Promises vs. reality
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 21.11.12, 19:11
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1. [Rubbish!] ... My God, where to begin?
Jake ,   USA   (11.21.12)
1. Ground operation? Not a good idea unless IDF is willing to topple Hamas, and hand Gaza to Egypt. Not viable at this stage. 2. Netanyahu snubs the PA? What alternative reality do you live in? 3. The Likud "wet dream" you ridicule is happening before our very eyes. Hamas is running its own entity, totally separated from the West Bank, and the new regime in Egypt has Gaza orbiting its sphere of influence. This is not a dream, its reality! 4. Hamas can't be toppled? Again, what alternate universe are you living in? The IDF can topple Hamas in a matter of weeks, but there is no point, unless Egypt is willing to annex the strip and absorb the population. 5. Still peddling the myth that Bibi backed Mitt Romney? Are you really that desperate for a left-wing election victory? Give up, it ain't happening.
2. Maybe I'm mistaken
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (11.21.12)
Seems that Bibi's pre-election calculation doesn't work. That's good, isn't it?
3. Islamic Cultural War
Robin Rosenblatt ,   Belmont, USA   (11.21.12)
This Conflict is part of the1400 year Islamic culture war. The best solution is returning the Gaza population to Egypt. Giving them housing and a quite place to live without war.
4. Promise vs Reality
Benjamin ,   Greenville USA   (11.21.12)
This talk of a truce will only strength Hamas. Lets face it, Netanyahu is a wimp for all seasons. If Israel is not going to wipe out Hamas, it is certainly not going to attack Iran.
5. Robin...Giving Back?
John Harry ,   Pascagoula, MS   (11.21.12)
Do you seriously believe that handing Gaza to Egypt will result in peace? You are correct in saying that it is a culture war - however you are completely incorrect at noting 1400 years. It is far older and more complicated than just housing.
6. Easy Fix
Roman ,   IL   (11.21.12)
Gaza to Egypt, West Bank to Jordan - easy FIX, right? We forgot to mention that Egypt does not want Gaza military maniacs creating havoc and becoming yet another extremist political party to deal with, and Jordan is already 70% palestinians and Abdullah is gripping to the power with all his might in spite of economic turmoil in that country. C'mon, get it -- NOBODY WANTS THOSE PALESTINIANS, this perpetual middle east limbo is convenient for everybody but Jews. Gettigng rid of palestinians is a pipe dream... Until the solution presents itself via palestinian factions' infighting we should hold on to status quo.
7. What a shame and waste of time and resources?
CJ ,   Nigeria   (11.21.12)
Israel is a mess; PM Netanyahu a disappointment, Arabs will now laugh at Israel. The best thing for Israel is to vote the Idiotic PM out of office. He is a failure. How can Israel fight Iran? No way, Israel cannot defeat Iran with the current government full of idiots and liars and weak men. O! what a shame. Terrorist now dictates what happens in the region. O! I cry with my face full of shame and my hands are shaking. Israel where is your faith? For the past few years PM has been calling for war against Iran, now he saw war and ran away. I sigh, what a shame?
8. Give peace a chance... Seriously?
Cisco ,   France   (11.21.12)
8 days... "Pillar of Defense" is already over and Israeli gov't just surrendered themselves to Egypt, Hamas and.... Iran! Within 6 months, all Palestinian military capabilities will be resumed. I would like to underline something: Did anyone notice this war was in fact a real drill for Iran and its allies before the real war? How come anyone couldn't see this fight as a preparation for the ultimate battle. Next year, I promise you big time!
9. next time try unconditional surrender
ghilmeini ,   usa   (11.21.12)
when the barbarians dance and pretend they won, you lost. They have already broke the truce and they will escalate back up from there. The point is they never set aside their objective of genocide. The army is mobilized and right there. Finish them. Arrest the leaders and throw them in prison.
10. Bibi gave them enough rope to hang themselves on.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (11.22.12)
First, those of you saying Israel can't wipe out Iran are delusional. This "skirmish" with Gaza was a tit-for-tat campaign, nothing else. Israel could have invaded Gaza and took control of the streets in less then a week, if that was their plan. You don't show your true strength in a skirmish, get real people. Hamas and Egypt fell right into Bibi's trap. The next war will see Israel of old, take no prisoners and make Arab's beg for peace. Israel has the world's support now and people are finally waking up to the murderous regime in Gaza. Bibi gave them enough rope to hang themselves, along with Egypt's approval. So you tell me who really won the political war? Checkmate Hamas!
11. #7 only one problem
You are right, but there is a problem. Netanyahu is terrible, but the alternatives are worse. Netanyahu surrendered to Hamas, but the other candidates are the ones who armed Hamas.
12. Agreed
Abraham nash ,   Panama   (11.22.12)
13. Goodbye bibi
Larry ,   Northridge,usa   (11.22.12)
every comment i've read post truce has rejected it. every article or interview of any Israeli has rejected the truce. It appears with the upcoming election, Israel has the perfect opportunity to throw out this impotent blowhard and put in someone who will defend Israel.
14. #10 Well said, about the sanest talkback
Arlene ,   Israel   (11.22.12)
since the one sided cease fire. The world sees a just Israel on one side and a bunch of fanatic dark age morons on the other. Possibly Egypt willl be stuck with Gaza, that they didnt want back anyway, but they can enjoy an open boarder, Israel dont need it.
15. Unfair criticism
Shalom Freedman ,   Jeruslaem Israel   (11.22.12)
Entering Gaza and occupying it for a long time is not a reasonable option. Israel would be totally isolated and not supported by the U.S. for such an action. If Shimon Shiffer were honest he would admit that given the circumstances the Government did the best they could do. It is not great and not the ideal but it could have been and still can be, far worse.
16. It can not, not get worse
Demitry ,   San Diego, USA   (11.22.12)
Question for Shalom... how soon, and how quickly is it in the cards to get worse?
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.22.12)
18. #10-good post...I concur
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (11.22.12)
Bibi is anything but stupid, and he is not a coward. No one knows what deals he brokered with the US. I'm sure what he did was in Israel's best interest and not his own. If anything he is a hero and a patriot....Never sell Bibi short!
19. Gazans and Israelis lost, Morsi and Obama won.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.23.12)
Morsi came out looking like an experienced politician on the international scale. He is good friends now with both Obama and Putin, and probably will be welcome with accolades in Tehran also. Both warring parties lost, prestige and bombing damages. Nothing really was achieved by Gazans and Israelis except a little wait till the next battle. A permanent settlement is needed with security guarantees and this can only be accomplished by Great Powers through imposition on the Middle East. Hopefully it will happen soon.
20. #15 Shalom, Good comment. The critics are vicious and wrong.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.23.12)
21. Iran's hope for hegemony in 
John Prophet   (11.23.12)
the Middle East is being dismantled one piece at a time. When Iran is hit in the spring/summer time frame both Assad and Hamas will be toothless  versions of their former selves. Therefore, Israel will only concern itself with dismantling Hezbollah while the US dismantles Iran. BRILLIANT!!!!
22. pure idiocy
western observer ,   new york   (11.24.12)
this article is just that.... stupidity in print. Sending in ground forces to topple hamas can be done. Then what? are you prepared to rule Gaza for the next 30 years? you want israel to be responsible for their medical needs, housings needs, economic needs, etc, etc? Are you prepared to have soldiers die there in order to give gaza to fatah? If not, is there any reason to think that once hamas is toppled, the next rulers won't be more radical? The article is pure nonsense. The only way that israel can be defeated is through negotiations. Fatah is far more dangerous than hamas. All you need is a left wing nut like livni to agree to carve up the country and hand the reigns to abbas.... israel did exactly the right thing vis-a-vi gaza. More holes in this article than in swiss cheese.
23. #10 Bibi gave them enough rope....
ltrail ,   United States   (12.02.12)
State of Israel. You have my support. Who won the Gaza political war? Why, the State of Israel. Oh, foolish Hamas. The writer of Comment 10 is correct. Israel did not need to show their true strength in that pathetic skirmish.
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