Hamas official criticizes execution of suspected collaborators
Roi Kais
Published: 21.11.12, 13:30
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1. At Last
Tal ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.12)
the world will see Hamas and it's followers for the barbaric animals that they really are.
2. The bodies will prolly be used in Palestinian propaganda
Experienced   (11.21.12)
And they *will* be counted as innocent Palestinian casualties brutally killed by Israel.
3. Hamas and the law of the jungle
ab ,   therock   (11.21.12)
4. BBC reported these deaths as Israeli spies
David ,   Montpelier USA   (11.21.12)
BBC reports these 6 executions and subsequent body mutilations as justified since Israel's precision bombing could only be the result of on the ground spies. Perhaps the BBC is the main spy apparatus for Hamas.
5. The Great Recession 10% unemployment level in US is phhh....
Miron ,   USA   (11.21.12)
Hamas pictures are all the rave.
6. Victory lap
Christian ,   Suomi Finland   (11.21.12)
And so Hamas - and its media and propaganda wing woke up... - after they noticed that normal people are appalled about this victory lap...
7.  bbc condoneshanas executions
sas ,   ashdod israel   (11.21.12)
shame on bbc. maybe some one who wrote this shoud be draged as was the victum was round the streets of london
8. Hamas is like
ltrail ,   United States   (11.21.12)
a rabid dog. The so-called palestinians, it's owner, must put it down to protect their owner. Hamas is even biting its owners and dragging them through the streets.
9. for sure the Mossad .....
David Litman ,   USA   (04.12.13)
I have no doubt that soonor later , the Palestinians will accuse the Mossad for those killings , and for the new ones that for sure will come ....
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