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Gaza: Celebrations over TA bombing
Roi Kais
Published: 21.11.12, 14:36
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1. Rockets
Joseph Zrnchik ,   Highland, US   (11.21.12)
If you steal land, conduct a brutal occupation and then starve Palestinians, is it really any surprise they would rejoice over attacks upon their enemy?
2. Gaza barbarians danced in the street's aftrr 9/11
3. They rejoice
Tom   (11.21.12)
like the talkbackers here.
4. Religion and murder go hand in hand
Patrick ,   Dublin   (11.21.12)
More people have died in the name of religion than any known disease known to mankind. Makes you wonder?
5. Sharia law
Ron ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
Maybe we should apply sharia law and take out a few Gaza buses and then check how much rejoicing there is on the street?
6. You Are Sick.
Moshe ,   Givataim   (11.21.12)
7. Steal Land?
Steven ,   New York   (11.21.12)
Hamas does not believe in the existence of Israel. Where would you like all of the Jews to go? It is not as if Hamas is willing and ready to make 2 states for 2 people. They deny that Jews have any right to live.
8. @1 Go follow Justin Beiber news
Ryan ,   Netanya   (11.21.12)
Joseph, Since you don't know what you are talking about why don't you go follow Justin Beiber or Kim Kardashian news. If you are a Jew then come live over here and see what the real deal is, go worry about your own country, lord knows there are no problems in the US right now.
9. # 1
John ,   Herzliya   (11.21.12)
It is really nice that you have such an understanding for Gazans. Strange, that people in cities surrounding Gaza, suffering for years now from their rocket attacks, don't rejoice when they hear that people are dying in Gaza these days? Strange, huh? But I guess you don't understand this...
10. To #1
onionart ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
Do you really believe what you are telling is truth? Israel didn't steal any land. It was captured during war, which they started. Israel gave it back hoping for peace...and then Hamas came to power. Their agenda is to destroy Israel and its people...if no u believe there will be peace? Blockade is necessary until a terror organization rule Gaza strip.
11. Get your facts right
#1   (11.21.12)
1- Who was it stolen from? The british empire? the ottoman empire? Egypt? Jordan? 2 - Brutal occupation? Israel has ended the occupation on Gaza years ago. 3- Starve? We give them electricity, water and food supplies although they have a boarder with their best friend Egypt. 4 - Considering their history of admiring the death and seeing death as a holy value, I would say that it is indeed not surprising.
12. Will self-proclaimed "elite" and "intellectuals" in Tel Aviv
Dov   (11.21.12)
realize that rockets are as dangerous as suicide bombers or even more so and ceasefire is not a solution, esp. for those residing in Southern Israel but the enemies have to be eliminated once and for all? May Hashem protect us from human animals and send a speedy recovery to all injured.
13. #1 67Jews were massacred in 1929 in Hevron byArab terrorists
Dov   (11.21.12)
20 years BEFORE the Zionists. So don't tell us baloney about stealing occupied land. And don't talk about starving Arabs when this week WHILE BOMBS WERE FLYING from Gaza stupid Israel send food and other stuff to Gaza. Arabs will be Arabs even if Israel were to give up their entire land.
14. terrorist will always be a terrorist
sweetbeast   (11.21.12)
I dont think Israel will come to d best and long time solution because the hamas is like a chameleon they can change their character from time to time just to get what they want but the bottomline is they will always find ways to eradicate israelis. Dont bite to their bait
15. To Joseph Zrnchik
Sara ,   Haifa   (11.21.12)
Get your facts right, Israel are sending food trucks in, despite the rockets, please know that Israel can cut off their water, electricity anytime they want to, so perhaps if you took the time to read, if you can, you may get something right.
16. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander
Roland Seener ,   London England   (11.21.12)
So what you may say ? But the aim is for Political Gains These are destroyed . Pacts and treaties build societies and define red-lines They are aimed to curb destruction. As the subject column says 'What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander"... Villainous people take note !!
17. no 1
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (11.21.12)
Exactly how does Israel "starve" them. According to all the International bodies, who certainly are not friends of Israel, there is plenty of food, by their own admission, lack of medications is caused by the inability of the PA to pay their accounts, 118 trucks a day are rolling through the border from Israel, as well as electricity. However, the EGYPTIAN BORDER is closed by Egypt at the insistence of HAMAS who prefer the tunnels to generate revenue. According to your rantings, you wouldnt be surprised if the American Indians started rocketing most parts of the USA
18. Rockets and Bombings
Roxy ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
Hey Joseph did you forget that Israel returned Gaza to the Palestinians, only instead of farming the land for food or building homes, they plant rocket launchers. Israel sends food and medicines , and takes their citizens for free medical treatment inside Israel all the time. Also If you don't know your American history, The land originally belonged to the American Indians ,which the white colonists stole the land from them and then imported thousands of African slaves to work the land for them. So I wouldn't talk. Also the land of Israel was in existence way before the Muslim hoards invaded it , biblical Israel pre dates the Roman Empire! So why don't you return the land back to the Native American Indians and go back to the lands your ancestors are from!
19. Gaza: Celebrations over TA bombing
mat ,   uk   (11.21.12)
what will the media write if israel will celebrate when people get killed and injured for sure it wont be good but when palistinians celebreting when israelis get killed or injured its normal and the terrorist who did it will be a hero
20. Their Horrible Reaction
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.21.12)
To rejoice and celebrate when your enemy is injured and killed? Nothing shows up the difference between the Jew and Arab. Jews never rejoice and celebrate at the deaths of our enemies. All human beings were created in the image of G-d and we never rejoice and celebrate anyone's death. This is our humanity and love of life. The Arabs, on the other hand, rejoice and celebrate when people suffer and are maimed or when they die. This is their inhumanity and cruelity. No reasonable person cannot help but see this distinction between the Jews and the Arabs.
21. Cut gaza in 2 and flatten village by villlage
ishmael   (11.21.12)
22. Israeli Barbarians Zionists have done the same.
sam ,   UK   (11.21.12)
I was wondering if you posted the same comments when the Israeli went dancing with happiness and Joyce when Gaza get bombed and children were mascaraed there.
23. Much better than Zionist law
sam ,   uk   (11.21.12)
how ironic. British people will not fall to your terrorism any more.
24. #2 Peter: Yes, but don't forget the West Bank!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
They danced too but, as usual, the Arabs are trying to kill Jews and have succeed by killing 4 and the overseas media are still smarting about the little fright they got when they got woken up in the building housing the Hamas Comms Center! What kind of idiot reporter slleps in a strategic center during a time of war? Now, with Hamas celebrating the bus bombing, no doubt SKYNews' Sam Kiley, CNN's Anderson Cooper and the BBC's crew are celebrating with them! Sorry guys, no Jews killed today! Arab world reaction seems to be that Hamas' terror attack in Tel Aviv was an own goal!
25. And you can call these Gazans normal!!
Peggy ,   UK   (11.21.12)
How they celebrate death and destruction.....They dance in the streets, hand out candy after every terror attack. There is something definately genetically wrong with these Palies. They have grown up on dark age culture, continue to be the ignorant serfs to the powerful overlords that have feed them with such BS all their lives. We see what happens to those that defy the savagery called islam, and how ashamed many moslems are to be associated with them. If they celebrate death so freely, Israel has to finish things this time. Dont worry about a few ignorant idiots demonstrating with the palies in Europe, Uk and USA, they are the minority and no one gives them much credibility.
26. #12. Dov: "Them" will never change
Tom W ,   USA   (11.21.12)
Elite and should study political science then you will realize that ideological affiliation overrides the common sense. In spite of victory over fascism and communism the magnetism of those failed ideology still have a magic pull on many people. There were fervent Bolsheviks in Stalin's gulags and there are neo-Nazis too in our world: the ideology triumphs over common sense. All over the world the left is allied with Islamofascism: they are united in hate and them will never change.
27. when praying, Muslims cheer, Jews weep SIMPLE
observer ,   Egypt   (11.21.12)
28. Rejoice
Jarvis ,   Joseph, USA   (11.21.12)
They revel? During a time when men seek balance and peace, but there is no peace. This is the response, blow a civilian bus? Now every man and his family is at war. As you can tell preparations have been made to defend against this type of threat. The designers did a good job with this bus. This doesn't have to be the work of a suicide bomb, but It wouldn't matter either.
29. to 1 - did we starve palestinians?
Truth sayer ,   *   (11.21.12)
did we??? what a bunch of bull shit- even now when we are fighting the gaza strip still gets truckloads of food and supplies everyday! doctors in Israeli hospitals treat Palestinians that were admitted into them STOP SPREADING LIES!
30. I remember TV news item few years back :
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.21.12)
An Palestinian Arab mother was being interviewed after Israeli doctor in Israeli hospital saved her young boy's life. She vehemently claimed that she wished her boy to grow up strong and healthy enough to come back as a suicide bomber to bomb the hospital. Guess all the anti-Jews out there don't believe me - but it was on the news and not "photo shopped"
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