far more sophisticated. Nina, this time its also a cyber war and Israelis can now see just how much support they have against the terror of Hamas. Sorry Nina, seems this time you are loosing your paliwood war!
17. Hamas has many videos on youtube
Ben ,   fanatastic Israel   (11.21.12)
against Israel, but now we have seen what they do to their people on these videos, no sympathy. A video shows how horrendously they deal with those against them. They drag them behind a bunch of bikers. They used to do this with horses, nows its a bike, modern equipment, dark age mentality. Obvious why Egypt only wanted Sinai back and NOT GAZA! .
18. pitiful
bill ,   canada   (11.21.12)
israel has accomplished nothing; the pitiful israeli army is afraid to go into gaza; air power and missles do not change anything; only boots on the ground with hundreds of civilian deaths; and then what; reenergized boycotts; more freedom flotillas; israel is on a steep spiral dive; peace with your neighbors is the final solution
19. #18 billy boy
JL   (11.21.12)
we intend to take them down to the last man...then u can squeal all you want
20. bill aka john from canada
HaifaGuy   (11.21.12)
Hey mahmoud, shoo akhbar ya zalami?
21. @9
Ex-Canuck ,   Ramat Gan   (11.21.12)
When you quit occupying the lands of the Native Indians, then you can talk. The siege prevents bombs from entering Gaza and killing Israelis, if you have a problem with that then you expose yourself as not being pro-Palestinian but only anti-Israel
22. Cyber equality- new rules of the road
Mea   (11.21.12)
Of course Israelis feel they are on the front lines and shouldn't have to do this but there are huge huge disadvantages to not taking up the cyber fight. For one thing it has been manned by foreign supporters on blogs all this time--which has done little good without help from Israelis sorely lacking in how to speak to western media. Listen, the sad truth is, the public impresion results in policy. Israel finally grasps that using media helps Israel in many ways. The blogs have been absolutely stuffed with positive support for Israel all around. In fact the truth of the importance of this arena is spelled out beautifully today when Haniyeh renounced the execution of the six so alled colloborators who were dragged through the streets like damned dogs. Haniyeh was fretting over the images being in western media. My suggest Israelis wholeheartedly support their governments very wise efforts because it will help on many fronts: tourism, policy support (don't forget Iron Dome was brought to you w/US funding), and perhaps some enlightenment in the new slog for Jewish votes.
23. In spite oh Hasbara, the world still knows about israel's
Jim ,   USA   (11.21.12)
aggresion, genocide and racism. PR can't hide the truth.
24. Jimmy Boy No 23!!
Brett Levitas ,   JHB South Africa   (11.22.12)
You speak of genocide and how the world know of Israels racism etc etc. 2 questions in all your wisdom I would love to hear your answer too!! 1) Is it racism that every arab county puts the poor palastinians into refugee camps and have had them there since they were supposedly forced out of Israel?? 2) Is the murder of what I understand to be HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF IRAQI'S also genocide on the part of iranian supported terrorists?? No doubt in your mind this is OK much like you and the rest of the blind, scared or stupid have very little to say about the mass killing by assod in syria. And lastly jimmy boy, go to ISR and syria and see which people are more evil!!
25. #8, #9 john, #13 so, #18 bill, #23 jim - re:edward #7
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.22.12)
You do not miss the point(s), you ignore them. Edward #7 says it very well. Hamas (and many others) has proven they simply will not accept the ‘other’. You also ignore their “wonderful” (hah!) treatment of Christian arabs, not to mention their treatment of “brother arabs” who are members of other sects (Sunni, Shia, etc.) Israel is not occupying land; they have taken back what was stolen. Read some history; you’ll definitely learn something. #13: the difference is that Israel says they are photoshopped. Hamas and Iran say theirs are real. No comparison, except for those who don’t think. Caution: If you open your eyes you won’t like what you see, as facts, reality, totally negate your wishful thinking.
26. #23 jim
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.22.12)
“the world knows”, or any such language, is indicative of your need for your own [ridiculous] opinion to be accepted by others.
27. With Such Brilliant Minds in Science and Industry
meir elazar   (11.22.12)
why can't we get some in the government?
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