Gaza op to cost NIS 3B in damages
Gad Lior
Published: 22.11.12, 09:58
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1. Why waste money on defense?
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.22.12)
This government can order white flags for everyone cheap from China.
2. #1,Likud'll propose Green Flags as more acceptable to Hamas
ab   (11.22.12)
3. what a bargain
zionist forever   (11.22.12)
We spend all this money on a war that achieves nothing other than a ceasefire that will last only as long as Hamas want it to last and us opening the border crossings making it easier for Hamas to bring in things we don't want them to have. Don't you just love our politicians?
4. Cost of reserves leaving jobs - 3 bn NIS, cost of Iron Dome
Miron ,   USA   (11.23.12)
in operation Defence Pillar 300,000 NIS. And thus the math of "expensive Iron Dome" unraveled as a political ploy to deny Israel defences. Why is degenerates who implemented these policies still anywhere near Israeli elections? Likud will do itself a big favor considering quick refresh of its list. And Avigdor, drop those bums before they hurt ya.
5. Send the Bill to Obama
David ,   Montpelier USA   (11.23.12)
I sincerely hope that Bibi obtained Obama's promise to help pay for the damage to Israel. It would make no sense for Israel to cease fire and not finish the job, but for promises to help with more US funding. And if not, then Israel should get the US funds which will be denied to the PA once the PA plays its UN card. At least I hope so.
6. Where the money should come from
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (11.24.12)
Since the Iron Kippah has been proven to be far more effective than the Black kippah - so transfer the 2 billion balack kippa budget to the Iron Kippah - and deduct the balance from moeny collected for the PAlestinians - because not doing so is collective punishment of israelis which is illegal.
7. @5 actually Israel sent to Obama 8 bn $$
Miron ,   USA   (11.24.12)
While you chew on your chicken and dream whom to kill next, cowboy.
8. Gaza op costs Israel $750 Million
Harold ,   USA   (11.24.12)
How much it costs Israel when it attacks Iran nuclear sites. I am sure Iran will never use toy Gazan rockets. Netanyahu should count 10 before deciding anything.
9. #5
Harold ,   USA   (11.24.12)
US taxpayers are fed up paying a spoiled kid. Let Israel reach to the Jewish billionairs and millionairs Adelson is one of them and increase the Jewish tax to Israel from 15% to 25%.
10. #3 Things we don't them to have
Harold ,   USA   (11.24.12)
You mean chewing gum, chocolate, school exercise books, pencils, construction material, medicine, bottled water and food. Wise-up.
11. 7 and 9 you sound so
David ,   Montpelier USA   (11.25.12)
Pathetic. The best use of my tax dollars and yours is to support Israel and its war on terror. Maybe you rejoiced, like the Palestinians did on 9/11, but I am quite thankful for the best ally US has, Israel. See you in Congress!
12. Save Those Receipts
Golden Dome ,   Washington, USA   (11.25.12)
Should Palestinians 'depopulated' from their villages and their livelihoods submit receipts to the Steintz? They have 44 years of them.
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