Terror attack: Blast on Tel Aviv bus; 28 hurt
Ynet reporters
Published: 21.11.12, 16:46
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31. No ceasefire today...
Doug ,   Chicago, U.S.   (11.21.12)
32. It is quite simple...
Realist   (11.21.12)
..if you go poking at a bee hive you are going to get stung. You were warned, you knew it would happen but you went ahead and kept on poking.. really did you really think this would not happen!
33. 5 11 and all the others who wish to leave...bye bye
Al   (11.21.12)
You are not part of the are part of the problem. Israel will always be the home of those who will it. Those who can't or won't ought to leave. Israel inspite of all the problems will always be there and will flourish. As long as there are those who care and are not afraid Israel will always be. The world spins 24/7 but the sun does not set on Israel.
34. #1
Jews doing what they do best too!
35. Bibi
Seth Greenberg ,   Raanana   (11.21.12)
Finish This
36. Declare all-out war--NOW!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.21.12)
When it comes, Israel will be fighting in its streets to rid-itself of these Muslim savages. Attack now!!! It's interesting how in the Old Testament, God told the Jews to dispel the godless heathens from the land of Canaan (Israel didn't); now, they are fighting in those same areas where God told them to clean out (Gaza, Judea & Samaria, The Golan). Israeli leadership better start listening to God, and wipe the land clean of the, godless, Muslim hordes. Only then will Israel have any semblance of peace!
37. When will we deport the arabs???
Israelover ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.12)
I am an ole. I live here for 9 years. I thought this was a jewish state , there are so many arabs. You can see them everywhere from cutting your trees to working in mcdonalds. When will we deport them out of the country??? When will be Israel be a real jewish state?? Why is there arabic on the road signs?!?! Is there hebrew in arab countries?!?
38. Bibi better hope that Hamas...
One last chance   (11.21.12)
...still allow him to take that offer of a ceasefire
39. @5, I went back to Germany
Avi ,   Munich   (11.21.12)
& this was the best thing I did. We stole their land, we force them to live under occupation, we build settlements on their land, we give them no political rights, etc, etc... What do we expect?!
40. This is what the world should see
Caryn ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.21.12)
Instead of Clinton sitting in an office she should be visiting what we are going through and see the Arabs in Gaza dancing in celebration. We are at least targeting terrorist.. They are targeting innocent civilians.
Gabor ,   BUDAPEST, HU   (11.21.12)
rivka ,   usa   (11.21.12)
43. I was once on a bus that didnt stop for
Ben ,   fantastic Israel   (11.21.12)
arabs, it was a place of many attacks. They complained, but the passengers praised the driver. Who was suspended, yes the driver for actually saving his passengers, as just after there was a bus bombed. I often wonder on who's side is justice in Israel! Everyone knows these palies have no value on human life, Hamas kill Fatah, Shiate kill Sunni and so on, so how can you expect different for the Israelis. See how many being looked after in Israeli hospitals, see how many are employed...and as for the Israeli so called Palie, do pack your bags and to your brethren, Israel can manage well without you.
44. #11 fool
Your government puts its soldiers behind your women and children because it looks good when they get killed by our defensive action. You guys are happy everytime an Arab woman or child dies because it means more money. But you are right, we failed. We abandoned the good Arabs who wanted peace. We brought Fatah from Tunis and let Hamas get strong. We gave them both weapons, land legitimacy, and we give them money to this day.
45. # 11 To your knowledge...
Jouni ,   Tampere, Finland   (11.21.12)
...ya ustaz Muayaad: there is Israel. There is no Palestine, there never was and never will be. This said, there are Arabs in Israel including Israel's disputed areas. Simple as that. Through Arab, mainly Muslim/Islamist, terrorism you never reach anything. Have a good day and start reflecting, for your own sake, another way to live: to live and let live. Prosperous Israel benefits you and your people, too. Recognizing the fact, Israel belongs to Israelis is the starting point. Through this recognition you ensure your own part in Israeli life as an Arab. Choose life instead of death.
46. #11 - 800 Palestinian women and children killed
Bob ,   London   (11.21.12)
since 2009 by Hamas, whose only propoganda tool was to ensure that these women and children were strategically placed to ensure they were killed in the hope of world attention and sympathy. They should be ashamed of themselves. No regard for human life and playing on the sympathies and moral conscious of Israel and the West who do have regard for human life. Stop killing your own people and start creating good lives for them - is anyone other than yourselves stopping you from doing this? It is only yourselves, keeping this conflict going so that you can maximise your gain. What we have seen by this latest Israeli campaign, is that when push comes to shove, the sain world backs Israel and you need to start asking yourselves why.
47. The Muslim
Henry ,   Cavite, Philippines   (11.21.12)
The muslim man is absolved of any wrongdoing if he kills non-muslims. This is islamic law. And if he kills a Jew, he goes straight to "heaven" where he is given 70 virgins to sleep with. This is the mullah's promise.
48. zionists we are the peowerfull people in history
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.21.12)
make peace with us before its too late.
49. #12 Dov happy now ?
David ,   Haifa, IL   (11.21.12)
Got anything against people from Haifa?
51. I think 5, 23, and 39 are the same person
Vlad   (11.21.12)
If 5 and 23 really were from the United States and Canada respectively, they would have a better grasp of English. Then, there is 39. First off, Avi says he went "back" to Germany. Implying he's originally from Germany. Most German Jews can either trace their ancestry way back, and thus have German first names, or are Soviet immigrants and their descendants, and have Russian names. There are very few German Jews with the name Avi. Finally, Avi's rhetoric and Moshe's calling Bibi a warmonger is typical of Palestinian propaganda. There's a very good chance it's just an Arab.
52. #12 Dov you are as bad as they are
Citizen ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.12)
Some of those people on the bus were soldiers defending their country and all you can do is gloat in the fact that Tel Aviv gets to taste terrorism. Are you tottaly sick? Maybe you should go join your friends in Gaza
53. #39 Avi or Ali?
Tahl   (11.21.12)
Somehow I seriously doubt you are who you claim to be. "Avi" is a name usually of Sephardic Jews, certainly not German-born, so it looks more like you're Ali than Avi. But even assuming against all odds that you are indeed a German-born-Jew, I wish you a pleasant time convincing the Neo-nazis in Bavaria that you are an "enlightened" Jew and therefore they should spare you. I remember the German Jews trying this 80 years ago... Good luck with that.
54. I em leaving Aza and
Achmad   (11.21.12)
Going back to Saudi Arabia. I realize now I am wrong and this land belongs to the Jews.
55. # 9
What truce? Ask the innocent Palestinians how they feel about being run Hamas (the pragmatic thinkers) among them are sick of it, want peace and don't believe that Israel shouldn't exist for one! The educated of them will tell you that this is nothing to do with territory and there was never a Palestinian state. The Hamas is a mafia organization using religion to brainwash the masses of frightened Palestinians in order have absolute rule. As with all dictatorships Hamas do not believe in social justice they detain, torture, and execute anyone just on mere suspicion of wrong doing. They don't believe in human rights or in women's rights. They summarily beat and rape their wives as often as they breathe. They stash rockets and bombs in orphanages and in schools. The Global sympathy they receive when Israel retaliates is wrong? Israel is not purposly killing civillian believe me, the hamas use them as sheilds if you watched Al jezeera TV you would see a much less biased approach. When the US caught Bin Laden it was Victory but when Israel took out the Head of the Hamas they are breaking humanitarian laws? I have friends on both sides, those friends say the same thing. This is a war of terrorist nothing more! Palestinians need to live a normal life and not be dragged along the floor by a motor-cycle and brutally killed because they are NOT pro Hamas.
56. Let all the cowards leave ,
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.21.12)
And don't believe the fake guy who tell us he left , "the best thing i did" . he wrote . Certainly not an Avi , but more likely an ahmed or so
57. extra vigilance required specially Jerusalem
Terrorists always go for weak points
58. Salma no 48
JUDAH THE LION ,   Jews fight like LION   (11.21.12)
It is true you are so powerful and brave, and that why your brave men hids inside women dresses and loosing the fight with the Jews. Shame on you Salma do not try to twist things. You 1.6 B are worthless in this world
59. #Palestines
Moshe ,   Givataim   (11.21.12)
YOU should get back what you are spreading out. And if necessary I will come to Gaza to get YOU, and YOU will not be able to pull my body behind a motorbike as YOU are doing to YOUR people.
60. #48 - Murder does NOT equal power.
Tal ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.12)
Good always wins over evil. One day you will realise this and beg for forgiveness.
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