Israel: TA terror attack complicates truce efforts
Ynet reporters
Published: 21.11.12, 16:28
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1. "Head of Turkish intelligence to participate in meetings" ??
what is that all about?
2. surrender photo
observer ,   Egypt   (11.21.12)
mates!, having practiced that many times, now its time to practice in reality. HANDS ABOVE HEAD.
3. Maybe The People Of Israel Need To Act
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (11.21.12)
If Israeli leaders are unwilling to do what is necessary then it is time for Israelis to take matters into their own hands against all of those that support the acts of hamas, inside and outside of Israel.
4. any Hudna signed by hamas is just that A HUDNA
Galut ia ,   selah   (11.21.12)
anyone accepting that signed Hudna is fooling themselves ...simple and sure !
5. Israel expected to announce unilateral ceasefire
Aou Zib ,   Egypt   (11.21.12)
6. Indiscriminate bombing of Gaza is needed now
Talula ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
If they thought we were killing people before, they need to understand what it would be like when we actually DO target civilians..... just like they do. Hearing that a Palestinian child died would have made me sad, but we too have a toughen resolve, and sadly enough, I just don't care anymore how many die. I hate that I feel this way - but fact is, I do.
7. Shameful Leaders
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.12)
How dare they talk. What the hell are they talking about? You murder murderers. This isn't a political conflict. This is a conflict of obsessive hatred that craves Jewish blood. Go in and finish the job. Do it already. Any politician that is involved in this shameful display of weakness and confusion, must never step foot in a position of power again!
8. Don't open the borders !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.21.12)
Whatever you do, do not open the borders. Agree to ceasefire, agree to two-state solution, no targeted killings, etc. but borders to remain closed and only can be crossed by 'triple' security . Israel govt must protect its citizens !
9. Remember Israel's threats in Cast Lead operation?
Dov   (11.21.12)
"IDF enters Gaza if rocket attacks resume" Why should Hamas believe Israel on their threats if it took almost 4 years for Israel to follow through? Hamas knows as long as Ehud Barak is Defense Minister they have nothing to worry about.
10. A 2 state solution with 67 borders?
11. better this way
jason ,   usa   (11.21.12)
Why mock Israel? They swallowed their pride, Hamas did the same, now they can have a cease fire. Israel is grateful for Egypt's help.
12. hamas regardlessness
micky ,   nigeria   (11.22.12)
I think that hamas is using palestinians as shields cos if IDF can kill 160. And injured about 1200.under a week then gazans can be wiped out in a month and here they are jubilating victory over nothin but loss of human lifes.hamas is stupid cos he's shadin the blood of it's people for nothin!.also IDF should do somethin about IRAN.
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