Iran says supplied Hamas with missile 'technology'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 21.11.12, 17:22
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1. Obama must be so proud.
2. "General" Mohammad Ali Jafari
Jenny ,   Brooklyn USA   (11.21.12)
Wasn't he that guy from Alladin, who turned into a giant evil snake at the end?!?!? Yeah, thats the name....thought so.
3. Fail
Hum Tum ,   Titsville, NC   (11.21.12)
And U.S. provides you with bombs. Whats the difference?
4. Iranian Cowards
ACortea ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (11.21.12)
How come Iran is always talking and never defending the pals? They talk so bravely yet lack the courage to face the Israelis themselves. I believe sooner rather than later Iran will get a taste of what the Jews are all about. God bless Israel and all of its people.
5. iran supplied hamas
James Nance ,   Eden   (11.21.12)
Just seems to me that the US is supplying just about every single country in the world with War Weaponry, Billions of dollars to wage war, missile technology, etc,etc, so, why can't Iran supply countries also with technology needed to survive....for those that hate iran. As far as I know, the only information I can base my opinion on is from the US government's propaganda machine always blaming Iran for everything, much like the same way, obama blames/blamed Pres. Bush for everything, so, who do you believe???
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.21.12)
Denominator.Anything that happens contrary to the liking of Israel,it is Iran that hampers it.If you look at the past six to seven years of media stories,you will reason it out better.The oldest missiles in the arsnel of the Iranian Army caused someone to point out the usage of Iranian missiles.How will these people receive the latest one one from Iran,should they be used?
7. the difference is
B.p   (11.21.12)
that Hamas hides behind woman & children , educating them to be good terrorists and suicide bomber
8. Israel got a life saving lesson from Hamas!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.21.12)
Just think otherwise Israel launched an attack on Iranian facilities just relying on exaggerated capabilities of Iron dome. Israel will be really wiped off the map as soon as Iranian facilities were bombed. Not only Iranian barrage of highly destructive missiles but also from Hizbullah in Lebanon, from Hamas in Gaza, and even from Syria! So Israel got its lesson from Gaza not further meddle with Iran! In fact If Israel were not to challenge Iran perpetually and threaten here and there to strike Iran, possibly Iran would not give military tech to Hamas. So Shut up, suit yourself and see your real extend of capabilities. Or ruin yourself.
9. #8
GK ,   Canada   (11.21.12)
You forget, Israel was holding back to avoid civilian casualties. Should what you say really come to fruition, that will not be the case and all those places you mentioned will be nothing more then a parking lot. keep pissing in the wind.
10. To #8 Still You cannot accept a shameful defeat
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.21.12)
How many times they should kick IDF and Netenyahu government to teach you IDF is no capable defeating Hamas,Hizbullah etc. You are lying yourself. Israel targeted civilians during last Lebanon war killing 1200 civilian most of which children, yet Israel get worst defeat ever got. It was a harsh blow Israel run away from Lebanon. Now the same repeated with Hamas. Common was Iranian support!
11. Tayfun
Joe ,   Paris   (11.21.12)
On the other hand and partly thanx to Iron-Dome, the jewish land of Israel has now become a sanctuary. Towel-headed mulahs: beware!
12. From now on:
Jeff   (11.21.12)
Iranian cargoes sailing in the area: military targets.
13. Iran
Anti Iran & proxies   (11.21.12)
One day, hopefully in the too distant future, Iran and ALL its proxies will get both a first, and single last taste ever of Kosher, Israeli-made ordnance. Very lethal the way, but quite Kosher even for halal-demanding murderers! That day will be the grand finale and termination of all Muslim aspirations at world hegemony and destruction of the Jews. Remember Haman & cohorts, and our annual Jewish festival of Purim...think NOT that Jews would be shy at taking permanent care of their current mortal enemies and celebrating their final demise.
14. Why can't Gaza have rockets? Who said they can't?
Edithann ,   USA   (11.22.12)
Anyway, if Iran supplied them, my hats off to them for helping.. Palestinians want their lands and homes back..and who it Israel to tell them 'NO"? TATA
15. #4 No different to the US
Robert ,   Australia   (11.22.12)
The US arms Israel to the teeth and Iran gives advice to Hamas. The US by your definition is the same as Iran, probably worse. The US has a history of arming rogue states.
16. Iran has no rocket engine production industry.
Miron ,   USA   (11.22.12)
You can blame them for many things. But you can't blame a mouse for trying to look like a cat.
17. For my Israeli brothers and sisters.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (11.22.12)
This "truce" with Hamas will come with a high price for them and Iran should it fail. Allow our governments this one chance to their ceasefire "deal." The US has ordered several warships and other Navy vessels to head to the waters that surround Israel, so something is happening that we are not being told. Perhaps Iran and Hamas will pay a high price should this truce fail? Why else would the US send it's firepower to the waters off of Israel? Those battleships can reach Iran, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon with devastating effect. There is more to this "truce" deal that the networks are portraying. Perhaps this will be the final straw that allows Israel a chance for peace, or go to war until our enemies beg for peace.
18. #13
Anti Stupidity   (11.22.12)
Yes and I bet Iranians want to settle the score with your folks over Purim :)
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.22.12)
20. Jews died because bibi left the tunnels open.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.22.12)
21. If Israel can't handle GAZA, how can they handle IRAN?
Edithann ,   USA   (11.22.12) it! TATA
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