Naftali Bennett: Tear Gaza in two
Published: 21.11.12, 10:40
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1. Tear Gaza down
Oye ,   Lagos   (11.21.12)
I hope the decision makers can hear you. Tear Gaza into pieces.
2. right
Jewish ,   Europe   (11.21.12)
Yes! because we are quite and suffering it without response whole world will say ,"just throw it on Israel they are use to it" We have to act with the faith in our Holy G-d that will protect us and save us from all bad. End of terorism right now!
3. finally a politico with brass ones
Bob ,   USA   (11.21.12)
About time somebody talked about an actual solution. Kudos ! The only other actual solution is pushing all the residents out and annexation. Yeh, that will fly.
4. wishi washi endings
tiki ,   belgium   (11.21.12)
Israel, because of world opinion, never finishes the job, but always settles for compromises for which her citizens pay the prize. Israel was founded to protect her citizens and not let them hide in shelters & stairways! If Israel let's this opportunity (where all citizens support her) go, she lost her reason to be and becomes the playball of the countries & people who want nothing else than to destroy her! Mr. Bennett is 100% right!
5. Looks like some people...
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.21.12)
..listen o our talkbacks...hamassss must be defeated or evacuated to the US wants as an option.
6. Tear Gaza Down and Smash Hamas
Moshe ,   Givataim   (11.21.12)
Let's tear it down, and smash this guys, so we dont have to send them even to Libya
7. Send Hamas to Londonistan.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (11.21.12)
8. As I predicted in other Talkbacks
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
The failure of the government to finish cutting out the Hamas cancer, as the people want, will encourage growth for the hardline far-right parties. Obviously there are different opinions out there, but most people I see in talkbacks, and know in real life, believe that if Hamas are not dealt with properly, they will just come back.
9. real smart
peter ,   tel aviv   (11.21.12)
we tear Gaza in two thus creating a third enclave of terror? Now that is a really smart move. One more place to worry about and start building an intelligence network. No wonder even Bibi got fed up with that nitwit.
10. He's absolutely right.
Ypip ,   Canada   (11.21.12)
Netanyahu, Barak and Lieberman are handing over Israel to its enemies on a silver platter! All three of them are going against the advise of military command and intelligence and being dictated to by Obama who's placing Morsi in charge of a "peace treaty"!!!! NO! NO! NO!
EM ,   Ra'anana   (11.21.12)
Political bravado with short-term menory. We WERE in Gaza, we HAD that "buffer zone" and we tore Gaza into pieces a number of times. Current government is doing a brilliant job of fighting, and weakening the terrorist regime without slaughtering civilian population and even holding on to world opinion. I am not a Netanyahu supporter...but his cool, calculated actions might eventually bring us quiet on the Gazan border. Instead Bennet proposes entrenching us AGAIN, and deeper into that swamp...without any regard to the human/humane costs.
one   (11.21.12)
13. Reclaim & Annex Philladelphi corridor
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.12)
Is the obvious interim target, then take time cleaning up, install detectors for underground activity and stop them
14. voices
john ,   toronto   (11.21.12)
such voices should have no place in a society. tearing gaza down will not reduce threat of Gaza. military men can never think properly.
16. Growing signs of WHAT ceasefire?
tal sharvit ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
For three days journalists all around the world have been dropping this tag, 'amid signs of a ceasefire'. What on earth are you talking about? Dozens of rockets all day and night scoring direct hits on homes, and now a bus piguah? Why on earth would we cease fire in the midst of this? Please quit verbalising such false thinking; especially when the Prime Minister needs all the courage and encouragement he can muster to order a measures which will really put a stop to thiis brazen violence against our land and people--and so as to keep it from happening again in two weeks!!
17. Gaza is the symptom. Iran is the problem!
doron ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
Wake up!!!
18. Operation against Bibi's angels
Dan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.21.12)
Bibi, its time, past the time to stand up and be a man. Its time, past the time to remove the cancer from the land. That cancer has two legs, it can move on its own, even out of The Land, if it desires to do so, help them to desire to do so.
19. Do what must be done!
Johannes ,   Norway   (11.21.12)
I'm afraid the Israeli government hasn't got the guts to follow Naftali Bennett's advise, and again will let inhabitants pay as they go for a compromise "settlement"! And the Philladelphi corridor must NOT be under control of Hamas terrorists!
20. Ground offensive means massive casualties
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Jordan   (11.21.12)
The result of any ground offensive will be many deaths on both sides including IDF and Gazan civilians. Lives shouldn't be tossed away so easily. I don't want my friends and loved ones to die because hotheads want an invasion.
21. Naftali Bennet has My Vote
Israelit ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
Out with Bibi and Barach. They can take Liberman with him, another sell-out there.
22. 17-Egypt and Iran are Obama's job!
Ypip ,   Canada   (11.21.12)
Him and Clinton should stay there and mind their own business!
23. Bennett for Prime Minister NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Shaul ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
He is the only man in Israel with the brains, guts and faith to do what HAS TO BE DONE to protect Israel. Stop the dreaming. Let a real man take over.
24. To #15
Israeli ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
I'm pretty sure Naftali Bennett has been in every war since 1990 and is a Major in Sayeret Matkal, the top unit in the IDF and he is still in reserves. He is definitely one person who has spent his life thus far putting his money where his mouth is. Why don't you show some respect?
25. Bennett is a Major in an elite IDF Unit
Israeli ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
26. How to end the war now.. And to stop the rockets.
Dan S.   (11.21.12)
Tell the Hamas in no uncertain terms that unless the hostilities end, they will truly witness not the 'gates of hell', but hell itself. Then march all those draft dodging, freeloading Haredim to the Gaza border. Make it clear that if the missiles don't stop coming into Israel, the Haredim won't stop coming into Gaza. Plus, since the Haredim hate Israel so much, they should be in good company.
27. Divide gaza into 10 sections.
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.21.12)
Place a brigade of 155mm howitzers and a brigade of 120mm mortars. Then start to fire into gaza and make sure occupied buildings are hit. Let their civilians suffer. Let them not know if they will be the target of a shell. When the terrorists see their families and friends dead or wounded, maybe they will surrender or die themselves. We can retake gaza afterwards and make sure there are no more palis there forever.
28. Annex a square kilometer for every rocket
Aaron ,   Los Angeles   (11.21.12)
Start along the PA/Egypt border. Dump the residents on the Egyptian side. Destroy all tunnels. First, Fill them with vast amounts of poisonous smoke so their entrances on the Egyptian side are exposed.
29. Land for peace... time for Israel to take back land!
James Taylor ,   Australia   (11.21.12)
Like #28 above... time for Israel to start taking back land. I couldn't agree more.. 1 square km for every rocket... make it known that is the policy.... and then just start... make a big buffer ... its called a war! No freedom of movement, no checkpoints.. the buffer doesn't have to be exact... start by dropping leaflets in about 5 areas saying Israel is going to bomb... Hamas will of course send the population to those areas... then Israel can bomb the areas where everyone moved out of! Oh.. and play "Um Yisroel Chai" in the morning for an hour or so and in the evening for an hour or so from overhead drones!
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko, Israel   (11.21.12)
Create a permanent buffer zone. They complain that we occupy already. Make it the truth.
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