Israel expected to hold its fire in coming hours
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 21.11.12, 18:25
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1. Cease Fire ?
Steve a ,   manchester England   (11.21.12)
I forecast an Israeli unilateral cease fire will be followed by an avalanche of missiles from Gaza .Israel will have no alternative but to launch a ground assault. The one consistent thing that terrorists do .is to commit acts of terrorism. A leopard cannot etc etc !!!
2. Clinton will soon be
John Prophet   (11.21.12)
heading home with no ceasefire in place.
3. Caesar Obama
Dan Goldman   (11.21.12)
issuing pompous edicts from Washington DC to humble vassal Herod Netanyahu. Israel is now the 53rd province of the American Empire.
4. So Hamas won - day of INFAMY
Chaim Yakov   (11.21.12)
Netanyahu, Barak and this cabinet are the biggest cowards t rule Israel since Herod the Great who sold out to the Romans.
5. unilateral ceasefire ? cowardice and destructive
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris france   (11.21.12)
completely crazy? netanyahou worse than olmert and livni
6. COWARDS!!!!
Tevye ,   Chelm   (11.21.12)
They never learn, those politicians. For Arabs , this is a reward, and they will DOUBLE their fire. They see this a a weakness
7. Way da go Israel
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (11.21.12)
We lost again. What are we thinking?
8. Sad to say, But Israel lost.
Avan   (11.21.12)
9. Israel expected to announce unilateral ceasefire
Abou Zib ,   Egypt   (11.21.12)
What happen to your plans to go into Gaza ? too much talke and no action , may be do not want another Lebanon war result.
10. A spectacular own goal. Naftali Bennett for PM
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
Apart from the leftists, all Israelis want the Hamas cancer to be cut out. Likud and YB have been weak and pathetic in the end. Oof.
11. Why is degenerate in Israel's PM office?
Miron ,   USA   (11.21.12)
Cruise missiles do not stop on their own.
12. Blockade
Mike ,   South Africa   (11.21.12)
Ending the naval blockade would be suicidal!! For what? For Iran to send in FAJRs?? Sadly, I don't believe this can be resolved without ground forces cleaning up the place for once and for all.
13. Shame! Shame! Shame!
Jim Tel-Aviv   (11.21.12)
14. NOT a "gesture"
Ali   (11.21.12)
Netanyahu miscalculated by killing Jabari for his own reasons mainly the election, and not for strategic interest of Israel. All those Arab leaders all the sudden became lovers of Hamas, NOT so. They are being pressured by US to pressure Hamas to agree to ceasefire to the conditions 1 days before killing Jabari. Hamas has crossed all red lines even Hezbollah couldn't cross "attacking suburbs of Jerusalem and parts of Tel Aviv . Although 95+ the causalities are on the Palestinian side, Hamas stating that, they will not go back to the same condition and provide free pass to Netanyahu this time around.
15. ghetto Jews
and I don't mean the heros of the Warsaw ghetto
16. Has the PM lost his MIND?
steve ,   tel aviv   (11.21.12)
17. With bibi and barak, Israel lost and will
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.21.12)
lose again. Time to dump these two losers and the rest of their security cabinet. We need new politicians in the knesset and all those that have had seats in the knesset until now banned from politics forever, plus the unelected president of Israel. No more generals, no more rabbis, no more former commandos and no more people that never served in the I.D.F. for any reason. We need a political party that is concerned with our defense and not worrying about pleasing the rest of the world. If we have to destroy gaza and all those that live there, they should not hesitate to do so.
18. Cease Hamas - Vote Moshe Feiglin
Shlomo ,   RBS   (11.21.12)
19. weak
observer   (11.21.12)
Israel should remove Hamas first. otherwise I'm sad to say but Hamas won. they can burn Israel down if they want to, bomb Jerusalem and tel Aviv, revolt in the west bank, and get away with it. Hamas is getting stronger, next time they might even have a nuclear bomb.
20. What are you talking about, Ynet?
Abu Zibby ,   Haifa, IL   (11.21.12)
They also published the rumor about an imminent cease fire in the hebrew edition. Fact is, there's no imminent cease fire. Just watch Channel 2, even they get it straight. Ynet is a piss poor media outlet run by incompetents.
21. Fajrs!
Palestine ,   Palestine   (11.21.12)
Don't worry Mike... Now Hamas can produce Fajrs in Palestine, no need for Iran..
22. So, this means
paul ,   raanana, israel   (11.21.12)
weapons will stop entering thru the Sinai, and they start arriving on ships?
23. #1 - Steve a
Devorah   (11.21.12)
Perhaps that is the plan. This way, the world will no longer be in a position to criticize Israel for protecting herself.
24. Where is the ground attack?
maria ,   montreal, Qc   (11.21.12)
Cowards? few years ago, after Lebanon second war someone said this is the beginning of end for the state of Israel, 2 years later they launched a war against Gaza that were armed with bullets and stones and they couldn't even win against the tiny strip, now Gaza got more rockets, and they will get much more once the war is over, Lebanon is already armed to teeth and waiting, and you can't stop talking about attacking Iran while few homes can scare you to death. it's simple, you lost the war because you only good in attacking children and women, this won't be the case any longer, it's time to make the call, pack your bags, and leave Palestine once and forever
25. I have yet to see this ceasefiire from any other source
Danny ,   Albany   (11.21.12)
No ceasefire mentioned in JPost or other streaming sources... .I
26. Even the very wise may not see all ends ...
Jon S. ,   Virginia, USA   (11.21.12)
I admit, my first (gut) reaction was, "Israel's leaders blew it again." But upon calming down and thinking it through, I'm realizing that we just don't know what's happening now behind the scenes. The Israeli leadership may have just been offered something regarding Iran that was simply too valuable to forgo even for the sacrifice in deterrence that a unilateral cease fire now would cost. It is also possible that the military is advising the civilian leadership that Israel has just reached the point where all of the significant military air targets have been successfully taken out. This includes not only military sites but much of Hamas's financial and banking infrastucture. I'm not saying I know more than any of you. I'm just saying that there is more here than meets the eye. May God bless Israel and may that blessing include a healthy dose of a reminder that God helps those who help themselves.
27. I hope PM and Lieberan lose the election
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.21.12)
for their sheer weakness and cowardice. They place Israel in even greater jeopardy.What Israel neesds is a tough leader and there is NO one in the Knesset
28. Looks like outr Political Elite
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (11.21.12)
yet again went to war without a comprehensive plan, expecting HAMAS to behave in a certain way. Now we have rockets landing on Tel Aviv and J'lem bombs going off in buses and have lost even more goodwill in the international community. With the two State solution being held up as the only longterm solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. I thought Netanyahu was supposed to know what he was doing?
29. definitions please
jezzamy ,   israel   (11.21.12)
what does Israel winning mean? what does Israel losing mean?
30. Best defence is an offence !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.21.12)
Israel hast lost the initiative and the Momentum, because of Politicians interference. Will those idiots never learn ? This hostility has been going on for more than Sixty Years, and the Civilian Politician Idiots still believe in Peace and speak about peace. Destroy your enemie and you will have peace with those destryed, it is as simple as that. Arn.Sweden.
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